Slimspots - Slim and easy Publishing

SlimSpots - What we can do for you ! We're a close team of creatives, marketers & developers who work together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences. We take pride in delivering only the best for all your online marketing needs.

- Reliable Stats : Always be informed of what is going on. Our stats show exactly how much traffic you send and how much you have earned. We will provide you with a detailed performance report of your websites and/or advertising spots right down to the performance of each country.

- Worldwide advertising : You want to place your product into the correct spotlight? Benefit from our huge range of traffic in all countries around the globe. With our system you are able to get in touch with new possible clients on a lot of different verticals. Maximize your ROI with our traffic optimizer.

- Publishing Toolbox : slimspots provides a huge range of different ad methods for converting your traffic and turn it into cash. Of course classical ads like banner advertisements belongs to our toolbox but also special redirect / popunder solutions and an innovative smart API for redirecting your traffic.

- Register now : Stop wasting precious time and resources searching for new offers. Stop losing money testing affiliates and comparing results. Start focusing on being a webmaster and taking care of your traffic. slimspots is the easiest way to earn money.

- Advertising & Publishing : We at slimspots divide our traffic into two different segments: Mobile and Desktop. Every of those segments is having a different reach but one thing is in common rest des Textes bleibt. Readmore : Here the new Targets List for Mainstream and Adult Slimspots

- YOUR PAYOUT – YOUR CHOICE : For you as a publisher of slimspots we provide you different payout methods. You can choose between wire, Paxum, PayPal and Skrill.

What we offer to turn traffic into cash and conversions

Slimspots offers different ad methods for publishers to turn their traffic into cash and for advertisers to turn the users into paid customers.

- Smart API : Decide on your own which part of your traffic you want to send to us or others.

- Banners : Localized banner ads for high click and conversion rates.

- PopUp and PopUnder : A static classical ad method turning your visitors into cash.

- Mobile PopUp : Achieve high eCPMs without getting punished by Google.

- IM PopUp : Achieve high click- and conversion rates.

- Redirects : The most simple way to send us your traffic.