MyLai Furniture Company

MYLAI is the brand name of MyLai Furniture Co., Ltd specializes in design, production, construction and furniture. Founded in 2003, is known as client MYLAI the high quality wood products for the Office, House, Villa, Resort, Bar, Showroom, hotel, ..., with the collective of experienced architects, and rich in enthusiasm for the creative design products, modern creative, unique, novelty. Besides the classical front was also mentioned with the exquisite fine sharp scales for works, meet the most demanding needs of each client.

MYLAI is a business in the field of interior decoration has much experience on design, production, construction and furniture. We designed the new interior, or reassigned when customers want to renovate or alter as required. With a team of professional staff, powerful, and reliable, we always trust with every customer, when do the job consistently through the whole process step by step, and make sure that all the decisions consistent with the needs of customers in the most efficient way.

MyLai company has been ISO 9001-2008, an international system of evaluation and quality control. This choice is the guarantee that MYLAI design-manufacture-construction and customer care service has met the high standards of quality. This is done through our commitment to continuous improvement of the production process and installation finishing for his customers.

I. Operating activities

Make offer Interior Office: Desk, workstation, Office partitions, table management, meeting tables, storage cabinets, wall, Chair, sofa, wooden doors, fire doors, ... and many other furniture. Make the production of wooden furniture is family accommodation, Villa: bed, wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, doors, ... production according to customer's needs. Make the production of furniture for hotels, resort, Bar, Showroom, ... Design, production, construction and Interior works package, including items of furniture, building renovation, electrical system installation-network-telephone, refrigeration systems, ceiling-plaster-of glass, glass-carpets, wallpaper, ... oriented key length.

II. Production line

The plant, where production of goods is strong fulcrum for the business. Here the research about the product being run, and the idea of members in the business. The standards are applied in the production of the company is put into use. 5S standard which has always been a top priority, Kaizen applies advanced deployment steps in continuous development. ISO, is the Foundation for the business management, deployed open production process. Quality management is the sizzling, is the standard provisions of 1. All the products are a thoughtful way to censor, and complete the daily entry. Timber production and application components are produced according to the standards, strict management. Raw materials are carefully selected, production new technology deployment and harmonization of code samples, designs. Manufacturing of mechanics are deployed according to the mechanical precision, the sample code are specific codes and regulations, to avoid the wrong lẫm and forgotten.