Increadible grill buffet

(Buffet barbecue) From time immemorial, barbecue apparently no stranger to the people of the city, especially after Vietnam open to the culinary world, along with delectable BBQ dishes, exotic and under which developed in parallel, from barbecue buffet until skewer, grilled tile, ... all of which would easily be found in the southern city.

Buffet thịt nướng sự hợp ca đến khó tin

Meanwhile, the buffet was rated as strange, however, can not therefore deny the hot of this eating pattern by now the buffet restaurant business also developed rapidly as "mushrooms grow after rain ". The combination of both, as the barbecue buffet accidentally created craze "no light" in Saigon culinary life.

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I. Barbecue - good food can not be ignored

Not only do the barbecue that included dishes like vegetables (okra, eggplant, peppers, ...) or mushrooms, cheese, spices like garlic butter is very much also mesmerizes guests. Obviously, the main favorite was the premise for the restaurant business barbecue, barbecue buffet, popular pubs frequency appears thicker one day.

Not only that, with the inherent agility, good catch people's tastes, these sites frequently, constantly renew itself in order to bring the barbecue buffet interest like the best for our customers. For example, besides business delicious BBQ dishes, many places are quality additions to the menu has many names familiar strangers just like ice cream, juice, flan, Pasta, Pizza ... contribute to unwind Diners.

II. Style eat many advantages - Buffet

In terms of form, how to eat, how they not only sold what Vietnam cuisine that many countries around the world is full of this kind of rich and varied, from budget to luxury, from calculated kg, according to the type of food skewer "package" as the buffet alone form "involving supply package" This alone has a very long list list names like barbecue buffet, a vegetarian buffet, seafood buffet production or even milk tea, fruit and war "presence". Prominently listed price transparency, clarity, frequency unlimited à la carte is probably one of the most important factors that create engagement for this type of food.

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III. Incredible chemistry of "duo" buffet, barbecue

Attractive both in content and form, albeit barbecue buffet "rookie" on the culinary map, but quickly won the hearts of many customers by the inherent uniqueness and simplicity when Just a phone call that you have set goals can grasp in hand a jubilant evening with friends and colleagues. Moreover, is considered affordable, matching pockets of the vast majority of people, it is not hard to understand when the restaurant business barbecue buffet has become a place "guts" of not less family, friends, ...

IV. Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet: Destination "lu substance" inside the city

Foreseeing consumer tastes, Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet is one of the top destinations are numerous customers trust between a "forest" of restaurants and eateries in general business and cuisine specializing in meat buffet grilled particular. Although only just entering the market less than 3 years the city but Hana Buffet gradually became crowded destinations each weekend night.

Initially reap the most successful and beautiful save mark in public. Not only that, the design style of young, dynamic and equally "to lemon" when dividing the space into small pieces including elegant dining area to meet business partners or garden, floor terrace suitable for family, friends, space plus a restaurant as well as absolute comfort help diners eat, eat well, is kind of "spice" special contribution for the buffet extra meat flavor grilled.

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V. System wide branch

Is a clear proof for the trust that people in the city for Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet, extensive branch network of restaurants stretching from District 1 to District 2, Go Vap is also a multitude of factors and brightest to help diners can enjoy a barbecue buffet everywhere. Specifically, there is a branch angle Nam Ky Khoi Nghia - Dien Bien Phu with a capacity of 100 guests at the same time, branch Mac Dinh Chi, Pham Viet Chanh (District 1), Branch No. 65 Road No. 1, An Khanh Ward - An Phu (District 2) and recently the branch number 705-709 Phan Van Tri (Go Vap).

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