The project Nine South gold project of HO CHI MINH CITY real estate market

The project Nine South at Saigon South area in the VinaLiving owner-VinaCapital currently create strong howling on the real estate market. Gems of the project Nine South received attention because there are solid start, and the outstanding in the location, architecture, building density, the space alive and especially the added value in the future.

The project Nine South gold project of HO CHI MINH CITY real estate market

I. suction power from the Villa owner Nine South reputation

Possesses strong financial resources, strategic vision, extensive experience in the field of real estate, deep understanding of market Vietnam along the support of VinaCapital, the senior project of the VinaLiving brand has always gained the appreciation and confirmed by a series of awards in and outside the country. At the International Property Awards 2015/2016 takes place in the year 2015, the VinaLiving brand has won the prize: "the development of golf in Vietnam" for the project the Danang Beach Resort, villas in Vietnam "projects" for Dai Phuoc Lotus project. In addition, the VinaLiving brand was awarded "brand marketing in Vietnam".

The project has resonates on VinaLiving's property market like Azura apartment Danang, sea Villas The Ocean Villas-in Danang Beach Resort, urban America – Nha Trang Dai Phuoc villas, Lotus-Dong Nai. Succeeded it, the project Nine South Estates will give the customer a choice full of advantages on the market high-end real estate in Saigon South. The project Nine South Estates have waterfront Villa 381 overall and garden Villa, located in a residential area built in the model of a modern, fully equipped.

II. project Nine South Estates have gold status

The project Nine South Estates is adjacent to main roads Nguyen Huu tho, is the transportation lifeblood in Saigon South, a direct connection is a municipality in the port-Hiep Phuoc district Center with the HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM and radiate away the Western provinces, South East through the Avenue Nguyen Van Linh, HO CHI MINH highway. HCMC-Long Thanh-Dau. With the gold position in the special economic zones, Saigon South. The project Nine South promises to double benefit for the future employer with a world-class living environment and investment opportunities with the back rent. Read more : Open sale of Nine South Estates investment opportunity for future prosperity

III. Utility of the project Nine South Estates caste area interior

The project Nine South Estates to meet the needs of many customers with architectural design styles vary from 3 to 5 bedroom villas. In addition, with the architectural diversity from classic sell Nine South Estates luxury classical, ancient to modern, minimalist style will meet the needs of both customers choice middle-aged and young residents. In particular, to the system internal utility class, luxury resorts, the project Nine South will give residents the worth living separately, true comfort but still close to nature. The utilities help provide time to rest, relax and meet all the needs of entertainment practice of residents including as:

-More than 13,000 m2 waterfront park along the more than 6,000 m2 Green Park zone the Cabinet will provide green space cool, airy.
-400 m jogging along rivers
-Two pools to overflow the banks of the same area facilities to help residents there are moments of relaxation, relieve stress.
-2,000 sqm indoor regulators create natural delivery landscape and create good Feng Shui for whole communities of the project Nine South.
-Two interior zones with full gym exercise equipment.
-Two BBQ areas for partying with friends and family
-6,000 m2 outdoor playground for children
-The project Nine South is also integrated to the 5200 m2 international nursery school zone

IV. The value of the project Nine South Estates increased in the future

The project Nine South Estates created opportunity impressed with both the future employer and individual investors with the purpose of back rent. With its strategic location on the Nguyen Huu tho, just 9 km from the Centre of the city and a few minutes to move to the full amenities of foreign senior quarters in Saigon South international school, recreational facilities, a shopping arcade, health ... The project Nine South Estates promises value can be seen in the future. So, the choice of Nine villas South is not just choose yourself a cozy but also is the investment for future prosperity.

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