What is a hot girl ?

"Hot girl", what is ? Of course no one asked "hot girl" means nothing. By impossible room by type from the next word, the "hot girls" are. "Hot girl", from the ancient to the present still be implied Teen community is "the girls have highlights, noticeably, especially in terms of appearance, no hot girl would leave bad lè that is probably both the most common definitions for two terms. By the number of "hot girl", and magnificent as it is now, the search is a defined point out exactly what utopian. So let's see how many kinds of "hot girl".

I. Hot girl appearance

As said above, one of the most important elements of the hot girl today is the appearance. By main appearance was their first hits "public". So that Hot girl in this category have numbers for, the widest coverage, from forums to blogs, from magazines to TV ... "The Kingdom" hot girl looks are also divided into two "peoples". One is the hot girl "quality", and the two are "painted" hot girl, hot girl painted in split into two branches the "class" and "paint a paint two layers". The Department is divided into two types of course knows this by only considering the appearance of hot girl can see there a lot of problems. Her hot girl "substances" are those she has natural beauty, extreme means trait, look through the lovely lovely saw no need to powder. Also the hot girl "painting" is the hot girl that "throne" of them have been having small ... no make up.

Hot girl appearance

"Paint a layer" is her hot girl if review out spring xinh, just lovingly called, Whitty, balanced appearance. But do know how to dress, make up to the Crown should be. "Two-Layer Coating" is the hot girl shape ... not of the hot girl. They are used to a mountain and a new team of experts can turn from "ward" up lovingly, and then from the new look up your favorite hot girl. That is why we call them "two paint layers". In a large number of the hot girl looks are emerging now, we can't not to mention a Division emerged thanks to "a". Not just is hot girl looks is something you are beautiful as well. There's the hot girl only known thanks to a plump, also has her sexy round 3, or have her others because of doubling long legs man.

II. Hot girl talent

The number of the hot girl of this type less, and if you want to find a hot girl featured true talent, the truth is not easy. The hot girl of this type usually capable of singing, drawing, dancing, sport ... very good. They are not really because of the appearance that is primarily because of their ability in a certain field. Over three quarters of the number of hot girl know her talent is singing, dancing, or even the Dj By anyway music is also the fastest way to lead them to the "shores of glory". Ownership Hy Lam has a few hot girl talent participating in sports activities. And must say is very, very scarce hot girl talent would resurface thanks ... academic achievement. If counting off in Hanoi land you your also only had 2 3 person poetry.

Hot girl talent

III. Material Hot girl

This is also a kind of hot girl should be referred to in this article. During a market economy, many cafeterias should do as the now appear more and more the hot girl too is understandable. Characteristics identification of the hot girl is wealthy families (at least well-off), have the right to live in the world, near the Center, or the big streets go cars (or prepar for also scooters), clothes to buy, is the major commercial center, drinking water is a must to Gloria Jean also eat breakfast right in the ... KFC. Nothing outstanding other then not say, but the hot girl this type also is known for academic achievement or IQ does not get anything done is high. The only point they turn into hot girl is the "coated" condition of material, so the only that the hot girl do that is spending, buy more, use more. How much cooler, more furniture as possible how much beautiful then their throne as high. People turn their eyes look out the hot girl material not by looks or talent that by a few dollars on the person's surname.

Material Hot girl

IV. Hot girl Bollywood

This may sound funny but really in "the Kingdom" 9 x today are in existence an ethnic minority – that is the hot girl hot girl Bollywood. The number of the hot girl in the very least. They constitute a very small part in the hot girl. The reason that they became the hot girl, you can see right from their names. These girls are very, very cute and adorable. Of course, their appearance must games games. Anyway if no then there is lovely to those as well. But this hot girl is characterized talk funny, charming, intelligent, charismatic ease other people, friendly, sociable, or helping friends and extremely kind. Praising the character and people inside of them is that no day off. And the hot girl this type most don't like what the hot girl. Sometimes they are "accident

Hot girl Bollywood

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