The team of lawyers Vietnam

Our team of experienced attorneys are graduates from top law universities in Vietnam and abroad, fluent in Vietnamese and English majors. However, this is only part of the platform. In the course of practice, Free Law commitment to training lawyers through the intensive training program to ensure that they achieve high professional qualifications, have the mindset of entrepreneurs to understand the wishes of the client, to provide the services of a professional and effective way.

The team of lawyers Vietnam

An outstanding advantage is that the majority of our lawyers are the Vietnam but trained by foreign universities and in the water. And therefore, we are not only proficient legal knowledge, skill practice professional lawyer but also a deep understanding of the culture and local customs. This helps the Vietnamese Law Attorney can offer many solutions to meet the complex requirements of customers, especially those working in cooperation with the competent State agencies to solve difficult legal problems that customers encounter. In addition, we also pay attention to the expansion of the network of cooperating attorneys on their international scope through collaboration with law firms in the United States, Britain and South Korea. This collaboration will ensure our ability to meet the needs of clients at the highest level.

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Vietnamese law is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi branch. Although the geographical distance of the two offices are far from each other but due to the application of information technology (using the PCLaw software of Alumni Group and profile management system of law) should the lawyers of both Office can exchange information, work together on a project and share the text the document, as well as the text of the relevant law is easy, fast and convenient. This will bring a lot of benefits to customers and help customers save time nor costs.

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