The project Nine South Estates caste life style

The project Nine South Estates high end Villa projects in the VinaLiving owner-VinaCapital is not only the House but also a world-class lifestyle in a community with people who share the same values. Though for future owners are young or middle-aged, the dynamic architecture building and utilities that the project Nine South Estates will certainly satisfy the residents.

The project Nine South Estates caste life style

I. project Nine South for young residents

The project Nine South with Nine villas 355 South of Garden City, 26 Riverside villas with exquisite design, elegance and modernity will meet the needs of young people. The project Nine South also integrates the convenience extremely diverse area, Cabinet level as the senior gym set with modern equipment, overflowing the banks of the pool system is taking care of well-prepared, BBQ area in the Clubhouse next to the river extremely appropriate to organize a party with family and friends. Besides entertainment, the project Nine South also advantages in geographic location, just 9 km ride to the city centre. For young residents, then this is the perfect distance, extremely convenient to work and study. Read more : Choose Villa Nine South choose prosperity for the future

II. project Nine South for middle-aged residents

With frontage on the River with a length of up to 400 m, the green area of up to 13000 m2, the project Nine South are greening, creating maximum space very close to nature and extremely spacious. But the difference is not too far from city centre but thanks to sensible construction density, the project Nine South is still guaranteed to be private living space is very quiet. Therefore, the project Nine South extremely suitable for middle-aged residents. The design of the project Nine South harmony between modern and ancient. Classic architecture form, sold Nine classic or modern South are the investor choice and development meet the needs of the residents of different age.

III. project Nine South for the preschool population

The project Nine South owns the modern leisure area extremely large for children. In addition, kindergarten programme area internal skills, intelligence has always been updated can ensure the future always be attentive care from young. More particularly, the project Nine South American international school very near, RMIT University, ... meet the development needs and work out for the young generation in the different education systems. The project Nine South with Nine villas 381 South level with rates from only 6 billion/flat will surely bring to the residents living space, modern civilization. With the outstanding, the project Nine South will not only a home but also cozy prosperity and the happiness of the residents in the future. For more project details along the attractive incentives, please contact + 84 (0) 903 978 900 or visit

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