So called Hot Girl ?

Not yet have accurate concept for from "hot girl". But despite this wall "beautiful" is still an indispensable factor. But like that was enough? Not yet have accurate concept for from hot girl. But anyway, the "beautiful" is still a factor of course. In addition they also was the most prominent in the crowd, had a huge influence on the perception of the Youth Division, creating waves, certain trends within a period of time. Over time, the perspective on hot girl also gradually change. And now, the title being hotgirl press, as well as elected to show abuse and cause these negative trends for the young today.

So called Hot Girl ?

Hot girl = Nice + students + Member travellers.

Seven years ago, the phrase hotgirl began to form a network in the world, and also formed the first hotgirl. Recipe for a hotgirl time can be simplified into "beautiful + students + Member travellers (or such) + activities + community network". The most successful according to this formula is the Mi Yun Piano. With images in bright, cute, old name of Mi Yun was probably about the age of "teen" knew from long ago because she was the model for the United States Student Press (HHT) and Student newspaper, reported 2!. In addition to beauty, the gifted piano then the photos along with the male celebrities such as the singer Le Hieu, Viet Dart, Lucas, singer Manju Mohsin ... also makes the name "Mi Yun" become hot on the net. Even paralyze her into one of the 10 "Miss" of the Blog world. Also no coincidence that Mi Yun became famous, the popularity of which paralleled the development of Network World blog. At the same time with Mi Yun also hotgirl success with the above formula as Hoang Thuy Linh with these became class valedictorian like directed tv-movie theatre, University Van Hugo, Van Burin.

Hot girl = Nice + style ...

The next lifetime hotgirl get quick strides through the beauty pageants such as Miss Audition, Miss teen and rife with scandal. The formula for becoming a hot girl can also simply leave "beauty + fashion + the + network community contest." The most successful according to the above formula is Thy Protection. In 2006, the first Miss Audition contest is where the hot girl from around the gathering, including names such as Ngoc Anh, Quỳnh Nga singers ... in the next season with the name Miss teen as Kelly, Navy, ... But the Game only the runner-up in the contest but her name has become very hot in time for competition as well as after the contest ends. Fashion style similar to the Korean singer at that time did the network community enjoyed, South Korean song, Please Tell Me Why that she presented in the contest Miss Audition was also the audience in a short time. She is from a virtual character became a popular figure of the showbiz world when know take the pedals from the contest Miss Audition.

So called Hot Girl ?

Other names also notable not least of which is Sam, style of dress is very beautiful and professional style of a teen model. Sam also rise thanks to the fashion star contest due to reported 2! the organization. If as some other hot girl just "float" on the network with the name of the hot hot hot pictures with the blogger, Sam is the opposite case. Owned charming physique along lovely face, Sam was more magazine for young choose to show collections fashion, or become an Ambassador for some brands. Have to say she is one of the fashion icon is the young love with confident, dynamic style. A name cannot not mentioning is that she's got hotgirl Midu academic achievements so remarkable, Asia UNIVERSITY architecture faculty HCM, Faculty of graphics with a score of 25 (Portrait Drawing-8.5, 8.5, text-decoration Drawing-8), the Faculty of culture and Arts College HCMC 2007 Faculty of graphics with 29.5 points. She also emerged from the competition Hot teen V 2007 then shoot for the teenage magazine, close the advertisement and become an actress.

Hot girl = Nice + Dare breeze ...

The hot girl he recently caused a wave of "photograph". So the formula become famous? "Dare dare + breeze + Beautiful + self consciousness trick shooting Tomb Odyssey + community network". Best known for technique using a ring as a weapon to rise was the Top Marine with the breeze "professional" picture perfect one to be the girls titties for Vietnam. The time of her photo sets are launched, the Glass Top name is the name most search engines on the net. After that, she continued to appear as a promotional model, actress, and singer. But few who know the Cards have won a number of Top music prizes, including first prize in the English solo vocal by Hanoi in 2000; best vocal award MTV & JVC Asia in 2003; The prize for the English voice Sing To Learn the city of Hanoi in 2005. Perhaps one too to have her cover it all?! Since then, the concept gradually hotgirl misconstrued and many newspaper has for her guest's mausoleum has a beauty, a little bit of talent but has not yet become famous the hot girl. Read newspapers would also see "Hotgirl A wedding photo in Salon wedding B", "C", the cinema Hotgirl ... If not are the tomb of the Macedonian newspaper can equal the Macedonian Tomb photo "hot".

Following the success of the Top is Elly Tran, a Vietnamese-American hotgirl, she carried two Free blood flow and Central are the magazines outside and pick hunt country. She emerged after the photograph that a ring was oversized bombshell community network in a long time. Rare photographs that she doesn't show off her round or really horrible. Then, there are many hotgirl (such as Mi Chen, Mi etc.) also raced each other taking photos a breeze "round" and then upload to Facebook, forum or other social networks. This is also a collateral by netizens have indirectly helped the hotgirl "Super round" became famous. From the second-level girl hotgirl, the three-level, also racing in the same shooting, the publication received more daring again with more revealing pictures. Have to say, what this forecast hotgirl began causing the negative influence to the young life when there are so many photographs that reveal the willow, the offensive was unleashed onto the network. Phuong Trinh Ngoc and Trinh's two hottest names today if the can listed "hotgirl".

So called Hot Girl ?

Each person has a different start but they're making up showbiz waves. A bikini Queen with a hotgirl come sing along every highway stunts, the nude photos are widely distributed on the network community and will cause negative things for the young. The press of course can not be outside the game, they still daily hourly update of information on the this hotgirl. When on the Facebook world, can see often these pics from nude "art" daring, or rich girls have pictures showing the first round along with Iphone ... a trend recently. The point of these formulas are enthusiastic involvement of the community network. Can not endorse or guilty because that is the one thing the development process of the social network. Can't judge a human through the photo nude or revealing photos, but the girl should also think to stop and should not going too limited.

Phan Thi Quynh Trang / Law Society