Bản in : Vietnam attends ASEAN Science and Technology meeting

Nearly 200 policy makers, scientists, academics and senior officials from 10 ASEAN member states are attending the 67th meeting of the ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (COST-67) in Singapore from April 21-25.

The Vietnamese delegation is headed by Tran Quoc Khanh, Vice Minister of Science and Technology and Vietnam COST Chair.

According to the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), Singapore organisers of the meeting, COST-67 will focus on reviewing the ASEAN Plan of Action for Science, Technology and Innovation 2015-2020, which will serve as the blueprint and implementation framework for the next phase of ASEAN’s science and technology efforts.

In closed-door sessions, delegates will also discuss key areas, including talent mobility initiatives to encourage young talent to take up STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers and the harmonisation of technical standards across ASEAN.

They will be briefed by the eight sub-committees under the purview of ASEAN COST, which met on April 21 and 22, on their progress on such areas as biotechnology, sustainable energy research, microelectronics and information technology, and marine science and technology.

Addressing the opening ceremony held on April 23, S. Iswaran, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade & Industry, said that since its establishment in 1978, ASEAN COST has been leading efforts to promote regional cooperation and mutual assistance in research and development programmes. He added that Singapore chairs the Health Flagship Programme, which aims to strengthen ASEAN’s capabilities to combat infectious diseases that are of concern to ASEAN.

The minister reaffirmed Singapore’s commitment to joining efforts to improve metrology capabilities and standards application in the various ASEAN forums and partnerships and to embarking on joint science and technology projects of mutual interest with all ASEAN member states and dialogue partners.-VNA

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Da Nang set for world fireworks champs – Arts – Arts & Entertainment

The Symphony of Colours, the title of the competition, has five scheduled performances from teams hailing from five continents – South Africa, the US, Australia, Poland and Vietnam.
The team of South Africa, the rainbow nation, will tell a century-old story, The Blue Sky of Africa, with every colour of the rainbow and music.
Joe Ghazzal, the director of Global2000 International Company, the consultants for the event, said South Africa’s spectacular displays at the opening and closing ceremonies of 2010 FIFA World Cup means they are a thrilling addition to the competition.
Meanwhile the US team, Pyrotec-nico, will likely bring some creative fireworks to the opening night. Even after 120 years of performances, the US team still has a reputation for being innovative with pyrotechnic technology.
They placed second at the competition four years ago.
Ghazzal revealed that the US team plan to feature pyrotechnic waterfall effects.
The host, Da Nang-Vietnam will conclude the first night with a 20-minute performance accompanied by folk songs of Vietnam.
The host team, which participated in all six previous events, have yet to mount the victory podium, but the team will perform and host in true hospitable Vietnamese style.
Teams are ready to perform in the 2015 Da Nang International Fireworks Competition

Teams are ready to perform in the 2015 Da Nang International Fireworks Competition

The second and final night will have Australian and the Polish teams lighting up the sky.
The Oz team, Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics, are one of their country’s most renowned fireworks companies.
The team have become well-known for their performances at large-scale international events in recent years. The team placed third at the 2009 edition.
This is the first time Surex Firma Rodzinna from Poland to participate in the competition, standing in as one of the leading fireworks companies in European.
They will be tough contenders at the competition after winning the Pohang International Fireworks Festival last year in the Republic of Korea.
StarWorld, National Geographic and BBC World – Asia Zone will broadcast the competition.
In 2013, American Melrose Pyrotechnics won first place. Canada’s Davis Whysall took the top prize in 2008, while China’s Liuyang Dancing won in 2009. France’s Jacques Couturier Organisation won in 2010, and Italy’s Parente won twice in 2011 and 2012.

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Bản in : ASEAN strengthens science, technology, innovation

The 15th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology (AMMST 15) took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on November 12 with the participation of over 100 representatives from 10 member countries and the ASEAN Secretariat.

The Vietnamese delegation was led by Deputy Minster of Science and Technology Le Dinh Tien.

Opening the event, Malaysian Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Ewon Ebin said ASEAN needs to strengthen the science, technology and innovation capabilities of member countries to benefit the entire region.

Science, technology and innovation (STI) are regarded as powerful determinants that enable economic development, education and environment protection, he added.

At the meeting, the ministers discussed the implementation of the ASEAN Plan of Action on Science, Technology and Innovation (APASTI). They agreed to explore new financial modalities to support a wider range of activities, including innovation-driven initiatives on new projects on malaria, food, marine biotechnology, remote sensing and young scientists’ exchange programmes.

They also touched upon the establishment of an ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Fund, scientific standards in the region, as well as STI roadmaps and action plans in the 2015 – 2020 period.

At AMMST 15, Vietnam delivered a report showing its support to STI’s priorities along with opinions on the building of the ASEAN Science Fund and other tabled issues.

Via an ASEAN cooperation mechanism, Vietnam has contributed to the intensified ties within the bloc and between the association with its partners, including China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, India and Australia. This has helped connect Vietnam’s science community to that of regional nations, facilitating the country’s integration into the global community.-VNA

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Promoting national cultural heritages and building prosperous and civilized capital – Arts – Arts & Entertainment

Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan and Hanoi’s leaders attended the ceremony held in Quoc Oai district on April 23 to receive certificates of the Thay Temple recognising its as a special national relic site.
The Thay Temple, located in Quoc Oai district, was built in the Ly Dynasty 11th century on the foot of the Sai Son mountain.
The temple houses many other valuable artefacts, such as the lotus-shaped stone pedestals which are said date back to the Ly or Tran dynasties, 11th -15th centuries.
It also houses a national treasure, the trinity statues of the Amitabha Buddha, flanked by two Bodhisattvas representing wisdom and compassion in Pureland Buddhism. The statues are considered the sculptural pinnacle of the flourishing period of Buddhism in Vietnam.

In the same day, Thach That district also held a ceremony to receive certificate recognising the Tay Phuong Pagoda as a special national relic site, and opened 2015 Tay Phuong Pagoda festival.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Dang Thi Bich Lien, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People 's Committees Le Hong Son attend the ceremony.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Dang Thi Bich Lien, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People ‘s Committees Le Hong Son attend the ceremony.

Attending the event were Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Dang Thi Bich Lien, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People ‘s Committee Le Hong Son.
The Tay Phuong Pagoda, located in the outlying of Thach That district, is famous for its architecture and elaborate carvings typical of the 18th century.
Especially, the pagoda has a collection of more than 70 Buddha wood statues in diverse sizes which have been recognised as national treasures. Each of sculptures features a distinct posture and facial expression.
The pagoda includes three separate two-storey buildings, with brick architecture featuring long roof arches, each roof has eight apexes.
Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Dang Thi Bich Lien called for municipal residents and people across the country join hands to protect the value of the Tay Phuong Pagoda, promoting the national cultural heritage and building the prosperous and civilized capital.

