Nine South Estates the project followed the success of VinaCapital

Nine South Estates Home Friends is overall 381 Riverside villas and garden villas, located in a residential area with full modern amenities. It is not just a home, but also a world-class lifestyle in a community with people who share the same values as you. The project is invested by the Group asset management, investment management and real estate development VinaCapital.

Nine South Estates the project followed the success of VinaCapital

I. The owner of the reputation

Vinacapital is a Investment Management Corporation and leading property developer focusing on Vietnam market, with a diverse portfolio of nearly 2 billion dollars. Early September 2015, VinaCapital launched garden Villa project area and Nine senior Riverside South Estates Nine South. With his reputation on the real estate market, the investor VinaCapital committed project Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends will be inheriting the norm of a project of villas, luxury facilities and a clean environment to create an authentic life values for the future. Read more : Nine South Estates golden opportunity invest in Saigon South area

II. Understanding customer needs

For residents at Ho Chi Minh City, the demands of a luxurious nest, level to build the future is great. Understand this desire of the prospective employer, Nine South Home Friends was built on Avenue Nguyen Huu tho, near the intersection with Nguyen Huu tho Nguyen Van Linh, just 9 km from the Centre of the city, adjacent to the Phu My hung, where harmony between people and nature. More than 13,000 m2 Park, 36-hole golf course of the South, University village, FV, Galleria, hospital Heart Center in Germany, Phu Long Villa area, ... is the Widget class, area and meets the needs of residents in the project. Not only owns a property associated with the potential land rent back high, which also owns a new lifestyle, investing for the future when the beloved family bought Nine villas South Estates. Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends is the project demonstrates the strategic vision, understanding the market and understand the needs of the residents of VinaCapital.

III. Exquisite architecture

Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends built architectural contemporary sophistication and reach the international level. Although located on a large area but only 29.76% building density, Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends has a large area for trees, creating environmental and green living space. In addition, the living space of each villa is designed in fresh, airy, green space have fun with ultra modern amenities: waterfront park with 1.3 acres and river views spread over 400 m. With international standard architecture and extremely reasonable price (only from 6 billion/villas), Nine South Estates, Nine South Home Friends promises to attract more customers in the future.

IV. Suction power from self-contained residential models

Be understood as self-contained residential areas with amenities inside, the residential conpound increasingly favored by the convenience and utility. Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends as a new Breeze in the South of the city, the large building scale along the separate Villas offers new services, including recreational areas. Located near the city center, but secluded enough to have a private space, serenity, quiet, Nine South Estates Nine South Home Real Friends is the dream living space to future investment for your loved family.

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