The variety of bbq buffet restaurant saigon

BBQ Buffet Saigoneses either "original" or people from all provinces across the country poured in, even foreign tourists, residing in Vietnam must also have more than once disturbed while standing before many dining options that the city offers. Hardly any place to get many types of dining as in Saigon, from BBQ buffet, snack to curb Western dishes like pizza, crawfish, ... all of which can be found here.

Muôn mặt các nhà hàng BBQ Buffet Sài Gòn

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I. Diversity dish

Speaking of culinary life in Saigon certainly can not ignore the enormous amount of food that the city owns. Many years ago, alone, the buffet restaurant also had dozens, even hundreds, from BBQ buffet until Hot pot buffet, a vegetarian buffet, seafood buffet, ...

Among them were not at the restaurant business more than one dish. Even as the type of "unique" as the fruit buffet, ice cream buffet, buffet tea and milk "should eat", numerous citizens are interested and enthusiastic support. Not only that, each restaurant has a buffet BBQ marinated, grilled and by using different materials, create a separate definition for yourself. This inadvertently made a food market bustling and very lively.

II. Shanghai gold lower bran

Along with the food flavor other factors such as price, space and quality service is always the point where diners deserve attention. Currently, it is no exaggeration to use the word "down bran gold upper" to talk about the quality of the restaurants, BBQ buffet diner business on the city because if the amount of the Saigon dining venues such increases Fast exponentially, by contrast, the quality is still much story left open.

There will not be too difficult to catch sight of roadside barbecue shop extremely crowded though located beside a canal dirty or paper towels were strewn on the floor. Not only that, even more luxurious buffet BBQ restaurant is not outside the list of places "that" by not prove food source inputs, coal, fuel use is the disqualification.

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III. Eat buffet: "Just pick just worry"

BBQ buffet diners capital conquered not only by taste but also by the form of "bid packages include" easy to eat, easy to "calculate", both beneficial to the seller when the calculation does not take too much, just favor for buyers, especially those customers with little pockets vibrate because they are not limited to ordering food and still secure, not afraid of being '' cultivate binge '' when price listed explicitly transparent and clear.

Muôn mặt các nhà hàng BBQ Buffet Sài Gòn

However, say that not eating places Saigon always reputable business that still exists at the buffet BBQ restaurant makes customers "distorted face" when seen price surcharges on food excessively high or slow, Long, staff attitude gruff, rude.

IV. Hana Buffet: name prestigious culinary map of Sai into

Owning branch network relatively wide, Hana buffet restaurant buffet BBQ prestigious client crowded supporters even entered the city market less than three years. Diners can easily enjoy the delicious grilled dishes with fragrant nose tingle or Thai hot pot, hot pot of eye-catching Miso BBQ & Hotpot Buffet Hana.

At one branch: the branch angle Nam Ky Khoi Nghia - Dien Bien Phu with a capacity of 100 guests, branch Mac Dinh Chi, Pham Viet Chanh (District 1), No. 65 Road No. 1, branch ward Anqing - An Phu (District 2) and 705-709 Phan Van Tri (Go Vap). Besides space, area in each branch is somewhat different but certainly BBQ buffet will still be food "nails", the "trump card" Hana BBQ scoring help for clients.

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V. Quality of dishes made brand

It is a major shortcoming if prompted to Hana BBQ & Hotpot buffet menu neglecting "physical sluggishness" of more than 50 dishes of the restaurant. Resources come here are always a tough test, in addition to basic foods like US beef, oysters Longshan, scallops, seafood Phan Thiet, ... the restaurant also serves exclusive dishes, such as potato strange baked sweet, crocodile fillet, venison, ...

Not only that, every dish on the menu is BBQ buffet also harmonious combination with vegetables, salad served with creating appetite without causing bored. Confident with the quality of food, price clear, reasonable and friendly staff, enthusiastic, Hana BBQ & Hotpot Buffet has become the site "pocket" of many people, is an ideal place do you eat to meet friends, family and colleagues.