The field of practice and experience of free Law

Vietnamese law guarantees give customers a full range of legal services relating to business activity, investment of the enterprises and our major advantage is the ability to support customers in all stages-on whenever the customer needs. Experience of the lawyers law of the Free has allowed us to get knowledge and overview of the Vietnam documents, from which France is likely first to whether the difficulties before they can happen in reality.

The field of practice and experience of free Law

Customers can find here the areas of expertise of our strengths. However, we don't just stop there. With the interest and his experience, we understand that customer needs are diverse and ever-changing, so we continually improve and always ready to develop to be able to help customers solve all difficulties and legal entanglements.

I. investment in domestic and abroad

With experience and deep understanding of the law as well as the business environment, invest in Vietnam, Vietnamese Law can assist clients in using the comments most useful legal advice in the areas of domestic and foreign investment. Any requirements of customers-from consultation to establish 100% foreign-owned businesses, business ventures, joint stock companies, LIMITED LIABILITY companies, branches, representative offices, to the search for partners or negotiations with domestic and foreign partners, etc. also are we focusing to resolve with a reasonable care to the smallest details of customers and, we're always available are legal partners throughout the process, build and develop their business in Vietnam.

II. Consulting company law and commercial law

We are proud of the experience and ability to work closely with clients in resolving legal issues related to the work of their daily business. Thanks to this outstanding principal that we have built up a solid position as one of the law firms advising leading enterprises in Vietnam. The scope of consulting activities commercial law and business law including and not limited to drafting, revising the types of commercial contracts but also provides legal advisory opinions to resolve legal issues arising out of the customer's business processes efficiently and professionally.

III. Legal advice on real estate

One of the strengths of Vietnamese Law is likely to support the completion of the property transaction, we provide legal services to assist clients in building business strategy and approval of State authorities have, at the same time assist in managing the sale and rental of products of business projects Real Estate.

Legal advisory services related to business projects that our property was made specifically as follows:

In the preliminary stage, we offer these services:
1.1. Select consultant/solutions/models optimal structure to make the property business projects in Vietnam;

1.2. design model of real estate business company to meet the customer's business strategy;

1.3. Support customer achieve the necessary licenses to perform the property business projects;

1.4. On the basis of the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated and through consultation with the Agency's opinion, related organizations, we provide legal opinions to help customers take out the right business decisions.

During the period of implementation of the transaction, we will:
2.1. the legal condition of the property that the client needs are using land use rights/properties attached on the land to which the business establishment;

2.2. Structure of the real estate transaction to ensure the rights and best interests to customers;

2.3. the strategic planning project development real estate business (including support for implementation of the procedures for the sale, transfer of real estate);

2.4. the drafting of contracts related to the delivery of land, resettlement and land compensation (if applicable);

2.5. Participate in negotiations and drafting of the construction contract under FIDIC standard or AS 400;

2.6. Join the negotiations and drafting of the lease, purchase, sale and transfer of property arising in the course of the project the real estate business;

2.7. Draft agreements, contracts and perform the procedure for the transfer of real property;

2.8. to assist in the establishment of the real estate business company;

2.9. Dispute resolution/litigation.

IV. Labor

Labor legislation in Vietnam is viewed as complex and sensitive sector not only for the workers, the employers but also with the whole society. In that environment, combined with the use of law, culture, local customs, we are always customer support efforts in many different fields, including and not limited to the drafting of the labour regulations, collective labour agreements, negotiations and established the labor contract. We also coordinate with the business organization of the public knowledge of labor law for both workers and employers to create favorable environment to avoid the conflict. Besides that, our attorneys are also the experts solve labor disputes, has helped many customers achieve favorable rulings from the Court of competent jurisdiction.

V. Taxes

Vietnamese law is one of the law firms are strong in the field of tax consulting-a field that we attach importance to the construction and development right from the new phase of establishment. The lawyer of the free Law has in depth knowledge and very experienced consultant in the field of VAT, tax the contractor or business income tax in the manufacturing industry, construction or trade or capital transfer tax merger and acquisition activities in the business. Besides, the tax division of the us will support effective tax planning, and help them enjoy the incentives under the provisions of the law.

VI. Purchase, sale and merger of companies

With extensive practical experience in the process of resolving cross-border transactions of purchase and sale, the merger business, our lawyers have assisted many successful trading, merged business in Vietnam. Our clients receive the best service from a team of lawyers into the savvy in business as well as the challenges and opportunities of business. Our attorneys practice through the customer is representing the investment funds business, domestic or multinational corporations. At the same time, our lawyers advise clients the best trading method, conduct reviews of the legal status of the target company, preparing and drafting documents for real estate business transactions, collect and maintain databases of information for customers customer support, gain the necessary approval under the provisions of the law, and customer support to quickly complete the transaction according to the plan.
The legal advisory service of us related to the merger and acquisition projects of businesses including:

  • The merger and acquisition of enterprises in and outside the country;
  • Report reviews legal corporate status;
  • The structure of the transaction;
  • Participate in contract negotiations;
  • Consultant procurement plans to buy back all or part of property or other business;
  • Advice and drafting of transaction documents, including the purchase agreement and the shareholder agreement;
  • Advice on tax, labor law, and other complex legal situation arising out of the transaction;
  • Working with the competent State agencies at Central and local levels to help customers achieve the required license in accordance with the law;
  • Consultation the issue of competition law (antitrust);
  • Equity investment in domestic and international funding; and
  • Corporate reorganization advice.

VII. Intellectual property

The legal system of intellectual property in Vietnam are there significant changes in order to meet the requirements of the market and international integration. Vietnamese law always ready to catch and go along with the change to provide his consulting services for domestic enterprises and multinational companies doing business in Vietnam on matters of intellectual property. Vietnamese laws guarantee the preparation of the necessary documents for registration of trademarks, patents, copyright, from the first stages or drafting the contracts licensed, franchise contracts or technology transfer. Besides, we also help clients resolve disputes on intellectual property rights such as counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods or infringing trademarks.

VIII. Banks and insurance

Vietnamese law also consulting and drafting the document, the text for banks and borrowers on the loan contract, credit and guarantee measures such as the contract of guarantee, mortgage or pledge suit, registering foreign loans with the Bank in accordance with the law of Vietnam. Besides, we also advise the customer of the insurance company and the leading casualty on the Vietnam market in relation to the establishment, operations and product development at Vietnam.

IX. Securities and capital markets

Vietnamese laws have much legal knowledge and practical experience in advising clients with issues related to the capital market and securities as debt restructuring, advisory and restructuring companies before selling shares to the public, provide legal opinions for companies prepared to release securities on the Securities. HCMC or Hanoi Securities Trading, to help clients establish the investment funds in the country or abroad. Our regular customers are the investment fund management companies, securities companies, companies that have or have not up stock trading, stock companies and State enterprises are preparing stock.

X. Dispute resolution

Is domestic law firm, we have a strong participation in resolving disputes in court, where Vietnam foreign Attorney not be right to join the litigation. We always side with customers to solve their disputes in many different areas such as corporate litigation, commercial contracts, investment, construction and labor ... in court levels and both arbitrators as a lawyer. In many cases, we are the customers trust with authorization to represent them in negotiations, mediation and settlement of disputes outside of court in order to achieve the results on the basis of the benefit-cost, quickly and efficiently.