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Arts programme honours banking sector – Arts – Arts & Entertainment

The event was attended by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, and former Party and state leaders, along with leaders of central branches, ministries, and HCM City.
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung attends the event

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung attends the event

During the programme, the delegates reviewed the tradition of the banking sector over the nation’s history.
The programme also featured a wide variety of arts and cultural performances praising the beauty of the land and people of Vietnam.
Addressing the programme, the Prime Minister stressed the role of the banking system during war time as well as national construction and development today.
On May 6, 1951, President Ho Chi Minh signed a decree establishing the Vietnam National Bank which was responsible for issuing banknotes, managing the State Treasury and budget revenues, and conducting credit activities to serve commodity circulation and strengthening the state economy, as well as fighting the enemy on the currency monetary front.
During the anti-US war, the main tasks of the banking sector were consolidating the currency market, recovering the economy of the north of Vietnam after the fiercest years of the war against the US and promoting the development of agriculture, industry and trade to contribute to the cause of building socialism in the North and the struggle for liberation in the South.
Over the past years, the sector has actively contributed to ensuring the country’s social security, especially supporting the poor as well as people of ethnic minorities and in remote areas, emphasised the PM.
He also expressed his hope that the banking officials and staff will strive further to make the system develop more rapidly, comprehensively, effectively, safely and sustainably, contributing more to the national construction and defence in the new period.

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Middle-East, North Africa face worst humanitarian crisis

(VOVworld) – Millions of children are on the brink of starvation in the worst humanitarian crisis in decades, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned on Tuesday, urgently calling for nearly $255 million to respond to immediate needs in northeast Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen. More than 30 million people in the Middle-East and North Africa are suffering from starvation due to fighting in the region.
middle-east, north africa face worst humanitarian crisis hinh 0

“Time is running out,” UNICEF said, noting the threat from famine, drought and war. Some 22 million children are hungry, sick, displaced and out of school in the four countries, according to UNICEF. Nearly 1.4 million face an imminent risk of death this year from severe malnutrition.

Famine was declared a month ago in South Sudan, and will likely be declared soon in Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen where fighting has pushed people off their farmland and droughts have destroyed their animals and what is left of their crops.

UNICEF is calling for $255 million to provide 22 million children with food, water, health care, education and protective services for the next few months. The majority of the money will go towards nutrition programs, health services, water, and sanitation. This request is part of a broader appeal for $712 million for all of 2017, 50 per cent more than what was requested for these four countries at this point last year.

The latest reports of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization show that food security and malnutrition in the Middle East and North Africa have worsened during the past five years. In 2014 and 2015, approximately 30 million people, 9.5% of the population suffered from acute famine. According to the FAO, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen are among the world’s most hungriest countries because of continuous fighting.

Last week, the FAO warned that two thirds of Yemen’s 22 provinces are on the verge of famine and that 60% all Yemenis are starving. According to the FAO, the 6-year conflict in Syria is negatively affecting food access of the Yemenis.

Thu Hoa

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Bản in : Malaysian PM: leaders determined to realise ASEAN Community

Leaders from 10 ASEAN member states have expressed high determination to realise the ASEAN Community later this year, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 27.

During the 26th ASEAN Summit’s plenary session, they focused discussions on the advent of the ASEAN Community, the post-2015 ASEAN Community Vision, and the ASEAN’s external relations and future orientations.

Najib Razak said the ASEAN Community is to come into being amid the positive regional developments and driven by buoyant economic growth, favourable demographics, increased regional integration and the regional network of free trade agreements, adding that the ‘people-centredness’ must continue to be ASEAN’s central ethos in the years to come.

Hailing ASEAN Secretary General Le Luong Minh’s report on the progress of the Agenda for the ASEAN Community, participants recognised the central role of the bloc – a pillar of the evolving regional architecture.

However, he also mentioned differences of opinion on a proposed common time zone in the region, saying that this will be up for agenda in the next ASEAN Summit.

Regarding the East Sea issue, the Malaysian PM underscored the significance of the peaceful settlement of disputes in line with international law, especially the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

As part of the Summit, the ASEAN leaders also attended meetings of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Council, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, and representatives of the ASEAN youth and social-civil organisations.

The April 26-27 ASEAN Summit convened its opening ceremony and plenary session in Kuala Lumpur while the retreat session and closing ceremony took place on Langkawi island, Kedah state.

Malaysia is the 2015 Chair of the ASEAN, or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, founded in August 1967 and consisting of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.-VNA

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Bản in : Vietnam hoists ASEAN flag to mark bloc founding

The Vietnamese Foreign Ministry organised a ceremony to hoist the flags of ASEAN and Vietnam in Hanoi on August 8 to mark the 44th founding anniversary of ASEAN and the 16th anniversary of Vietnam’s admission to ASEAN.

At the 44th ASEAN Foreign Ministerial Meeting in Indonesia this year, ASEAN leaders reached consensus on hoisting the ASEAN flag next to national flags at their diplomatic representative offices on ASEAN Day (August 8), starting from this year, to raise public awareness of ASEAN and the bloc’s community building process.

Also on the same day, the Vietnamese Embassies in Laos, Malaysia and Australia organised similar ceremonies.

In Vientiane, minister Nguyen Van An said since joined the bloc on July 28, 1995, Vietnam had constantly and proactively contributed meaningful opinions to ASEAN activities and the ASEAN Charter. The country had successfully organised many ASEAN conferences as well as the bloc’s meetings with its partners, and performed particularly well in its role as ASEAN Chair in 2010.

At the ceremony in Malaysia, Ambassador to Malaysia Nguyen Hong Thao said the flag hoisting ceremony marked the outstanding progress of the ASEAN bloc as an active player in ensuring peace and prosperity in the region and the world.

The Vietnamese diplomat expressed hope that the development of the ASEAN Community as well as the relationship between Vietnam and Malaysia would become stronger and more active to contribute to peace, security and stability in each country, the entire region and the world.

Addressing the event in Canberra, Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia Hoang Vinh Thanh affirmed the ASEAN flag hoisting ceremony in Canberra featured a symbol of unity, solidarity, and cooperation among ASEAN member countries and the comprehensive cooperation between ASEAN and Australia, one the bloc’s dialogue partners.

By hoisting the ASEAN and Vietnamese flags in the capital city as well as at a number of diplomatic representative agencies and its embassies abroad, Vietnam showed its determination to contribute to building the ASEAN Community by 2015 and promoting further images of ASEAN and the ASEAN Community in the international community.

With a proactive, enthusiastic and responsible spirit, Vietnam would make more effective contributions to ASEAN cooperation and work with other ASEAN members in building the ASEAN Community of unity, connectivity and strength, contributing to the common goals of peace, stability and development in the region.

Also on August 8, the embassies of ASEAN member countries in Vietnam hoisted the ASEAN flag.

The ASEAN Secretariat organised a ceremony in Jakarta, Indonesia to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the founding of ASEAN and hoist the ASEAN flag, in the presence of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia, which chairs ASEAN in 2011 and ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsuwan among others.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said ASEAN had increasingly proved that it was a regional organisation capable of solving its own issues effectively./.

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Bản in : ASEAN celebrates 45th founding anniversary

A solemn ceremony was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 8 to mark the 45 th founding anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Attending the event were ASEAN Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan, Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa and representatives of ASEAN members and partner countries.

The celebration opened with an ASEAN flag raising ceremony in the melody of the ASEAN anthem performed by Indonesian artists.

