Nine South Estates where honor lives of value generation

Nine South Estates is a senior Villa project of the VinaLiving owner-brand reputation of the leading property developers in VinaCapital. To the project Nine South Estates, your family will build the peaceful, happy home with amenities and senior project class in Saigon South area.

Nine South Estates where honor lives of value generation

I. classical architecture for middle-aged clients

Increasingly developed society, the value of aesthetics as well as the growing spirit according to new heights. The value of architecture and art in the main nest also not fall outside that norm. Understand the need to enjoy authentic life values of middle-aged residents, generation project Nine South Estates was built and designed in a classical style and classic elegance, ancient bring suitable living space, tranquility and elegance for the middle-aged customer. Read more : The project Nine South Estates where proof and caste

II. contemporary architecture for the young residents

The position is located adjacent to the Avenue Nguyen Huu tho, owns the ground expanded to 12, 9ha with 381 luxury villas, Nine South Estates not only meet gu classic aesthetic of middle-aged clients but also gives young people the caste living space with stylish modern architecture sophistication. The Nine villas South Estates will be selected as the young, energetic residents meet the needs of a modern lifestyle and culture. Nine South Estates up to 355 villas with garden city and 26 villas with waterfront structures design of harmony between modern comforts and natural green space customers can choose villas fit to build a perfect nest. More particularly, the inner urban park system with a total area of 13,000 square meters is the highlight in the project Nine South Estates for residents to enjoy the relaxing peaceful family party really.

III. modern civil utility districts in Nine South Estates

At Nine villas South Estates, though residents picked villas luxurious ancient or modern dynamics are responding the entire inner facilities of international standards area. Urban gym-class. Modern gym and varied with 2 set of gym layout suitable for Garden City villas and waterfront villas in Nine South Estates, your family will always full of energy and the health to enjoy life. The playground and the school for the child. Nursery school system international zone in Nine South Estates will help support the talents of young citizens. In addition, children's play area right in the inner Park area 6.000 m2 will be extremely airy space, comfort to the entire family together to relax, have fun, mount the love.

Nine South Estates also integrated pool system overflow the banks of the security service, modern international standard trade centers in and outside the campus as the Trade Center SC ViVo City, Cresent Mall ..., international hospital Heart Center Hospital, FV, in Germany of the same University system such as RMIT Ton Duc Thang, ... fit for the comprehensive development of the family. Power of Nine South Estates also come from extremely attractive price of the project, only from 6 billion, you can own a high-end Villa world-class design.

The Nine villas South Estates is an ideal project to meet all the different needs of the members of the family nest. This place is paradise not only for relaxation but also a place to develop your home through recreational activities in the area of internal utility. With a range of advanced facilities are integrated together very soft price, Nine South Estates is truly a featured project of the VinaLiving owner-VinaCapital at Saigon South area in 2016.

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