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The Utility Project Nine South Estates. Maybe in my lifetime, have never seen a real estate project, which the owner back in particular were more concerned residents living here like the VinaCapital investment owners did. From a desolate land, poverty at home, VinaLiving has created a magnificent residential area, full of modern equipment, from the seemingly gibberish-like ones, until the large-scale nature and size range.

The utility project Nine South Estates Home Friends

As of old, when I lived at home, but family Friends have fairly high economic conditions, but to find a school for their children to go to school then the result that curious kim tank, because very little international, looked when many public schools. From when Villa project Nine South Estates goes to build, I have seen the future of my children, they will be coming to school in English, with the same friends, the same page class of spoiled entertainment together. I think, this is the first step to developing the future of our nation.

Problems of child abduction today, has made the parents always align the wings of fear. They were too busy with daily work and life, now back to some extent but the feeling and worry for the young to play public campus. But I prefer to choose to live in Nine South Estates, as my family will be protected 24 hours a day, my children will be playing with friends, without fear of the things sorrow will arrive for his family. That was fun!!! When the project owner VinaCapital worried thought to residents here to so!

Return to normal eating food, we had to change too fear food issues, as well as the current daily consumption. On the current network report, there have been too many incidents involving food poisoning, so we always choose the good restaurants, it's safe for your family. And also true of surprise, when coming to the Villa project, I have been feeling more secure. Now, whether anyone called I sold du an Nine South Estates to go to other lands, I will definitely shake of the head, and will never leave the land, the land of beautiful Friends House that investors have poured into VinaCapital.