Payment the project Nine South Estates Saigon South Weebly

Start construction from October 2015, current Villa project Nine South Saigon South Estates has spent 60% long way gone. At present, on the official website of Nine South Vietnam is Estates have always updated the progress of the ongoing projects. If people intend to buy Nine villas South senior, you should refer to the more project progress information on the site. What if you want to learn the process of liquidity, of this project to serve business purposes, such as for rent or purchase or intended to serve the business of selling Nine South Estates, you can contact the project Nine South to learn more useful information. Wish you could find the necessary information for real, in the time of VinaCapital project owner is preparing to open the next sale.

Payment the project Nine South Estates Saigon South Weebly

The progress of the project Nine South Estates Home Friends

According to the progress of the project beginning in 2016, the owner announced the VinaCapital, the Villa Nine South Senior Estates has basically completed, with more than 300 employees work seamlessly regardless of day and night, to up the tempo for the opening of kindergartens in early Q2 of 2016. That will be the Golden moment for another small retail investors, continue pouring capital into buying du an Nine South Estates villas Home Friends sooner than expected.

Then, is the basic work to build the infrastructure for more than 12.9 ha's projects, is preparing to up the plan in early April of the year 2016. As expected, the entire preliminary project Nine South Estates Home Friends will be completed earlier than expected, in the 4th quarter of 2016.

Besides that, the rest is a senior Villa 62 of the 1 c and 1 d also are rushing to put into deployment, to catch up with the progress of construction at the same time fast, and delivered to the customers sooner than expected. Special points, 400 meter embankment project along the River will also be the market in 2016, should the owner of real estate brokers, also is planning to sell Nine South Estates in Friends House this time around.

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