VinaCapital investment projects at the Saigon South area

With a team of experienced the same deep understanding Vietnam market, VinaCapital has built for himself a position as the top investor in the real estate development sector along many VinaCapital investment projects in Vietnam are extremely creative and class. Continuation of successful real estate projects such as Azura Da Nang, Dai Phuoc Lotus Resort Danang complex, Beach Resort, Nine South Estates VinaCapital investment projects in Vietnam are creating compelling attractions on the market.

VinaCapital investment projects at the Saigon South area

I. financial resources

Vinacapital was founded in 2003 as the asset management company, investment management and real estate development focusing on the leading markets of Vietnam. The VinaCapital owned project is proud to be run by the management team has extensive experience in finance and international investment. With the experience of more than a decade ago, many projects in the field of VinaCapital investment property such as Dai Phuoc Lotus, Azura Danang, Danang resort complex Beach Resort, ... recently was senior villas project Nine South Estates are getting the trust and attract more attention in the market. Read more : Nine South Estates VinaCapital investment projects at the Saigon South area

II. The project in class VinaCapital Vietnam

Located adjacent to Nguyen Huu Tho, a shaft is connected directly from the municipality in Hiep Phuoc Port-City Center, is the lifeblood, the gateway to the province of Southwest region, South East through Nguyen Van Linh Parkway and trails Tp.HCM-Long Thanh-Dau VinaCapital project Nine South Estates owns a large advantage with favorable strategic location. The project Nine South Estates is the VinaCapital investment projects with 381 garden villas and waterfront villa with world-class design with extremely attractive prices. The varied design with classic architecture, classic or modern luxury that will suit both the middle-aged residents as well as the younger residents.

III. internal utility class zones and zones

Internal project area utility VinaCapital Nine South investment is a very modern Estates, full amenities senior living class suit civilization of the future. Integrated add-ons in VinaCapital project Nine South Estates including as: 5000 m2 internal area kindergarten offers a comprehensive development environment for children, swimming pool overflow area integrated with the modern coast, solarium, exercise gym with two diverse instruments, rich met all the training needs of residents , outdoor barbecue areas, outdoor regulators help the air always cool pure ... Villa proprietary Nine South Estates in VinaCapital investment projects, our customers enjoy the convenience of foreign international zone in Central Saigon South area.

VinaCapital project Nine South Estates to the city centre and 9 km from Ben Thanh market, create convenience in moving, work. In addition, residents in villas VinaCapital project will enjoy full amenities of Phu My hung urban area, the commercial center of commercial centre, VivoCity SC Cresent, University Mall ton Duc Thang, RMIT International University, the British international school, United States of America, Canada, Germany, the Center heart hospital hospital FV ... international investment for the project Nine South not only Estates VinaCapital have the potential for high rental but also investment for dear nest together to enjoy the authentic life values.

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