Project Nine South of VinaCapital

Is the name of reputation on the market property, VinaCapital Investment Management Corporation and real estate development in Vietnam. Founded in 2003, VinaCapital owns a diverse portfolio of nearly 2 billion dollars in assets, is run by a team of seasoned manager experience in international finance and investment. The VinaCapital investment mastery project including such as Azura apartment Danang, sea Villas The Ocean Villas-in Danang Beach Resort, urban America – Nha Trang Dai Phuoc villas, Lotus-Dong Nai, ... (to be managed and developed under the VinaLiving brand) and most recently senior villas project Nine South Estates.

Project Nine South of VinaCapital

I. Nine South Estates: class Villa project in Saigon South

Be VinaCapital investment, the Nine South Estates have total 381 Friends House Villa attached to the land, of which 355 Garden City villas and waterfront villa with 26 scale 12.9 ha. Advantages that Riverside Villa area, this property is the only building density 29.76%-figure that the rare property project in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM has been. According to information from the owner, to create more landscaping for Nine South Estates as well as meet the demand created "green space", environmental improvement, there kinds of Green has been the focus of the nursery area of the project. Read more : In Nine South Estates to cozy dreams

II. internal utility, impressive zone zone

Project Nine South Estates by VinaCapital investment located in the front under the Township, NHA be district, Phu My hung urban area, less than 10 minutes and only 9 km from Ben Thanh market ride should take advantage of the many amenities in the vicinity. Specifically, it is the international schools, medical establishments that stand is free (FV), France – a modern cassava Cresent SC VivoCity Mall, District 7, ... Review on internal utility districts, senior villas project Nine South Estates owns more than 5000 international kindergarten m2 area, 2 set of gym, BBQ area, 2 pools, 2 banks, 13000 m2 waterfront park for the green space, the perspective direction of the river stretches over 400 m, outdoor regulators over 2,000 m2 ,....

III. reasonable costs for long-term investment

Although possessing many advantages compared to other real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City, the Nine South Estates are open selling for relatively soft compared to common ground, the starting price for a Garden District mansion Nine South only class from 6 billion. Therefore, the Nine South Estates were identified as major attractions to create the real estate market in the South zone and the city market in General. Commitment to the future. Located on the axis of Nguyen Huu tho-arterial route connecting directly Hiep Phuoc Port town-Home Friends is the gateway to the Western provinces, South-East of Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard through high speed and Long Thanh-Dau-Tp.HCM.

Project Nine South Estates are appreciated by the investor owns the account value is relatively big in the future. Not only that, "the project of establishment of special economic zones in Ho Chi Minh City" (7th District, NHA be district, Need Now, Binh Chanh), plans to build the North-South axis length 7.5 km, width 29.5 m including 6 lanes, ... is also the name of the secured seal for the future value of the Nine South Estates. Nine South Estates-luxury villas are for von as "cozy Saigon South area paradise".

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