Delivering an opening speech, the ASEAN Secretary-General reviewed the 45-year development of ASEAN, stressing that ASEAN has now become a prestigious regional organisation with an important role and position in Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific.

The group is the leading important factor for ensuring an environment of peace, security, stability and cooperation for development in the region, while having multi-faceted relations with important partners in the world and playing a key role in some regional cooperation frameworks, he said.

The Secretary-General stressed that the celebration offers an opportunity for ASEAN to not only affirm its achievements and successes but also strengthen solidarity and unity, and consolidate its determination to fulfil the common goal of building the ASEAN Community in 2015.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Natalegawa emphasised the need to maintain and consolidate solidarity and unity within ASEAN as a foundation to promote the group’s common voice and central role in regional issues.

On the occasion, the ASEAN Secretary announced the results of the ASEAN Drawing Competition 2012, one of the activities celebrating the association’s 45 th founding anniversary.

Kaung Wai Yan of Myanmar was awarded the ASEAN-Wide Winner for Category 1 (6-12years) while Hoang Phuong Linh from Vietnam was the ASEAN-Wide Winner for Category 2 (13-18 years).-VNA

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Government falters in rescuing housing market DTiNews

The Ministry of Construction and enterprises have held many meetings to find a solution to rescuing the failing housing market in the last two months, but no real solutions have been found.

Many discussions yield little in terms of results

Reducing prices, splitting the large apartments into small ones, reducing taxes and using funds from the State budget to buy commercial housing to convert them into public housing were some of the main proposals given at various meetings and seminars held recently on the issue.

The Ministry of Construction has asked the Ministry of Finance to research and implement these potential solutions, such as a 50% reduction of VAT for homes smaller than 70 sq.m and cheaper than VND15 million (USD720) per sq.m.

The Vietnam Association of Financial Investors also sent the Prime Minister their proposals; giving preferential lending interests rates of 7% to people who buy homes for VND2 billion or less.

Two other proposed solutions were to build resettlement areas from commercial projects and to reduce the deposit interest rate for foreign currency to 1% or 0% per year.

Reports from the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam suggested the establishment a new company to deal with the problem of empty homes, forming new sector for low-income people and also a way to find additional capital for the real estate market.

Many said that the Government has been slow in carrying the needed plans.

“The Minister of Construction mentioned mini-apartments in June but regulations concerning them only came out in November. Splitting large apartments into smaller ones has been mentioned many times, but there have been no real regulations issued yet.” a company said.

Several experts disagree with the idea of using State funds to buy commercial property and turn into public housing because it will put a serious strain on the State budget.

“How will this be paid for? Who will the Government sell or rent the homes to? People who have to live in resettlement areas will not have enough money. The Government can’t use those houses as headquarters because it would mean throwing out a lot of money and get nothing in return,” economist Le Dang Doanh said.

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Former Japanese Prime Minister received the title of Hanoi`s honorary citizen – 60th anniversary of Hanoi’s liberation – My HaNoi

The Hanoitimes – On the afternoon of December 12, Embassy of Vietnam in Japan solemnly celebrated to award an honorary citizen of Hanoi for the former Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Tomiichi Murayama, and special ambassador to Vietnam-Japan / Japan-Vietnam, Mr. Sugi Ryotaro.

This is a gesture of the People’s Committee of Hanoi to acknowledge the contributions of former Prime Minister Murayama and special ambassador Ryotaro for the development of the capital for years.

The consideration awarded honors in the People’s Committee of Hanoi made to the foreign citizen contributions represented, standing for the construction and development of Hanoi; expanding, enhancing friendship and international cooperation for the purpose of peace, development and social progress. This is one of the major activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Hanoi Liberation Day (October 10, 1954 – 2014) jubilantly held in Hanoi.

Awarded the title of Hanoi's honorary citizen for former Prime Minister Murayama Tomiichi

Awarded the title of Hanoi’s honorary citizen for former Prime Minister Murayama Tomiichi

Moved by the recognized contribution of the People’s Committee of Hanoi, former Japanese Prime Minister Murayama Tomiichi expressed honored to receive these honors and thanks to related departments and individuals organizing solemn ceremony.

Former Prime Minister Murayama recalled the first anniversary of his arrival in Hanoi to start the inextricably linked and intimacy between the two countries. The former Prime Minister said he would continue to contribute more to the development of Hanoi and wishes Hanoi in particular and Vietnam will achieve outstanding achievements in the future.

The second honorary citizen, Mr. Sugi Ryotaro is also recorded with many contributions to the relationship between the two countries through cultural exchange activities and charitable activities.

Mr.Sugi Ryotaro – special ambassador to Vietnam-Japan / Japan-Vietnam, said that Hanoi awarded honorary citizenship like a word of encouragement that he needs to continue to do more to contribute to the relationship of the two countries.

Awarded the title of Hanoi's honorary citizen for special ambassador Sugi Ryotaro

Awarded the title of Hanoi’s honorary citizen for special ambassador Sugi Ryotaro

He said that a lot of Japanese people want to live in Hanoi than in Japan and the more they live in Vietnam, the more they fall in love with this country. He stressed: “25 years ago, we’ve opened a choir at the Hanoi Opera desiring for the development of Hanoi, Japan and Vietnam. So far, I noticed that my dreams are fulfilled. My heart is filled with happiness. “

Numerous officers, employees of Vietnam Embassy and leaders of Hanoi, the organization representing the friendship of the two countries attended the ceremony and toasting two new honorary citizens of the Capital and wish our relationshipto better grows.

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Awarded the title of Hanoi Honorary Citizen for two Russian citizen – 60th anniversary of Hanoi’s liberation – My HaNoi

The Hanoitimes – On November 10, in the capital Moscow (Russia), the Hanoi delegation led by Vice Party Secretary Tuong Phi Chien in collaboration with the Embassy of Vietnam in Russia, Vietnam Association at Russia held a solemn ceremony awarding the title of Hanoi honorary citizen for Mr. Evgeny Glazunov and Mr. Aleksandr Shestun .

Mr. Evgeny Glazunov is honorary Chairman Russia Friendship Association – Vietnam and Mr. Aleksandr Shestun is City Chief administrative Region Serpukhov, Moscow province.

Speaking after the award honors, Deputy Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Tuong Phi Chien said: “The title of Honorary Citizen of Hanoi capital for Russian citizens have close typical contribution, stand for the construction and development of Hanoi contributed to further strengthening the friendly relations, traditional Hanoi – Moscow, Vietnam and Russia. Deputy Party Secretary also expressed appreciation for the valuable contribution of two Russian citizens to the friendship between Hanoi and Moscow, between Vietnam and Russia.

Deputy Party Secretary Tuong Phi Chien awarded the title of Hanoi honorary citizen for Mr Evgeny Glazunov and Mr. Aleksandr Shestun.

Deputy Party Secretary Tuong Phi Chien awarded the title of Hanoi honorary citizen for Mr Evgeny Glazunov and Mr. Aleksandr Shestun.

This is the first time Hanoi shall consider this noble title for the foreign citizen has the typical contribution, excellent for the construction and development of Hanoi; expand, enhance friendship and international cooperation for the purpose of capital for peace, development and social progress. This is one of the major activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Capital Liberation Day (October 10, 1954).

