Vinacapital launches model villas in Saigon South

Vietnam currently has strong transition, becoming the most modern urban area and is attractive real estate investment with the featured projects such as high-end waterfront villas Nine South Estates Nine South House, the large commercial centre as Cresent Mall , SC VivoCity District 7 ...

I. The Saigon South ownership potential

With "the project of establishment of special economic zones in Ho Chi Minh City" (District 7, Needs Now, Friends Home, Binh Chanh), the planned construction of the flyover, the tunnel crawl, ... become the fascinating attractions to investors. This project promises to be a prerequisite to lift the value of high-end waterfront villas Nine South Estates Nine South. According to the market research company, city development towards the South (East Sea) create conditions to develop Saigon port, convenient for the construction of the flyover, the series expanded the network traffic as well as taking the Tan Thuan Export processing zone, a basic industrial Hiep Phuoc do central axis for the development of the satellite industry area ,…

II. The projects are implemented in Saigon South

Nine South Estates Nine South with Friends Home located at Phuoc district, under the Nha as project direct benefit of infrastructure projects revolve around Saigon South area such as the plan to build the North-South axis starts from Highway 22 (Frost, 12th District) to the Hiep Phuoc industrial park , in that, the Nguyen Van Linh Street to the bridge from Ms. Zhan is the main axis in the "transportation planning Tp.HCM 2020 and the vision 2020" was approved by the Government; Metro line 4 project has a total investment up to 97000 billion, Long bridge, the bridge Nguyen, ... The project is anticipated to generate direct benefits to residents or investors buying villas Nine South Estates Nine South.

III. high-level villa area scale Nine South Estates

Nine South Estates Nine South Home villas are Friends including 381 Villa (Garden City villas 355 26 Riverside villas) with a total project scale up to 12.9 ha built into an overall unified international standards: wall closed fencing, security 24/24 fully integrated, internal utility zones. A remarkable point when prompted about Nine South Estates Nine South Home building density that is Friends only 29.76% of project scale, offering airy living environment, for residents-rare thing that real estate project in Ho Chi Minh City.

IV. the Nine South Estates launches sample villas

In the opening round of the first sale, Nine South Estates Nine South Nha has achieved great successes, resonated big on real estate market sales opening 72 Town House Garden success, promises to be the point when the investment continues to launch and open the next sale. Currently, 4 villas and 6 villas South Estates Home, Nine crude South Nine Friends had entered the stage of perfection, will be ready to welcome visitors in short time. Late January is also the time of many types of plants are concentrated in the nursery, serves to develop the green carpet for the project. Read more : Nine South Estates where brings world-class lifestyle

V. high-level villa area most Add-ons

Thoroughly exploit the strengths of the scale, Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends are identified as possessing impressive civil utility district when armed 13000 m2 Green Park, 5200 m2 international kindergarten, two episode gym, BBQ area, outdoor playground for children , 400 m jogging along rivers, two pools to overflow its banks, ... Moreover, Nine South Estates Nine South Home Friends also take advantage of the maximum foreign utilities come from the surrounding area when only 9 km from Ben Thanh market, few minutes, move to Phu My hung urban area-home to many of the Trade Center, the international school in the uk, Australia, us , Canada, ... reputation, the French hospital-free (FV), ...

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