Nine South Estates Project ideal living paradise

Nine South Estates Police - In August 2015, VinaCapital receive the prestigious award apartment project best resort in Vietnam "for The Ocean Apartments in Vietnam Property Awards ceremony. This award once again confirms VinaCapital names and brands VinaLiving in the real estate market in Vietnam in general and the real estate projects in particular premium. in Q1 2016, VinaCapital will continue to maintain the strength and prestige value his credits when preparing the official launch projects Nine South Saigon South Estates. project Nine South Estates with 355 villas and 26 garden city waterfront villas paradise becomes a living and great resort the modern family in the future.

Nine South Estates Project ideal living paradise

I. Green Space Nine South Estates project

Project to Nine South, residents will enjoy a peaceful atmosphere full, quiet, airy and immersed in natural greenery his right. With construction density accounted 29.76% of the total area of ​​12.9 hectares, the project brings South Nine residents fresh air and relaxed at the most modern city in Vietnam. Besides low-density construction projects Nine South is designed to extend the walkway along the river 400m Rach Shrimp, 13000m2 green park along the riverside area 6000m2 green interior make you enjoy life to the fullest Nine green when choosing South Estates location make permanent settlements in HCMC. Related Post : Investors reputation Nine South Estates project

II. Nine South Estates villa-class and attractive prices

Following the success of the project has advanced that VinaCapital investment projects Nine South continues to mark on a modern villa, multi utility and class, once again confirming the name of the episode real estate development group leading. The design of the project Nine South diverse styles from classical, semi-classical Nine South Estates to meet the modern lifestyle of the middle-aged residents and younger residents. Also, with its advantage is located in a prime location of Saigon South, to go beyond the transport infrastructure projects of key southern areas, the project will certainly be South Nine ideal place to build a home for the future owners.

Nine South Estates project was created not only by the attractiveness of the project level and reputation of the investors but also by the extremely attractive price, only 6 billion for a luxury villa. Because of that, even the first tranche in May 9/2015, 72 garden villas of phase 1 first transaction has been successful, even more impressive, at stage 2, 85 villas has more than 40% of employers and clients have deposited in early 2016.

III. Utility of Nine South Estates internal project deserve international destinations

Nine South Estates project is one of the few real estate projects in Vietnam are designed according to the security model 24/7 with the utilities available within the area. Two large utility area and facilities inside the project consists of two 360m2 swimming pool, restaurant chains, coffee, convenience store, advanced event center, Club House, cinema room, center sport ... ensure full service culinary needs, recreation, entertainment and sports of all project residents Nine South Estates.

In particular, BBQ area are located along the river is an ideal place for friends, families gather at weekends to enjoy a picnic dinner between green space and gentle river breeze. Nursery with an area of ​​over 5000m2 and an indoor children's playground and outdoor preschool will help the future development of a comprehensive physical and mental. The internal facility and modern diversity in South Nine projects will foster your nest comfortable living values, class and filled with happiness.

Luxury villas, class, green space, strict security, the senior internal facility, ... factors that will offer Nine South Estates project become a living paradise and ideal retreat. Immersed in nature, but still enjoy the values ​​of modern life, civilization, class villas Nine South Estates project's investor is VinaCapital VinaLiving- perfect choice for a home of the future owners.

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