Appreciating the title Honorary Citizen Hanoi for foreign citizens have made outstanding contributions to the cause of building development and capital’s good citizens were given Russian citizenship, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Vietnam Nguyen Thanh Son in Russia emphasized: This is an action of affection, esteem, love of the people of Vietnam in general, of the Capital of Hanoi in particular for the elite Russian citizens have much to contribute to the development of the traditional friendly relations between the two countries. Comprehensive partnership strategy between Vietnam and Russia will be more evident over the next visit to the Russian Federation General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong.

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Promoting strategic partnership between Vietnam and Singapore – Ambassadors’ comments

The Hanoitimes – Commenting on the visit to Vietnam of Honour Senior Minister – Goh Chok – former PM of Singapore from September 23-26, Vietnam’s Ambassador in Singapore – Tran Hai Hau said that the visit would contribute to boosting strategic relations between Vietnam and Singapore.

In an interview with the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Singapore, Ambassador Tran Hai Hau stressed that Goh Chok Minister visited Vietnam this time as guest of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. This is the highest level visit by leaders of Singapore to Vietnam in 2014, followed by the visit of Tony Tan Keng Yam president in 2012 and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in 2013.
In recent years, Vietnam-Singapore relations have made the leap in both quantity and quality in all areas. This is clearly shown in a series of high-level visits of heads of the two countries; leaders of ministries and agencies also regularly visit the two sides meet, exchange and cooperation.
Vietnam’s Ambassador in Singapore - Mr.Tran Hai Hau. (Source: vnembassy-singapore.gov.vn)

Vietnam’s Ambassador in Singapore – Mr.Tran Hai Hau. (Source: vnembassy-singapore.gov.vn)

The mechanism for cooperation in the field of diplomacy, security and defense of the two countries are maintaining and promoting the efficiency increasingly.
Ambassador said that in 3 years, which foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam was Singapore’s spectacular growth with registered capital of $ 23 billion in 2011 to more than $ 30 billion today.
Economic cooperation, bilateral trade is constantly evolving with the average growth rate in the last 3 years 12.7% / year. Two-way trade turnover increased from SGD 14.9 billion (equivalent to $12 billion) in 2011 to SGD 17.4 billion (about 13.9 billion USD) in 2013.
Notably, the export turnover of Vietnam to Singapore increased nearly two-fold from 2 billion in 2011 to more than SGD 3.8 billion in 2013.
In particular, in 2014 – the first year of implementating strategic partnership, trade turnover between Vietnam and Singapore achieved impressive growth. According to the Statistical Office of Singapore, in the first 7 months of 2014, bilateral trade turnover reached nearly 12 billion SGD, up 23.4% compared to the same period in 2013, while export turnover of Vietnam to reach nearly 2.3 billion SGD Singapore, up 27%, imports of Vietnam from Singapore SGD 9.5 billion, an increase of 23%.
The structure of the exchange of goods between the two sides complement remarkably. Singapore is currently the 3rd largest trade partner of Vietnam in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The potential for economic cooperation and trade between Vietnam and Singapore are very large.
Evaluation of the role of Singapore in Southeast Asia, Ambassador Tran Hai Hau said that this island is an essential part in the development and prosperity of the region. With its favorable geographical location, Singapore is fast becoming a transit point for sea transport in the region to the world and across continents.
After nearly five decades of development, Singapore is the financial center of the region, connecting point’s air hub, the center of education, health, meetings, shopping, travel, entertainment, public high-tech, etc.
Singapore is consistently ranked the economy as the world’s top competition, the Asian head of the logistics supply chain and intellectual property protection, water apparatus and operational transparency efficiency, is one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

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The UK and the Netherlands to strengthen investment in Ha Noi – Ambassadors’ comments

The Hanoitimes – In the morning of September 22, the Hanoi People`s Committee Chairman Nguyen The Thao had a meeting with the UK’s and the Netherlands’ Ambassadors, on the occasion of receiving the new working terms in Vietnam.

At the reception, Ambassador Giles Lever said the UK Government was concerned about the investment projects of technical and infrastructural development, water treatment, environment of Hanoi. In particular, for $350 million loan, Hanoi to implement clean water projects (water plant Duong River) and appointed one of the UK company to cooperate with Hanoi Water Company for the deployment plan; The UK government is also ready to assist Hanoi $500 million loan to the project of urban railways No.3 in the stage 2.
Chairman Nguyen The Thao receiving the UK's Ambassador

Chairman Nguyen The Thao receiving the UK’s Ambassador

City Chairman Nguyen The Thao said that the water supply project, Hanoi and the partner – a British company has agreed in principle to invest, is currently discussing, choosing the optimal plan that is effective to deploy Urban Railway Project No.3 in Phase 2, and has been approved by the Prime Minister, is mobilizing funds. In addition, another project is Hanoi urban railway from Noi Bai International Airport to the administrative center of Ba Dinh; construction project of financial center. Hanoi welcome and create conditions for the UK government and the investors participating in this project, Chairman Nguyen The Thao confirmed Giles Lever Ambassador expressed his impression as seeing strong growth of Hanoi, and is committed to move the content over to the British government and investors to participate in the research project. He also said, in October, Mayor of London financial center will visit and work in Vietnam and believed the content mentioned above will be addressed.

Chairman Nguyen The Thao receiving the Netherlands' Ambassador

Chairman Nguyen The Thao receiving the Neatherlands’ Ambassador

On the same day, received by City Chairman Nguyen The Thao, Mrs. Catharina Trooster – Ambassador of the Netherlands, said in December, Mayor of Amsterdam (the capital of Netherlands) will visit and work with Hanoi government, union representatives participating corporations, big business, come together to explore investment opportunities in Hanoi in the environmental remediation field, clean water, education – training trade, tourism and so on.

According to Ambassador Catharina Trooster, in the Netherlands, taking place “Vietnam Days in Amsterdam”, the vivid expression of friendship relations between the two countries. Ambassador pledged her tenure will do my best to promote bilateral relations, the two Hanoi – Amsterdam.

Chairman Nguyen The Thao affirmed Hanoi is ready to create the conditions for the Netherlands’ businesses, wishing Netherlands becomes the largest investor in Hanoi. City chairman suggested the two sides expanding cooperation in culture, people exchange to enhance understanding between the two peoples and two capitals: Hanoi – Amsterdam.

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Bản in : China, Singapore to promote bilateral cooperation

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a conference in Singapore on August 3. (Photo: Xinhua/Then Chih Wey)

China and Singapore pledged to further bilateral collaboration during Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s meetings with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his counterpart K Shanmugam on August 3 as part of his visit to the city state.

The Singaporean Prime Minister spoke highly of bilateral relations, expressing his hope that the two nations will maintain the development of their ties and further cooperation in fields of mutual benefit.

Singapore is willing to join hands with China to foster government-to-government projects, he added.

On his part, the Chinese FM delivered congratulations to Singapore on the nation’s 50th anniversary of independence, saying that China-Singapore cooperation has been a spearhead among China’s relations with ASEAN members, especially when the two nations are celebrating the 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties.

