Nine South Estates VinaCapital investment projects at the Saigon South area

Saigon South area currently is one of the regions that are attracting much investment scale of real estate investors in and outside the country. High-end Villa project Nine South Estates a project of VinaCapital currently invested currently in the investment world appreciated by not only owns the House attached to the land with the potential for high prices but also rent back investment in prosperity for dear nest.

Nine South Estates VinaCapital investment projects at the Saigon South area

I. real estate investment opportunity in Saigon South

With the advantage of a large area, and the account value in the future, property in Vietnam has become the attraction of investment in the past year. Grasp the trends and great potential in future economic special zone of HO CHI MINH CITY. Upto Nine South Estates is one of the VinaCapital investment projects and is currently creating the big attraction on the real estate market. SGS has and is becoming a typical in urban planning, which brings ideal living space and the remarkable value. With a policy of building special economic zones of Ho Chi Minh City, promising real estate this area will thrive in the coming time, attract more investment for major projects, which are currently VinaCapital investment projects-Nine South Estates is one of the featured projects are attracting much attention.

II. the vast scale of Nine villas South Riverside senior

VinaCapital investment project Nine South Estates had a total project scale up to 12.9 ha, including 381 Villa attached to the land, of which 355 Garden City villas and 26 Riverside villas built in the model of self-contained residential area (fenced wall system self-contained, secure 24/7 with a total of 9 points of protection in 9 different positions along the system tight surveillance, integrated full amenities such as parks, civil living zone preschool, swimming pool, gym, BBQ area, volume ...). VinaCapital investment projects in Saigon South was also evaluated as meeting the needs of many customers when building many different design styles with classical architecture, classic and modern. Read more : The project Nine South Estates ideal Villa in Saigon South area

III. The pioneer customer insight

10000 is the number of flats to be sold (including new projects and projects offered for sale earlier) in the second quarter of the year 2010 according to a report by the market research firm CBRE and Savills announced. Known in the past 5 years, it is also you have the number of new apartment supply. New investment trend is also specified in this study, if the rate of successful trading in the period 2012-2013 mainly from the budget segment in the year 2015 had moved slowly to the high-end segment. Mr. Matthew Koziora-Business Director of VinaCapital real estate investment Fund shares: "find solutions consistent with the shift in psychology of customers not only contribute to create an ideal residential home but that's also the way the owner confirmed the strategy and potential development." this is also what the VinaCapital investment currently projects to and in the understanding of the needs of the customer.

IV. Project the VinaCapital investment strategies

The project is one of the VinaCapital investment strategies, advanced Nine villas South Estates is adjacent to the axis of the street Nguyen Huu tho-transportation lifeblood in this urban area, is also the direct link to the district center of Ho Chi Minh City as well as the Western provinces away radiate South East, through the Avenue Nguyen Van Linh Highway and Long Thanh-Dau-Tp.HCM. & International design at a reasonable price. The Nine villas South Estates is the Vinacapital investment project not only reached the international standard of goofy design, and green living space that the selling price for each of the villas is extremely reasonable. Only from 6 billion/flat, the future employer will own the dream villa with the inner zone and utility of the art zone. For more project details and get the best brief, please contact.

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