Choose Villa Nine South choose prosperity for the future

Villa Nine South the project has just launched the prestigious VinaCapital group currently makes up the major attractions on the market. With a total investment of 2.1 billion, Nine South Estates is the garden villa with modern design and neoclassical on 12.9 ha area include includes Garden City villas 355 and 26 villas with waterfront area from 221m2 up to 400 m 2, design from 3 to 5 bedrooms. Villa Nine South and 9 km from the center of the city only a few minutes from the Center of the car.

Choose Villa Nine South choose prosperity for the future

I. investor project Nine South prestige

One of the top reasons cause customers to trust, choose Villa Nine South that is the quality and prestige of the project owner. Villa project Nine South Estates was invested by VinaLiving-real estate development brand of VinaCapital reputation. With the holiday property ranging from Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City, VinaLiving continue to assert the prestige and class by Villa project Nine South Estates. Some of the featured projects by VinaLiving has invested and developed such as: The Ocean Villas, The Beachfront Enclave of Dai Phuoc, Lotus, The Garland, ... When the construction of the Villa, VinaLiving owner-VinaCapital always pay attention to the elements:

-Ensure the easy
-To provide a luxurious living space but still close to nature
-The quality of the project brought international level

II. Sale price Nine South attractions

Although own a great many advantages such as: located in Saigon South Centre-strategic position, surrounded by green parks, various international standards, civil District ... but the selling price of the Nine South Villa is very attractive. Only from 6 billion/flat, the future employer may already own a luxury villa, conveniently located in Saigon South area. Read more : The Nine villas South Estates peaceful in the Saigon South area

III. The Nine villas South diversity of style

To the Nine South, residents are given the right to choose the variety of design styles from classic, classic to contemporary, ... The entire 381 villas Nine South is divided into 2 groups: Garden City villas, waterfront villa with 4 main types:
-Type A: Ground 7 × 17.5 | Floor area: 225.4 m2 XD | 3 bedrooms
-Type B: 7 × 20 | Floor area: 269.9 m2 XD | 4 bedroom
-Type C: 12 x 23 | 5 bedrooms
-Type D: 12 × 25 | 5 bedrooms

IV. Feel the quiet right in the heart of the city

The Nine villas South River front property to the 400 m for the residents create airy living space, and wide open. Surrounded by a Green Park area of 13362 m2, the Villa Nine South offers residents a quiet, peaceful feeling. In addition, the future will completely assured of the level of 24/7 security ensure the safety for you and your family.

V. internal utility districts and suburban areas varied, international level

Resident project Nine South luxury villas will be completely satisfied with the monumental area, internal utility class in the project such as: pool banks, gym, outdoor play area for kids, BBQ area, a large Green Park, ... In addition, residents of Nine South also enjoy the infrastructure, the perfect utility of Saigon South area such as: Trade Center SC commercial centre, VivoCity Cresent Mall, FV, RMIT University, ... All amenities are standard exterior area. In particular, the owners of Nine South Estates will certainly feel the crisp the quiet, peaceful green space with more than 13000 m2 poetic Waterside Park, along the river-oriented perspective will include a jogging track and exercise equipment. Choose Villa Nine South is not the owner of the modern houses associated with the potential land rent back the high price, but also the investment for future prosperity and cozy.

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