During their meeting, Wang and his Singaporean counterpart, K Shanmugam, discussed measures to upgrade bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).

As Singapore becomes the coordinator of China-ASEAN relations for the next three years, Wang said he believes that it will serve as a catalyst to lift up China-Singapore and China-ASEAN relations, opening fresh opportunities for development, the Chinese diplomat said.

In addition, the two ministers held in-depth discussions of international and regional issues of mutual concern, including the East Sea issue.

Wang’s visit to Singapore came before the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, which was scheduled to open in Kuala Lumpur on August 4.-VNA

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Vietnamese Ambassador made speech at UNSC – Ambassadors’ comments

The Hanoitimes – Ambassador Le Hoai Trung, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the United Nations has delivered a key-note speech at a UN Security Council (UNSC) open discussion on women, peace and security.

Delegates from many countries and international organizations argued that although the UN and international organizations have taken various measures aimed at protesting sexual violence in armed conflicts, this situation still occurs in many places, adversely affecting peace and international security.

Sexual violence is an egregious violation of human rights and a crime against humanity, requiring greater efforts to get to the root of the problem, they emphasized.

Discussion also covered measures, initiatives and efforts at both national and international levels, including the role of the UN peacekeeping force to address sexual violence issues.

In his speech, on behalf of the 10 ASEAN member countries, ambassador Le Hoai Trung affirmed that sexual violence during and after the armed conflicts continues to influence and threaten the lives of women and girls in many parts of the world.

The awareness also plays an important role in preventing sexual violence and protect victims, Trung noted.

Ambassador Trung said so far, all ASEAN member countries have joined the Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women and supported all the UNSC President‘s resolutions and declarations concerning women , peace and security , including sexual violence in armed conflicts.

Initiatives such as “Stop violence against women” and seminars on women, peace and security in ASEAN are also seen as important measures to help raise awareness of the regional people about this issue, he concluded.

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Bản in : Corn cultivation boosted in Mekong River Delta

Crop restructuring is one of the government’s agricultural restructuring key strategies, the Vietnam Economic News reported, adding that the Mekong River Delta is leading in switching from rice to other crops for higher economic efficiency, especially corn.

With the advantages such as fertile soil and moderate climate, the Mekong River Delta has long been the country’s key rice producing area. However, rice production and consumption faced export difficulties due to increasing competition with rivals from Thailand, India, and Myanmar, and rice farmer incomes have been lower than expected. Meanwhile, other agricultural crops such as corn and soybeans are potential alternatives due to severe shortages.

Switching from inefficient rice farming to other economically efficient crops such as corn farming is necessary for the Mekong River Delta in conformity with the governmentally approved agricultural restructuring project.

Some provinces like Dong Thap, An Giang, Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, and Long An have deployed corn farming models, with the intention of increasing the value added to agricultural products and farmer incomes.

The Corn Farming on Former Paddy Field in the Mekong River Delta project has been launched by the Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam’s Agricultural Technology Research and Transfer Centre.

The project has initially achieved positive results in Long An. The entire 20 hectares of former paddy field in My Hanh Bac commune, Duc Hoa district, planted with NK7328, NK66, and NK67 corn varieties has proved promising. It is estimated that the corn yield per ha may reach about 8-10 tonnes, about double the former rice yield. With the current fresh corn purchase price per kg of 3,900 VND, corn farmers may gain from 9.4-17.2 million VND per ha, up 36 percent compared with rice gains after costs.

According to Director of the Long An’s Industry Promotion Centre (IPC) Nguyen Thanh Tung, corn, sesame and peanuts have been identified as good alternatives for the province, with corn being most important and farmed for the spring-summer crop. The Ecofarm JSC currently based in Duc Hoa district, Long An, will build a corn processing complex and be responsible for local corn purchases. The corn varieties provided by the Syngenta Co., Ltd for the model have proved adaptable to the local climate and high possible productivity.

In the coming years, Syngenta will strive to support the crop restructuring initiated by the government for inefficient rice farming areas to help farmers increase incomes, said Ngo Lanh, Solution Development Director of Syngenta Co., Ltd.-VNA

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Vietnamese films to be screened at Cannes Film Festival 2017 DTiNews

Three Vietnamese films will be screened at the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival, to be held from May 17 to 28.

A scene in the film ‘Vi’ (Taste)

“Culi Khong Bao Gio Khoc” (Sloth Monkey Never Cries) and “Vi” (Taste) will compete in the category of L’Atelier, which targets and provides production and funding opportunities for young, emerging filmmakers.

Both films reflect trends of the last decade in the country’s cinema industry. “Culi Khong Bao Gio Khoc” is the first feature project directed by 31-year-old Pham Ngoc Lan of Hanoi, one of the city’s young talents in film.

The story is about a Vietnamese woman who spends a long trip alone around Europe, made in order to take the dead body of her husband, who was a security officer at a zoo, back to her homeland.

The film competed in the Asian Project Market category at the 21st Busan International Film Festival last year.

“Vi” was directed by 27-year-old Le Bao of Ho Chi Minh City.

The film depicts the daily life of a Nigerian football player in Ho Chi Minh City, who is jobless and faces obstacles in making a living.

It was presented as the Project with the Most Potential in the Southeast Asian Film Lab category at the Singapore Film Festival 2016.

Female director Nguyen Phuong Anh’s “Vo Ba” (The Third Wife) was also selected to be screened at the festival.

The film depicts the tragedy of a rural woman living in a small village in northern Vietnam in the late 19th century. She faces internal conflicts as her parents want her to marry an older man.

The film features People’s Artist Nhu Quynh and Vietnamese-French actress Tran Nu Yen Khe.

This year, Spanish film director and screenwriter Pedro Almodóvar has been selected as president of the jury for the Cannes festival.

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Bản in : Malaysia wants to expand its export to Japan

Malaysia wants to expand its list of exports to Japan, said International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamad.

Malaysia’s main export to Japan is liquefied natural gas amounting to 86.4 billion RM (27billion USD) annually, the minister was quoted by The Star online as saying.

Automotive components were worth looking at, he said, adding that while Malaysia’s share of the export market was only worth 5 billion RM now, the potential to grow was there.

Japan is Malaysia’s top investor, with 1,400 firms operating in the country and investments in the manufacturing sector alone has reached 71 billion RM, according to The Star online.

Between January and November, the Government had approved investments worth 3.41billion RM from Japanese firms.

Recent investments include Perodua Global Manufacturing Sdn Bhd worth 1.9 billion RM to set up highly automated assembly line for energy efficient vehicles and 470 million RM by Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd to increase annual production capacity from 50,000 to 100,000 vehicles.

In addition, there has also been an increasing trend in retail trade between the two countries, with the figures going up from 5.5 percent in 2012 to 6.2 percent this year, the minister said.

On the second wave of the Look East Policy (LEP), three committees had been set up to spearhead LEP 2.0 – on strategic trade and investment, educational institutions and research and development as well as human capital development.

