Owner of Nine South Estates soft price class Villa in Saigon South

With convenient treatment, ecological landscape was meticulously investment, living conditions with the kind of world-class entertainment, Nine villas South Estates in special economic zones, Saigon South is creating big attractions for the real estate market. There were up to 72 villas in the project Nine South Estates to be offered for sale from the first batch. Investment in the project Nine South investment is investment not only for the beloved nest but also is highly profitable investments by the potential sale of Nine South and rent back with high prices.

Owner of Nine South Estates soft price class Villa in Saigon South

I. strategic location of Villa Nine South Estates

Nine South Estates opens up great potential with the future employer and individual investors by its gold positions. Located in a strategic location, adjacent to the Parkway, Nguyen Huu tho is just 9 km from the Centre of the city and adjacent to the municipality living standards the Saigon South international. At the same time, the project Nine South Estates is located at the Ben Luc-China high speed online salary and future Metro lines connect with Hiep Phuoc urban coming form. Because of this, buy sell gold positions Nine South will just bring up the double value for the investor because the ideal habitat of the same class, the value in the future for individual investors.

II. The investor of the project Nine South prestige Estates

The investor of the project Nine South Estates is VinaLing-brand of the Group leading VinaCapital real estate. And potential of the group as evidenced by the senior project stretches from North to South as the: Azura apartment Danang, sea Villas The Ocean Villas-in Danang Beach Resort, urban America – Nha Trang Dai Phuoc villas, Lotus-Dong Nai this project prestige by leading quality and optimal response values demand the school. That is also the reason the 72 villas are successful trading right in the first phase open sell Nine South Estates. Read more : The highlights make the difference of the project Nine South Estates

III. internal utilities zone Nine South international standards

Nine South Estates was the integration of the diverse civil utility area according to international standards. Internal utility main zone is one of the preeminent created the attractive to traded Nine South Estates, the Interior featured area utilities such as system security 24/7 gym, variety and level, to 360m2 pool and sunbathing area, BBQ area waterfront facilities , playground, outdoor international kindergarten, outdoor regulators created the landscape up to 2,000 m2. More particularly, make traded Nine South Estates, residents have invested for his family a comfortable nest but still close to nature and more than 13,000 m2 airy waterfront parks and more than 6,000 m2 Green Park District Cabinet.

IV. The Nine villas South surprise price class

The project Nine South Estates meet perfectly the overall architecture requirements, living conditions, internal zone of the future when traded Nine South. In addition, rates of surprise only from 6 billion or more for a villa in self-contained villas project Nine South Estates in Saigon South Centre has created a huge attraction for the traded Nine South.

With a full range of advantages from its geographical location, the price and range of amenities, area foreign-traded Nine South is not just purchase a villa which still is an investment for the future. Therefore, can affirm that buying and selling Nine South not the fit for real estate investors who have the vision, but also where the future employer to invest in its own cozy living space internationally with many services, modern facilities. Buy sell Nine South is the wise choice to start for the prosperity in the future.

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