The highlights make the difference of the project Nine South Estates

The project Nine South Estates in Saigon South due to investor VinaLing include Riverside Villa 381 overall and garden Villa, located in a residential area with full modern amenities. Buy sell Nine South not only for the purpose of owning a luxury villa, which also is the affirmation of life style and strategic vision of the future.

The highlights make the difference of the project Nine South Estates

I. located in special economic zones of the city

The first highlights of the Nine senior Villa area South Estates is the location of the extremely privileged location in Saigon South area. Adjacent to the Avenue Nguyen Huu tho-axis road connecting the Hiep Phuoc port town-Home Friends with the downtown area, from Nine South residents only takes less than 15 minutes to the city centre. That's the advantage the first gold to sale transactions Nine South big attractions to create the market by the lucrative investment value in the future. Not only for the move to other areas of the city in a short time, the transaction of selling Nine South is also intrigued by the foreign exchange values of the monumental villas zone;

-The commercial centre area Cresent Mall, SC ViVoCity, Lotte Mart, Coopxtra.
-Advanced education system with the RMIT University: ton Duc Thang University. ...
-Health systems and health care such as hospital Heart Center in Germany, FV hospital.

II. architecture design style Villa Nine impressive South

When making purchases, residents are fully empowered lifestyle choice the favorite among a total of 381 villa with floor area ranging from 221m2 to 400 m 2. Villas in the project Nine South was built according to the diverse architectural styles suitable to the needs of the different client objects. Thanks to the highly profitable investment possibilities, VinaCapital have created large attraction in the traded Nine South. From classical architecture, classic and chic sale for middle-aged customer segment to modern architecture, minimalist and dynamic for the young customer segment, the Nine villas South fit everyone. Moreover, these villas in Nine South designed from 3 to 5 bedrooms to help maximize the satisfaction to the prospective employer. Read more : The Nine villas South Estates gold project in Saigon South

III. internal utility worthy international zone

With a total area of 12.9 to hectares and building density less than 30%, Nine South deserve designer Villa area is for modern family life. Internal utilities at Nine area South was invested with the international level with the elegance, diversity. Therefore, the potential to sell Nine South when investing, the gadget that promises to raise the value of the project to new heights. The distinctive mark of the Add-ons in the civil area senior Villa area including as:

-Wide waterfront parks to 13,000 square meters of living space for always fresh green, airy.
-Jogging 400 meters stretch of waterfront.
-Two pools to overflow the banks expanded to 360m2 along the spacious sunbathing areas and facilities are suitable for families to relax after a hard day.
-Outdoor regulate 2,000 m2 with the lakeside green plate create good Feng Shui and the fresh air.
-Two episode gym help residents exercise and get a balanced physique.
-Two BBQ areas for family fun relaxing together right at the clubhouse or neighborhood Cabinet next to the romantic waterfront
-Children's playground along nursery school reached international standard in wide area of 5,200 square meters for the baby to have fun and to develop in a comprehensive manner.

Nine South not only brought modern beauty for villas that still is the future beauty-green beauty in the heart of the city for those customers who have chosen the investment with the potential sale or hire Nine South with large profitable values. The future employer the choice of Nine villas investment South Estates investment not only for the beloved nest but also has the potential to lease back sale & Nine South with high value. Smart investments in real estate projects in Nine South Estates, traded Nine South predict will bring the sustainable value in the future the same lucrative rate high for the residents or individual investors.

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