The LEP 2.0 was set up to bring Malaysia’s relations with Japan to the next level, which is the advancement of trade with a higher value chain, he added.-VNA

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Bản in : Delta localities join hands to woo tourists

  • Blackout countdown at Pullman Saigon Centre

Blackout countdown at Pullman Saigon Centre The Saigon Times Daily Pullman Saigon Centre last week celebrated a black-out countdown to one hour in response to the Earth Hour 2017, a worldwide initiative organized by WWF to symbolize an international commitment to a more sustainable planet. The hotel conducted some activities to switch off its façade, signage and non-essential lighting, dim the light in public areas, restaurants and exterior spaces, and have a dance performance in the dark. The hotel invited guests to turn off the lights in their hotel rooms from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., and take a shorter…... [read more]

  • Ministry determined to pursue department mergers

Ministry determined to pursue department mergers The Saigon Times Daily HCMC - The Ministry of Home Affairs is firm on its proposal for merging the departments of finance and planning-investment and the departments of construction and transport in provinces despite some sort of resistance. The ministry proposed the department mergers in a draft Government decree on organization of specialized agencies under the People’s Committees in provinces, dantri.com.vn reported. Phu Tho, Cao Bang, Bac Ninh and Dong Nai disagreed with the merger of the Department of Finance and the Department of Planning and Investment into the Department of Planning and Finance,…... [read more]

  • Plan for second Lotte Mart in city rejected

Plan for second Lotte Mart in city rejected By Quoc Hung - The Saigon Times Daily HCMC - Lotte Mart, a member of South Korea's leading department store operator Lotte Shopping, cannot proceed with a major plan to open a second shopping center in HCMC as earlier announced because the city authorities have turned down its proposal. Lotte Vietnam Shopping Co., a unit of Lotte Mart, originally planned to open its second outlet this year on the first five floors of the EverRich apartment building under construction in District 11, after the opening five months ago of the first in…... [read more]

  • Tour operators fret over rising air fares

Tour operators fret over rising air fares The Saigon Times Daily HCMC – That airlines have lately increased fares and surcharges has exposed tour operators to high risks of losses, as their tour prices were fixed long ago, Tuoi Tre newspaper reports. Tran Van Long, general director of Viet Media Travel, said air transport costs account for 35-45% of tour tickets. Therefore, a recent rise in air fares has caused a big headache for his company and others. “Domestic tourism is certain to suffer from increasing tour costs,” he said. A local air carrier said most airlines only made profits…... [read more]

  • India gives away 200 copies of religion book

India gives away 200 copies of religion book The Saigon Times Daily A book distribution event in HCMC’s District 1 - PHOTO: COURTESY OF THE INDIAN CONSULATE GENERAL IN HCMC The Consulate General of India in HCMC distributed 200 copies of the book ‘Vedas Upanishad: The ancient religious philosophies of India” to participants at a recent event in HCMC. The even was jointly held by the HCMC Union of Friendship Organizations (HUFO) to celebrate diplomatic relations between Vietnam and India. The book is expected to encourage Vietnamese people to learn more about the philosophies of India, as well as the…... [read more]

  • Hochiminh Stock Exchange on March 30, 2017

Hochiminh Stock Exchange on March 30, 2017 The Saigon Times Daily VN-INDEX: 720.47 (+0.17%) Stock Price Change Volume AAA 24,000 +250 885,850 AAM 10,100 -500 17,710 ABT 42,900 340 ACC 29,500 2,280 ACL 8,300 -140 10,490 ADS 22,850 +100 223,840 AGF 9,170 5,490 AGM 10,000 1,000 AGR 3,660 -260 1,413,660 AMD 13,150 -150 3,114,901 ANV 7,850 -590 7,330 APC 25,200 +300 160,820 APG 6,500 -230 329,040 ASM 15,500 1,072,700 ASP 3,990 20,570 ATG 2,340 24,660 BBC 120,600 +4,600 730 BCE 6,300 +40 10,690 BCG 4,840 -60 359,550 BCI 25,400 +400 72,990 BFC 34,650 +250 219,900 BGM 860 -60 4,481,110 BHN…... [read more]

  • Hanoi Stock Exchange on March 30, 2017

Hanoi Stock Exchange on March 30, 2017 The Saigon Times Daily HNX-INDEX: 90.67 (+0.14%) Stock Price Change Volume ACB 24,600 -100 4,693,967 ACM 1,800 119,000 ADC 16,100 - ALT 15,500 +1,400 36,167 ALV 3,300 - AMC 28,000 -3,000 800 AME 3,800 - AMV 15,500 10,200 API 22,000 +700 39,556 APP 9,000 - APS 2,500 125,400 ARM 35,100 - ASA 2,200 11,600 ATS 14,000 +200 11,625 B82 2,900 -100 100 BAX 23,900 +1,700 1,200 BBS 13,000 -200 8,000 BCC 15,800 -600 595,429 BDB 10,300 - BED 37,000 - BHT 3,500 -300 500 BII 2,800 +200 350,100 BKC 6,000 -100 500 BLF…... [read more]

  • Banking sector has huge recruitment demand

Banking sector has huge recruitment demand The Saigon Times Daily HCMC - Although the banking sector is not yet out of the woods, many banks such as HDBank, Sacombank and ACB have been recruiting thousands of employees in recent times, VnExpress reports. Sacombank has announced to recruit more than 1,000 people while ACB needs 800 new staff. But these figures are nothing compared to HDBank which has announced 1,500 job vacancies in the first recruitment stage of 2017. It is notable that the majority of job vacancies are for individual and institutional customer care services. Among 1,000 job vacancies at…... [read more]

  • Many banks lower dong deposit rates

Many banks lower dong deposit rates The Saigon Times Daily HCMC - While some banks are racing to issue certificates of deposit with interest rates of more than 9% per year, quite a few others have brought down their interest rates for savings in Vietnam dong by 0.1-0.3 percentage point, says Dan Tri news site. VPBank has reduced its deposit rates by 0.1-0.3 percentage point for all tenors. Thus, the annual interest rates for savings of seven, 12 and 15 months are now 6.9%, 7.1% and 7.3% respectively. At Viet Capital Bank, the interest rate for six-month deposits in dong…... [read more]

  • Hanoi taxman names 262 corporate tax debtors

Hanoi taxman names 262 corporate tax debtors The Saigon Times Daily HANOI – The Hanoi Tax Department has publicized the names of 262 enterprises with tax arrears totaling VND2.2 trillion (US$96 million) in an effort to force them to fulfill their tax obligations, Dan Tri news website reports. Vietnam Industrial Electronics Group Corporation is the largest debtor with VND75.5 billion (US$3.3 million), followed by Vietnam National Sundries Import and Export Joint Stock Co. (JSC) with VND75.1 billion, Viglacera Mechanical and Construction JSC with VND57.9 billion, and Construction Installation and Industrial Material Co Ltd with VND57.1 billion. This is the fourth…... [read more]

