The Nine villas South trend of modern Housing Estates

Vinaliving the brand leading real estate developer in VinaCapital has just launched the market project Nine South Estates-class Villa project located in Saigon South. Nine South Estates are expected to create major attractions for the real estate market in Saigon South in particular and the city in General.

I. Special economic zones at Saigon South-City's new future

Early October, 2015, Institute for research and development in HO CHI MINH CITY. Read the plan to build Saigon South area into special economic zones up to the city people's Committee. this new special economic zones will cover 4 districts: District 7, NHA be district, the district and a portion of Binh Chanh district. Why the city decided to put the southern area became the special economic zones? First, Saigon South was there immediate infrastructure development platform with Phu My hung urban area, adjacent to the City Center: County District 1 and district 5. Second, the choice of the Saigon South development to suit the trend of urban development of the world towards the sea. In this project, the city will focus on building special economic zones towards the East Coast and the South zone is the location convenient to proceed with this plan. Third, Sgs has good ecological system with the system of canals, rivers, creating opportunities conducive to the development of a green urban in the future.

II. Transportation lifeblood

To prepare the solid foundation for plans to build special economic zones, the transportation system is really good to make sure the process flow smoothly, not just to the district in the city but also to the neighboring province of South-western area as well as the lush Southeast full potential. Plans to develop Saigon South transportation system began boosting investment to add strength for future economic special zone. The transportation lifeblood will go into operation in the future as the No. 4 Metro lines connect District 7, the Friends with the other areas of the city are investing over 97000 billion are expected to become the most important catalyst to shorten the distance between the area with the rest of the city.

Next to the Metro line, a series of online road and bridge also being speeding: Thiem bridge 4 connect District 2 and District 7, Nguyen Khoai bridge and bridge the Remaining Channel 2 of District 4 and District 7, high speed online Ben Luc-Long Thanh, Nguyen Van Linh to underground tunnel-Nguyen Huu tho, Huynh Tan Phat Street extension ,… An investment scale and long-term plans of the city into the Saigon South transportation system will certainly bring tremendous economic benefits the area for the next time. The transportation lifeblood also contributes to the South area residents can shorten the distance and time to move to different areas inside and outside the city. Although at present, the infrastructure is improving but needs only a few more years, property values in Saigon South will increase quickly. Thus, investments in Nine South Estates is the investment for the future.

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II. the Nine South Estates-future life class

Investment in real estate projects in Saigon South to catch the top of the trend is the perfect choice of the future residents. Nine South Estates was developed by VinaLiving-brand development in VinaCapital real estate will bring to the residents of the Villa garden and waterfront villa with world-class design but the prices are extremely reasonable. With Nine South Estates you will feel peaceful lives, immerse yourself in nature by the Green-covered plate. Nine South Estates also integrates the advanced civil utility area as international kindergarten, the luxury gym exercises, diversity, BBQ area, pool overflow the banks, ... Because of the reason, the choice of Nine South Estates is not only the choice for a life of comfort, high level which is the option for a solid future and development. Nine South Estates are ready to debut officially with customers in January 2016. Nine South Estates-Villa level with extremely reasonable prices as housing trends in the future at the Saigon South area.

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