Nine South Estates where brings world-class lifestyle

Refer to Sgs in recent years, real estate investors and clients have a vision can see strong development potential of the market. VinaCapital has quickly shown to be of a class of real estate investors have strategic vision by the launch of high-end Villa project Nine South Estates Nine South.

I. potential real estate in Saigon South area

Where the VinaCapital choice to develop the project Nine South Estates Nine South in Friends House, Saigon South is the strategic position of a new special economic zones. With "the project of establishment of special economic zones in Ho Chi Minh City" (District 7, Binh Chanh, Friends House, in need of the hour) and many of the socio-economic development plan was submitted to other social city PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE, the area is anticipated to be the levers of economic development and real estate investment hotspots in time to , promising great value accounts for the project here, which are the typical Nine South Estates Nine South.

II. The scale of the project Nine South Estates

Owns 12.9 ha scale but building density only 29.76%, Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends bring a spacious living environment, airy for my home. According to the schedule, the project will be officially launched in the quarter of 2016 and each villa is offered for sale with prices from 6 billion/align. Total units that advanced Nine villas South Estates Nine South Home Friends build up to 381, 355 of which Garden City villas and waterfront Villa 26, promises to create the environment of living, comfort class and still close to nature in Saigon South. Read more : Investing for the future with Villa Nine South Estates

III. internal utility districts and suburban areas of Nine South Estates

Built according to international standards, the master of the Nine South wall system Friends House closed showers and fully equipped Interior zone utility, are the featured Add-ons: 9 more than 13000 m2 waterfront park, 400 m jogging track, two swimming pools to overflow the banks of the 2,000 m2, outdoor regulators two volumes, gym, BBQ area, playground, 5200 m2 international kindergarten and ensure security 24/24. In terms of foreign quarters, Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends is located in the downtown area and enjoy most of the utility of such as Saigon South international shopping centre, VivoCity Mall Cresent SC, FV hospital Heart Center, Germany, RMIT University, University of ton Duc Thang, ....

Last time in January 2016, VinaCapital still are actively in progress to prepare for the official launch ceremony of the project Nine South Estates Nine South. Currently, 4 villas and 6 coarse Villa has entered the stage of perfection, will be ready to welcome visitors to the quarter of 2016. Vinaliving-VinaCapital proudly brings you cozy in paradise with the Saigon South project Nine South Estates Nine South. For more details of the project Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends

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