French expected to ratchet-up current investment – News – Investment

Sanofi, a diversified global healthcare provider, recently affirmed their commitment to developing its presence in Vietnam’s market after visiting as part of a French government delegation led by Minister of State Matthias Fekl who is responsible for foreign trade, tourism, and the rights of French nationals abroad.
Fekl was in Vietnam last week to attend the third annual high-level Vietnam-France Economic Dialogue.
Sanofi is a trailblazer in building pharmaceutical plants in Vietnam.
Last March, the firm kicked off construction of a new drug manufacturing plant and a research and development centre in Ho Chi Minh City with US$75 million in the total investment capital, making it Sanofi’s largest investment project in Vietnam so far, according to Sanofi CEO Christopher A. Viehbacher.
“With a 50-year plus track record operating in Vietnam, Sanofi is enjoying its number-one position in one of most dynamic nations in the region. The new project will continue affirming its pole position in this emerging market,” said Viehbacher.
Other members of the French delegation, such as Alstorm, Airbus D&S, Thales and IMP Engineering all expressed interest into expanding their presence in Vietnam.
Alstom, a global leader in power generation, power transmission, and rail infrastructure is hoping to team-up with other partners in order to spur on sustainable development city models in Vietnam.
The group has already been involved in a string of large-scale projects in Vietnam such as the landmark Son La hydropower plant, and Hanoi’s metro line 3.
International electrics and systems group Thales voiced its intention to develop surveillance satellite systems in Vietnam, while IMP Engineering is keen to building hospitals. IPM has engaged in a proposal to build a 500-bed hospital in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho. This project, if it gets the go-ahead, will be funded using French official development assistance.
Photo for illustration

Photo for illustration

The French investors’ proposals were all commended by Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung who chaired dialogue.
“Current French investment in Vietnam is well below its potential. We want French businesses to realize there are plenty of opportunities in the country, especially as we’re about to wrap-up negotiations on the European Union free trade agreement and become part of the ASEAN Economic Community,” said Dung.
“Vietnam has a number of advantages in terms of its investment environment, reformed policies, coupled with low-cost labour and competitive infrastructure,” Dung said.
The Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Foreign Investment Agency’s figures revealed that France had 429 investment projects in Vietnam worth US$3.4 billion in the total committed capital, ranking 16 out of 101 countries and territories investing in Vietnam by the end of March.

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Seminar casts light on investment opportunities in Cuba – News – Investment

The Hanoitimes – Vietnam-Cuba bilateral trade jumped more than 45% to US$207.5 million last year, of which Vietnam’s exports to Cuba hit US$206 million and imports were US$1 million.

The figure was released at a seminar in Hanoi on April 14 with the purpose of helping Vietnamese businesses seize investment opportunities in the Caribbean nation.
In his speech, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) Vice President Doan Duy Khuong, said Vietnam mainly exports food, cereals, confectionery, footwear, ceramics, sanitation goods, construction materials, coal, textiles and garments, and chemicals, while imports are mostly pharmaceuticals and supplementary food.
The two governments have paid special attention to promoting cooperation in many fields, especially economics, construction, transportation, bio-technology, agriculture, education, health care, sports and physical training.
The two countries have signed a series of economic and trade agreements to support bilateral trade cooperation, such as an investment encouragement and protection agreement in 1995, a tourism cooperation agreement in 1999, a plant protection and quarantine agreement, and a double taxation avoidance agreement in 2002.

President of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, Orlando Hernandex Gillen, highlighted the normalization of bilateral relations between Cuba and the USA (signed in December 2014) would provide a good opportunity for Cuba to develop economically, noting that this would offer a chance for Vietnam businesses to invest in Cuban tourism, agriculture, telecommunications, footwear, and textile industries.
According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, by December 2014, Cuba had poured US$6.6 million in one project in Vietnam, ranking 69th among 101 foreign investors, while Vietnam has invested in two oil and gas projects in Cuba.

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Bản in : Northwest region looks to optimise potentials, attract investment

Utilising potential and advantages and attracting more domestic and foreign economic resources are among targets set by the northwestern region for its robust growth, announced the Steering Committee for the Northwest Region during an investment promotion conference in Son La province of April 4.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, who heads the Committee, pointed out positive socio-economic changes in the region recently, with GDP growth rate averaging around 9.5 percent and per capita GDP reaching 24.7 million VND (1,160 USD) over the last five years.

State budget collected nearly 26 trillion VND in 2014, a rise of 30 percent over a year ago. Meanwhile, poverty rate lowered to 18.2 percent, he noted.

Administrative reforms have also been sped up to attract and optimise investments and assistances, he said.

The northwestern region consists 12 mountainous and midland localities of Yen Bai, Lao Cai, Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Son La, Phu Tho, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Bac Kan, Hoa Binh, Lang Son and Cao Bang, as well as western districts of Thanh Hoa and Nghe An provinces.

The region, having a long border with Laos and China , also plays an important role in national security-defence and foreign relations.

Director of the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Foreign Investment Agency Do Nhat Hoang said there were a few sizable foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in the northwest. Currently, there were 106 FDI projects in operation, with a total registered capital of 1.73 billion USD.

Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Van Trung confirmed that the Government was making significant efforts to support the region. Last year, about 15.5 trillion VND (738.10 million USD) from the State budget, or 12.5 percent of the amount extracted for national development, was reserved for the northwest.

In 2013, the Government also adopted a master plan for socio-economic development of the northern mountainous area by 2020. The plan set a GDP growth target of over 8 percent, and a GDP per capita goal of about 2,000 USD.

Deputy PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc urged the region to actively improve the investment environment to secure both domestic and international finances.

Well-developed infrastructure and human resources would be vital for any development breakthroughs, and localities must collaborate to achieve these general goals, he emphasised.

Steering Committee deputy head Truong Xuan Cu said the region was now focused on calling for investments in mineral exploitation, forest product processing, border gate economic activities, and tourism.

He said many provinces have joined hands in building tours and this has helped them promote their advantages and the mountainous villagers reduce poverty. Localities have also fostered links in education and vocational training by connecting with universities.

In the northwest, Lao Cai attracted the most investment capital with 875 million USD, closely followed by Hoa Binh with 435.4 million USD, and Son La with 280 million USD, according to the MPI Foreign Investment Agency.

The Son La conference attracted more than 500 participants, including policymakers, entrepreneurs, trade representatives and diplomats.

On the occasion, commercial banks and investors signed credit support contracts totaling 4.7 trillion VND (218.6 million USD) for 12 projects, mainly on mining, hydro-power generation, processing industry, transportation and farm produce.-VNA

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Bản in : Prime Minister greets China’s Yunnan Party Committee Secretary

​Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung (R) receives the Secretary of China’s Yunnan provincial Party Committee, Li Jiheng (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung hosted a reception for the Secretary of China’s Yunnan provincial Party Committee, Li Jiheng in Hanoi on November 6.

The PM hailed the cooperation between Vietnamese ministries, sectors and localities with Chinese localities, including Yunnan province, noting that the Vietnamese Government always supports the enhancement of such exchanges and connections, particularly between the countries’ border localities like Yunnan.

He requested that the two sides actively realise important common perceptions reached by their senior leaders on cementing cooperation between their ministries, sectors and localities, increasing all-level delegation and people-to-people exchanges in border areas, and effectively utilising existing cooperation mechanisms.

Both sides should strive for result-oriented cooperation in economics, trade, investment and tourism; facilitate the import of Vietnamese goods, especially agro-forestry-fishery products, into Yunnan as well as the Chinese market as a whole; and consider the opening of a direct air route linking Yunnan and Vietnamese localities to boost cultural and tourism activities, he noted.

