Changes In The Village...

Things have changed considerably since I first started visiting this village.  One public phone has turned into everyone having a cellphone and access to a landline and the internet.

Once dirt sois and roads are now concrete or asphalt.  The trail up to the dam has not change much but what is growing along the way has changed a lot.  The reservoir has recently been expanded by building up a dike around the lower side of the catchment area.  I walked up there yesterday and was impressed with the innovative way they went about expanding the capacity of the reservoir.

Our road to the village has been in need of constant repair for as long as I can remember but they have finally begun a major overhaul to the worst five kilometer stretch leading up to our village.

Unable to rely on the dam for irrigation during the offseason, many of the farmers have dug their own ponds to provide water for a crop of pumpkins between the rice crops which are only once each year.

Everyone seems to have trucks and farm equipment instead of buffalo these days.  Nearly 8000 rai of land on the East side of the village was turned into a rubber plantation by the Chang Beer company and the trees have change to look of things considerably.

Here are a few photos from my walk to the dam yesterday.

Walking along the trail to the dam.

Rubber trees along the trail.

One of the few views which hasn't changed much.

The light color on the left is where they have raised a dike.

Our local yacht harbor.

The beginning of the work around the left side of the reservoir.

Looking back on one large section.

The low water level made expansion into this area possible.

An uprooted tree and a touch of color on the hillside.

Our house is barely visible on the left.

It is a bit of a mess for now but will be great when finished.

The flowering trees improve the look of our village if only briefly.
Our neighbor's pumpkin patch behind our house.