The Nine villas South Estates class villas for your dream home

Villa Nine South - class villas for your dream home. The choice of staying in the Villa area with living close to nature are the trend of the residents. Modern space, the green of the garden, the playground, the living space and relax corner separated always is the ideal place to build. So, project biet thu Nine South Estates birth was the first of the future project for von is "warm Nest paradise" at the Saigon South area.

The Nine villas South Estates class villas for your dream home

I. villas project Nine South Estates

Villa project Nine South due to the investor is the VinaCapital investment to build upscale villas 381 Saigon Riverside. In particular, there are 26 villas in this project will have the view looking straight out of the river ensured Shrimp Slit airy living space. Rest 352 villas with garden city with modern, clean space, close to nature is an excellent residential environment. Convenient location, close to public utilities within 4 km, the area of internal utility class and the whole building density accounted for only 30% of the whole area.

II. There are 9 internal utility class zone

The future residents of Nine villas South will be guaranteed the internal area, utility area a perfect way for from the owner.
-Two banks pool with an area of 360m2 and extensive sunbathing area.
-Sports Centre.
-Organized barbecue BBQ.
-Wide waterfront amusement more than 13,000 square meters, the Park of Villa area 6800m2 wide.
-A playground dedicated to children.
-Preschool wider international 5000 m 2.
-400 m-long waterfront promenade and the cool House.
-Super market in villas.
-Security system including protection and surveillance duty.

III. Garden City villas and modern waterfront classic blend

There are two types of templates in the main villa villas project Nine South Estates is the Garden City villas and waterfront villas. Classical architecture, classic luxury glass issue for the main audience is middle-aged customers. The Villa architecture of modern, simple will for young clients. In particular, in every way the villas in Nine South will be planting a tree to make flora diversity serves the needs of nature with residents.

The Nine villas South Estates class villas for your dream home

Project biệt thự Nine South Estates is one of the works received the attention and trust of many customers are looking for a dream home with perfect living conditions and living space. With prices from just 6 billion, flat, villas Nine South will bring to the residents of one Villa level with international design is balanced between many about living space for and optimize the private space to rest and relax. Physical model home tour post Villa Nine South of VinaLiving owner-VinaCapital at or through the hotline 0903 978 900

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