Nine South Estates where built prosperous future

Vinaliving is a trademark of real estate development in VinaCapital always bring you the houses be careful considerations, beautiful design and complete to Vietnam people can enjoy and have fun with the family. Villa project Nine South Estates Nine South in Friends House owner VinaLiving-VinaCapital are attracting much attention from the real estate market in particular and Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City in General. With a strategic position, outstanding architecture, advanced utility but extremely reasonable price, Nine South Estates promises to satisfy the future employer a way exceptional.

I. Nine South-Friends House gold position in special economic zones, Saigon South

The Nine villas South Estates Nine South Home Friends are located in one location ", nature, people," just lie in the special economic zones of Saigon, while real estate Center is the gateway to the South. Settling in Nine South Estates future employer will not only own a Villa but also a class property with value in the future. Read more : The utility's expensive Nine South Estates

II. the luxury living amidst nature

Blue villas. Green space is synonymous with with living environment close to nature, fresh, safe, security will be the sustainable Habitat over time. The Nine villas South Estates Nine South Home Friends proud to achieve the criteria of the green space of the modern home.

Own a villa in Nine South, residents are living in the open atmosphere, quiet and fresh, beautiful and airy view Rach River shrimp and a self-contained environment to international level. In addition, a Riverside Park with an area of large pole would be an ideal place to relax with the family.

II. life with luxury Add-ons Noi district

Relax into the weekend with a broader coast spill 300m2 pool is one of the Add-ons that class Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends bring residents. The "resident of Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends are also in favor with children Park in the Villa area. In addition, a riverside jogging right within the zone Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends promises to help future owners to enjoy a relaxing time in the fresh air with nature and Wind River.

BBQ parties, collective living quarters will be the opportunity to mount than with friends or family on the weekend is not busy. Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends is real estate projects are oriented to become a world-class, modern nest but still close to nature aside the future employer. Own much foreign civil districts, utility districts, convenient location adjacent to the Avenue Nguyen Huu tho, project Nine South Estates Nine South Home future Friends will be cozy with perfect quality of life for residents.

Not only inherit the essence from previous successful projects, Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends also maximize the project idea to bring green into the living space. Await the arrival of the throne "samples" of the project "hot" for the first quarter of 2016/2017. Sale price only from 6 billion/units (including taxes). For more information about Villa Nine South Estates, please contact hotline.

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