The project Nine South Estates ideal Villa in Saigon South area

The project Nine South Estates in Saigon South is creating big attractions for the real estate market in the country. This suction is created not only by the prestige of the VinaCapital investment but also comes from the perfection of the project include a gold position, same class design extremely reasonable prices. The project Nine South Estates will be the ideal villa for beloved family in Saigon South area.

The project Nine South Estates ideal Villa in Saigon South area

I. project Nine South-prime position in Saigon South

The project Nine South Estates located adjacent on the North-South backbone routes-Nguyen Huu tho, just 9 km ride to the city centre. The perfect distance compared to the downtown area helps the project Nine South have been quiet, peaceful space. Residents are young or middle-aged residents of the project Nine South will surely must feel crisp to the quiet, peaceful green space with more than 13000 m2 poetic Waterside Park, along the river-oriented perspective will include a jogging track and exercise equipment. Read more : The project Nine South Estates caste life style

II. The Nine villas South Estates with the international design

The project Nine South also confirmed his class with perfection from architecture. Owns the variety in design, consisting of two types of Garden City villas and waterfront villas, with different characteristics, the project Nine South achieve world-class excellence. In particular, the low construction density of less than 30%, the project Nine South will give residents the feeling of quiet, comfortable space with generosity. Besides, the project Nine South was built according to the architectural style designed to fit a maximum with the lifestyle of the future. Minimalist, modern style meet the requirements of young resident while in classic style, classic will fit middle-aged customers. Luxurious and diverse architecture along the main science building density is one of the factors again make the perfect project Nine South.

III. project Nine South-internal utility class zone

The project Nine South integrated internal utilities support the entire area the demand for accommodation, sports, entertainment of the residents. Moreover, in the project, the inner area utilities also reached a new level of diversity, elegance, comfort and still close to nature. The values that the future owners of the Villa Nine South may enjoy such as:

-More than 13000 m2 waterfront park for green space open in the fresh, cool.
-Two large pools of utmost comfort to appease the blazing hot summer day in Ho Chi Minh City.
-2,000 sqm indoor landscape regulatory affairs natural make up elements of Feng Shui and beautiful views.
-Two sets of dynamic, diversified and gym facilities.
-Two BBQ areas for partying with friends and family.
-Playground for kids, interesting, help residents preschool physical development.
5200 m2-international preschool school district with the innovative educational program, modern.
-24 hour security is assured with modern surveillance camera system.

The project Nine South is truly the ideal villa for you to build the peaceful, prosperous nest. Sale Villa Nine South Estates only from 6 billion/align, for more details of projects and other incentives, please contact

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