Nine South Estates golden opportunity invest in Saigon South area

The real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the country in general many years there have been strong, the transition would be present and forecast new investment trends. Among the areas attracting investment capital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has great potential and more sustainable. The real estate market, Saigon South is currently very interested by the project Nine South Waterfront Villa Estates-VinaCapital projects are developed.

Nine South Estates golden opportunity invest in Saigon South area

I. major projects in Saigon South

VinaCapital investment project location, project Nine South Estates situated in a prime location in Saigon South, adjacent to the axis of the street Nguyen Huu tho. According to the last information in 2015, the city PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE is considering as well as perform various items such as "project established special economic zones Tp.HCM" (District 7 , NHA be district, Need Now, Binh Chanh) or investment plan to build intersections at the intersection of Nguyen Van Linh-Nguyen Huu tho, Nguyen Khoai bridge, bridge, Blue Channel 2 of District 4 and District 7, ... enough to show that the power of the General and the Saigon South project VinaCapital is investing in this particular.

II. the Nine South garden villas-residential Estates and large scale waterfront Villa

Is one of the projects of VinaCapital are investing in Saigon South, Nine South Estates including 381 Villa attached to the land consistent with the needs and the level of life of the residents, including city gardens and villas 355 26 Riverside villas. The project has a total 12.9 ha scale, however, the building density only 29.76% to create an open airy living environment and many trees, this creates power for the VinaCapital investment currently projects. Read more : Nine South Estates villas by VinaCapital investment class

III. build diverse styles

Classical architecture, ancient, classic sale will be Nine South estates-VinaCapital invested projects geared towards middle-aged customers. Besides, modern, minimalist style is the priority choice when built and designed for older residents. Moreover, 381 Villas is located in the project Nine South architectural style Friends House to the West also are project owner VinaCapital brought in to design the employer get green living space in the heart of the city.

IV. Reasonable price

72 villas Nine South Estates of a successfully traded on the open sale of 9/9/2015 due to investor VinaCapital Foundation. Each villa is located in the project are investing VinaCapital-Nine South Estates are sold at a price ranging from 6 billion (including taxes). Not only owns a property associated with the potential land rent back high, which also owns a new lifestyle, investing for the future when the beloved family bought Nine villas South Estates.

V. life area most Add-ons

Not only owns the luxury villas, VinaCapital investment projects also be appreciated on foreign as well as internal utility district area. Nine South Estates equipped kindergarten in international projects, 2 set of gym, 2 BBQ area, swimming pool overflowed the banks of 13000 m2 waterfront park, for green space and many other add-ons. In terms of foreign quarters, villas in the project Nine South Estates located just 9 km of the city centre and just a few minutes ride to move to international schools, shopping, health ... in the area. Not only that, the project is also located on the axis of Nguyen Huu tho at the same time the high speed route Ben Luc-Central pay and online Metro is about to be formed in the future. With the entire diverse facilities, luxury and class along gold position of Nine South Estates, VinaCapital project has made a major attraction for real estate market right from the beginning. Create the future together the timeless value is the predominant drift that Nine South Estates giving future owners.

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