The Nine villas South Estates luxury villas at Saigon South area

With the orientation of the building of the Villa according to international standards, the Nine South Estates in Friends House owner VinaLiving -VinaCapital will bring to the future employer of a warm paradise at Saigon South area. The added value of the project Nine South Estates.

Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends is senior waterfront villas of adjacent roads Nguyen Huu tho-transportation arteries in the Saigon South urban area, is the first point of the projects as "project to establish special economic zones in Ho Chi Minh City" (District 7, NHA be, Binh Chanh , Need Hours); plans to build complete intersection of Nguyen Van Linh-Nguyen Huu tho, built round the Centre Island (diameter 60 m), two Flyover and two tunnel crawl along the tributary on Nguyen Van Linh; North-South axis road starts from Highway 22 (Frost, 12th District) to the Hiep Phuoc industrial park, ... The project was promised guarantee for increasing the value of Nine villas South Estates Nine South Home Friends in the future.

I. self-contained villas absolute security

Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends is success the norm that VinaCapital built on the values of civilized life. With the total scale of 12.9 ha, 381 villas project Nine South Home Friends built in a whole system with closed perimeter wall, 24/7 security, fully integrated Intelligent utility zones. Not only that, the villas are equipped with a total of 9 points of protection 24/24 in 9 different positions are reasonable layout, and science that support surveillance camera system, ensure the privacy, absolute safety for residents. Read more : Project Nine South of VinaCapital

II. Modern architecture, overlooking the river

Choose from many different architectural styles, from the classic, classic elegance to this modern, minimalist style, Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends meet the diverse needs of many customers and select suitable for dynamic young residents and middle-aged residents. Besides building architecture, Green Park with more than 13000 m2 scale and angle of view River stretches for 400 m is also the strengths that Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends currently own.

III. investing for civilized living environment

VinaCapital is also particularly interested in educational issues Temple, health, entertainment, ... to residents when building facilities including more than 5000 international kindergarten m2 area, two set of gym, two pools to overflow the banks as well as two BBQ areas for meetings friends, ... Moreover, with the adjacent gold position the axis of Nguyen Huu tho, Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends easily accessible amenities right by the Phu My hung urban area, in less than 6 minutes move as: SC VivoCity, Crescent Mall, French-Vietnamese Hospital (FV), luxury restaurants, British international school system , Australia, America, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea ...

IV. Investment with reasonable price

Each apartment in the upscale villas project Nine South Estates Nine South Home price sold for Friends from 6 billion/units (including taxes). With 72 home garden city landmark is open to sell successfully in the early phases of launch 9/2015, the project Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends currently is one of the project very fascinating attractions in the Saigon South area.

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