Investors reputation Nine South Estates project

Nine South Estates Du safety - the real estate market in recent years is the move vigorously. Along with the shift in demand from the East to the area south of the city with the project's scale real estate investors reputation. One of the leading projects referring to the real estate market Saigon South project is Nine South Estates - luxury villa waterfront amenities, caste. Another important factor to create prestige and different values ​​of Nine South Estates project from the investor's brand VinaLiving - brand development real estate projects of the corporation VinaCapital reputation.

Investors reputation Nine South Estates project

I. Nine South Estates Project VinaCapital

One group VinaCapital develop real estate projects in Vietnam possesses strong financial strength, seasoned management team experience, strategic vision and is a reputable brand. The real estate project of VinaCapital are reflected by lifestyle and values ​​for future owners as The Ocean Villas sea villa - from Danang Beach Resort, luxury apartments Azura Danang, Urban American Family - Nha Trang, ... maintain that benchmark values, with Nine South Estates projects in Saigon South, VinaCapital will bring the living space and world class difference for future owners. Related Post : The reason you should invest in Nine South Estates villa

II. VinaCapital and project portfolio caliber Nine South Estates

VinaCapital assert himself as an investor in real estate development potential fully. With a series of real estate projects across the country advanced. The real estate project level, typical and reputation can VinaCapital including: apartment Azura (Da Nang), riverside villas Dai Phuoc Lotus (Dong Nai), urban areas American Family - Nha Trang, resort complexes Danang Beach Resort, and the most recent project is the Nine South Estates - green with 381 villas consisting of 355 apartments and 26 villas garden city waterfront villa located in the South Saigon. Nine South Estates project expected to bring success VinaCapital a new imprint in your portfolio.

III. VinaCapital and brand VinaLiving - value and separate class

With strategic vision, VinaCapital has launched brand VinaLiving as a reaffirmation of the names on the real estate market. From the initial preparation seems to introduce brand VinaLiving real estate exhibition in Danang Beach Resort to a series of projects the next level will appear with a guarantee from brand reputation VinaLiving, VinaCapital has developed into a leading brand VinaLiving in real estate in Vietnam. With VinaLiving, the value of the design for the lifestyle and culture of a new generation of Vietnamese is always top priority and is shown in detail in each real estate project. Nine South Estates project is a commitment to the market's reputation and success VinaLiving in the branding of VinaCapital.

IV. VinaCapital - owner of the Estates Project South Nine awards

VinaCapital Group is not only the scale and leading reputation in the field of investment and real estate development. But also confirmed by numerous awards from international to domestic consecutive years. This not only confirms the quality of the projects of VinaCapital domestic but also the opportunity to reach out VinaCapital international markets. Only in 2011, VinaCapital already owns two international award "Best Golf Development" and "Best Marketing Project" for the Villa Ocean Villas is located in the resort complex Danang Beach Resort from League Asia Pacific Property bonus - part of the International Property has a lifetime of 17 years. Between 2015, the group continued to be honored at the third Asia Pacific Property Award for Danang Beach Resort - "Development of the best golf courses in Vietnam", Dai Phuoc Lotus - "Best Project Vietnam villa Male ", VinaLiving -" the best brand marketing in Vietnam ". In late 2015, the group brought back two prestigious awards "project best resort apartments Vietnam" for The Ocean Apartments, "Honor Award for villas project" for The Point are complex of Danang Beach Resort in Vietnam Property Awards ceremony.

List of awards from international to domestic VinaCapital is evidenced most clearly demonstrates the brand-class and superior value of the projects implemented VinaCapital. For this reason, the project Nine South Estates becomes attractive and promising to bring the value of a home level, utility. Nine South Estates project is expected to create a buzz again for VinaCapital names. VinaCapital - reputable investors Nine South Estates project is firmly committed to give customers the most cutting-edge designs and green living spaces of the villa South Saigon river. If there is a demand for a luxury villa with South Nine attractive rates or an investment opportunity in the future, the project Nine South Estates is where residents towards.

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