Aesthetic Institute Khơ Thị - The Prestigious Salon KhoThi HCM

Introduction the Institute of KhoThi Aesthetic. Cosmetic Institute, founded in 2005, KhoThi by Miss Lady of the Nostalgic Collection is one of the versatile entrepreneur, success in the field of beauty and gastronomy. This is one of the leading brands in the industry in Vietnam with thousands of successful surgeries each year. During a decade of development, with the outstanding quality of service, professional staff, plus experience, the expertise of the surgeon, expert beauty, KhoThi is gradually position is a top representative in Vietnam and in the study area , testing, application of the technology of the world's leading beauty. The rate of commitment clients always reaches 90% and the amount of new customers is always an increase every year. KhoThi is considered typical for the advanced aesthetics Institute model with consistently superior quality to meet the needs of clients and a beauty.

Aesthetic Institute Khơ Thị - The Prestigious Salon KhoThi HCM

I. modern facility of international standard

One of the factors that bring in solid position for KhoThi is facilities, modern equipment. Is located on Prime streets and have many aesthetic, spa in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM (92 Dew Shirish, Ben Thanh, District 1 and 170bis Tran Hung DAO Street, Dakao Ward, District 1) KhoThi always towards the convenience for customers and luxury style. This is the area convenient for domestic and foreign clients to visit, contact and get the free consultation of the specialist doctor. With the design elegance, noble will help you find those moments of peace, relaxation.

- Modern reception Rooms, luxury.
- Surgical Rooms equipped with modern machinery, technology ensures the standards of the Ministry of health.
- Systemic treatment of advanced high technology
- Spa space, relaxation Meditation, self self in and quiet.

The cosmetic surgery as well as therapy services at KhoThi technology always is done in standard surgery room of the Ministry of health with the strict sterile processes in order to bring the efficiency and safety for customers. Cosmetic surgery procedures at KhoThi. The system of equipment, machines played a role of paramount importance in support of the doctor performing the surgery is safe and effective. The machinery was imported directly from Europe, America, Korea, Japan. Equipment, machinery and service in the process.

II. A team of experienced cosmetic physician and qualified

To affirm the brand aesthetic Institute of international level, in addition to technological strengths, factors that make up the reputation, the brand of KhoThi team's experience and expertise. In particular, in the areas of intensive, every doctor will undertake a separate specialist specialist eye clinic-like nose, chest, aesthetic specialist Dermatology-Laser ... in order to provide customers with perfect results. Besides, the comprehensive cooperation with the International Hospital, foreign doctors is also a confirmed name highlight KhoThi aesthetic. South Korean doctors and answer online with clients in collaboration with KhoThi program hospital for surgery.

III. Advanced technology

To catch the trend of high-tech beauty of the world as well as the understanding of the needs, the desire of women, cosmetic Institute KhoThi always pioneer in the application of advanced technology, committed to bringing beauty to the client. With thousands of successful surgeries in areas such as: S-line, nose endoscopic breast 3D, Trim the V-line, Chin liposuction, skin-rejuvenating skin ... have confirmed the KhoThi is brand cosmetic Institute in Vietnam. Before and after nose surgery S-line. (Results depending on each person's body.). Before and after performing surgery to Trim the V-Chin line. (Results depending on each person's body.). Before and after endoscopic breast enhancement surgery. (Results depending on each person's body.). Weight D-Otesalycool II. Facelift by just. (Results depending on each person's body.).

IV. Services, comprehensive warranty

Our team of expert customer care, nursing will always tracking, customer care during surgery, after surgery to bring peace of mind and have effective recovery process. At the same time, to confirm top quality service, KhoThi also performs maintenance for customers. That is the strong commitment of the KhoThi always geared to sustainable services. Our team of expert customer care professional, thoughtful and conscientious.

V. KhoThi-perfect choice

If you intend to change the appearance and are looking for suitable aesthetic Center? Don't hesitate to the KhoThi, by you will be comprehensive care from start to finish. Your surgeon will give advice and Protocol consistent with the body, the skin structure of each person. You are checking the health money for surgery and during surgery as well as, nursing, customer care specialist will always bedside to help you peace of mind and confidence. Then the nurse will schedule re visit to doctor examined the wound and track the recovery process in order to bring you the beauty of America. KhoThi-your perfect choice. Call 0933 888 515-0909 633 133 to schedule hotline consultation directly with the doctor for free. Cosmetic Institute KhoThi. In the process, all of the KhoThi surgeries are performed in the hospital were Ministry of health license.