The utility's expensive Nine South Estates

Currently, besides the architecture, location or price, area, surgery is always a matter of interest to investors, because it decided the life style living space, as well as the more dominant to investment decisions. The catch is this, last time, 2015, 2016, head, investment management Corporation and VinaCapital real estate development has released a senior Villa area project Nine South Estates in Saigon South with many world-class utility.

The utility's expensive Nine South Estates

I. green living area space Nine South

With the total scale of 12.9 ha (381 villas, including Villa and Garden City 355 26 Riverside villas), the Nine South Estates are equipped with a "green lung" 13000 m2 wide, two swimming pools, more than 2,000 m2 outdoor regulators as well as most of the villas are built follow the river water in order to exploit the maximum green landscape the fresh,. Time of the end of January this year, the investor of the project Nine South Estates also have focused on the types of green nursery areas to serve the development of the green carpet project. Each internal roads in Nine South Estates will be a different type of tree planting, creating diverse vegetation between the villas.

II. investing for education

Next to the green living space, the Nine South Estates also especially interested in educational issues, school for children. Advanced waterfront villas combine more than 5000 m 2 of internal area international kindergarten as well as just a modern urban Phu My hung in minutes – move the British international school, United States of America, Australia, Canada, ... the prestige. Nine area South Estates also are investing in the construction of an outdoor playground for children, comprehensive development both physically and mentally. Read more : Owner of Nine South Estates soft price class Villa in Saigon South

III. residential health care

Is also one of the factors that decide the quality of life of the people, right from planning, story residential health care has been the investor project Nine South Estates-VinaCapital special interest. Therefore, the inner area of the gadget Riverside senior Villa area is imply both file area gym, two pools to overflow its banks, 400 m jogging along rivers, ... in order to facilitate future residents work out as well as have the opportunity to entertain, relax right inside their living areas. Besides, the project Nine South Home just how French hospitals also Friends-free (FV) in less than 10 minutes, move and many other prestigious medical facility.

IV. Ensuring absolute security

Despite the relatively wide area compared to the scale of the other real estate projects in the city, however, the security problem in the Nine South Estates still always ensure an absolute way thanks to the construction of 381 villas into a unified overall as self-contained fence wall system , security 24/24, full integration of internal living area utility, and arranged the score 9 security at 9 different locations scientifically reasonable, and has a surveillance camera system. The privacy as well as the issue of safety for District residents Nine South Estates will certainly be ensured in the best way.

V. reasonable investment costs

Parallel with the project The Ocean Villas, The Dune Residences, Dai Phuoc Lotus, The Point offers more than 1300 villas and resort level on a national scope, VinaCapital will host the official launch Ceremony for senior villas project Nine South Estates in Saigon South. Mr. Matthew Koziora-Business Director of VinaCapital real estate investment Fund said: "Nine South Estates is the latest project by VinaCapital developed to meet the rising demand of Vietnam clients want to invest in products with international standards with extremely attractive price, only by about 50% compared with the area of Phu My hung.

Have to say, this is the place of convergence of the comfort and the full value of the life ". This fully coincided with a report by the market research firm CBRE and Savills as saying that in the year 2015, the proportion of successful trading has shifted gradually from a segment to the high-end segment, marking a new investment trend is gradually being opened up.

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