Over 600 people run for wildlife protection

Over 600 participants took part in a fun run at Ciputra urban area, North Tu Liem District, Hanoi on December 11, aimed at supporting and acting to prevent the extinction of wild animals while urging the community not to use herbal medicinal products derived from endangered wildlife.

The annual half marathon Red River Run aims to call for action to protect the wildlife.

Themed “Run for Wildlife – Take Action against Extinction”, the tenth Red River Run 2016 was held jointly by the Red River Runners (RRR) Club and the non-governmental Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV).

Unlike previous events, participants at this year’s run could choose to run in teams to affirm their support for the protection of bears, tigers, rhinos or pangolins, with different distances of 5km, 10km and a half-marathon distance of 21km, as well as a children’s category. The four mentioned endangered animals are at risk of extinction because they are hunted and used in traditional medicine.

ENV Deputy Director Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung called for action against wildlife extinction, saying that one of the meaningful and practical actions each person could do to stop the slaughter of wildlife in the nature was choosing modern medicine instead of using traditional medicinal products derived from endangered species.

In addition to individual runners, the run also drew the participation of teams from several foreign embassies in Hanoi, the European Union Delegation in Vietnam, the US Agency for International Development and a number of businesses.

This is the fourth consecutive year the money raised from the tournament will be used to support activities to tackle illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam.

Richard Leech from RRR Club said that the event offered a good opportunity for runners to exercise and help contribute to the protection of endangered wildlife species.

Leech also expressed his hope that the message of the event would inspire others in the community to act together to protect wildlife.

After joining the run with her daughter, Hoang Phuong Hoa, a resident of North Tu Liem District said that it was a significant activity which helped participants to make exchanges and get some physical exercise, while urging the community to raise awareness and take action to protect wildlife.

Last year, the Red River running competition brought together more than 500 individuals and groups.

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