The PM urged both sides to continue the close coordination in border and border gate management, explore measures to smooth the path for exchanges, cooperation and economic development in border regions, and work together to ensure peace, friendship, cooperation and development in Vietnam – China border communities.

For his part, Secretary Li Jiheng promised closer coordination with the Vietnamese side in effectively implementing agreements reached by their leaders and between Yunnan and Vietnamese localities, especially in cooperation in economics, trade, investment, construction of border trade and tourism zones, and building a border of peace, stability, cooperation and amity between the two countries.

He also suggested Vietnamese and Chinese leaders promote transport connectivity between Yunnan and Vietnamese localities to pave the way for cross-border trading, investment and travel, thus practically benefiting their people.

Also on November 6, Yunnan Party Secretary Li Jiheng was welcomed by Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh, who underlined Vietnam’s consistent policy of tightening the Vietnam – China comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.

Minh called on the two sides to foster the sustainable, balanced and healthy development of their economic-trade cooperation while encouraging Chinese businesses to invest in transport infrastructure of the economic corridor traversing Yunnan’s Kunming city and Vietnam’s Lao Cai province, Hanoi, Hai Phong city and Quang Ninh province.

They also need to intensify coordination in land border management, cross-border crime prevention, and facilitating customs clearance for people, cargo and vehicle movements via border gates, he added.

The Chinese Party official said Yunnan treasures its relations with Vietnamese localities and is willing to join hands in stepping up collaboration in all fields, contributing to the Vietnam – China comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.-VNA

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Nha Trang attracts more developers – News – Investment

Andrey Grinev, CEO and owner of Russia’s State Development, the developer of the Cam Ranh Flowers Resort in the central city, said that he had explored investment opportunities at beaches throughout the country before finally deciding to choose Nha Trang for his first project. With the total investment capital of US$90 million, the Cam Ranh Flowers Resort is spread over 15 hectares and is comprised of a luxury hotel with 256 rooms and 10 bungalows, as well as prestigious residences for sale.
“We chose the Cam Ranh area, since it is one of the fastest growing and up-and-coming resort areas in Vietnam. It’s well suited for high-end tourism and coastal residences,” Grinev told VIR.
He added that Cam Ranh peninsula would include everything an up-and-coming resort destination would need.
“In the near future there will be constructed golf courses, shopping malls, seaport for yachts and boats, marina and much else,” he said.
Nha Trang city continues to attract foreign invested hospitality and housing projects

Nha Trang city continues to attract foreign invested hospitality and housing projects

Grinev also believed the area was set for development, a factor that would see residential prices rise.
“The area has a very favourable location and offers convenient logistics and transport connections via air, water and road as well as plenty of surrounding tourist attractions.
The new international airport at Cam Ranh 15 minutes away includes direct and affordable flights to many cities in Russia and some in Asia. And new flight destinations are constantly opening. Nha Trang as a tourist resort town is just 20 minutes away – and it boasts developed and growing tourist and entertainment infrastructure,” he said.
Moreover, he added the area benefited from an idyllic climate with calm, warn and clean ocean water.
According to property services provider Savills Vietnam, since 2007, the number of international visitors to Khanh Hoa and specifically Nha Trang, has risen by 18% annually. More than 850,000 foreign tourists visited in 2014, in addition to 2.8 million domestic visitors.
However, Russian tourist numbers slid last year as the rouble’s value fell. The occupancy rate dipped by to 70% following a 6% fall while the average room rate at four and five-star hotels dropped a huge 14% to VND2.7 million (US$126) per night.
By the end of last year, Nha Trang had approximately 9,200 units in 43 projects. Around 3,200 rooms in six four and five-star hotels will enter the market in Nha Trang this year.
With the opening of two four-star and one five-star properties last year, there are over 4,000 rooms now available, a 24% rise from 2013.
Apart from hospitality, Nha Trang is also home to residential development projects. Apartments accounted for 49% of market share, followed by land plots at 41%. Most apartment projects are located along the coast, with many on Tran Phu street.
Landed property projects for second homes and investment are spreading to the west due to wider land availability. Buyers, mainly from Hanoi and HCM City looking to purchase a holiday home prefer projects by the beach with sea views.
Nha Trang is set to see 34 future residential projects with the total area of more than 1,100 hectares in the pipeline, with the majority of the projects located to the north and west of the city.

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Bản in : Icelandic President wraps up State visit to Vietnam

Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson (Source :CNN)

Hanoi (VNA) – Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson and his spouse concluded the State visit to Vietnam from November 3-6 at the invitation of President Truong Tan Sang.

Before his departure, he attended a seminar “Building a successful fishing economy – Lessons from Iceland” in Ho Chi Minh City.

During the visit, the Icelandic President held talks with his the Vietnamese counterpart Truong Tan Sang, paid courtesy calls to Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, and met with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Le Hoang Quan.

Both sides discussed the increase of all-level exchanges, the signing of additional cooperation agreements and support to Vietnamese and Icelandic firms operating in aquaculture and renewable energy.

They will explore the possibility of signing education-training agreements. The Icelandic side will assist Vietnam in training professionals major in fisheries, energy and environment while sharing its experience in social welfare, gender equality and care for children and the disabled.

As coastal countries, Vietnam and Iceland debated collaboration in response to climate change and rising sea level, as well as protection of natural resources and ecological environment.

They underscored the need to push for the conclusion of negotiations on free trade agreements with the European Free Trade Association and Iceland.

Expressing concern over the recent developments in the East Sea, they consented to the necessity to settle disputes by peaceful means in line with international law and the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Concerned parties need to reach a legally-binding Code of Conduct in the East Sea, considering it an effective means to ensure peace, stability, maritime and aviation security, safety and freedom, as well as trade in the East Sea.

On the occasion, both countries reached a memorandum of understanding on geothermal cooperation and another one between the Hanoi-based Vietnam National University and the Reykjavik University.

The Icelandic leader and his entourage also paid floral tribute to President Ho Chi Minh at his mausoleum.-VNA

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Bản in : Deputy FM meets top European diplomats at ASEM

Deputy Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son (middle) and European officials (Source: VNA)

Luxembourg (VNA) – Deputy Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son on November 5 met with the Swedish Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, and Foreign Ministers of Luxembourg, Ireland and Malta within the framework of the 12th Foreign Ministerial Meeting of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Luxembourg.

He also had dialogues with the Deputy Foreign Ministers of Austria and Slovenia.

Foreign diplomats described Vietnam as an increasingly attractive investment and tourism destination in the Asia-Pacific and expressed support for the early signing of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), saying that the deal would open up new economic co-operation opportunities between Vietnam and the EU, and between Vietnam and their respective countries in particular.

The Swedish and Luxembourg FMs said their countries will gradually change the form of assistance to Vietnam from ODA provision to creating partnerships and transferring technology in the fields of climate change response, infrastructure, green economy, health care, scientific research, and high-quality personnel training, helping Vietnam achieve the UN sustainable development goals.

The diplomats spoke highly of close, effective liaisons with Vietnam at global organisations and forums, particularly at the UN, the ASEM, the ASEAN-EU and the Vietnam-EU frameworks.

They wished to increase all-level visits with Vietnam to create further impetus to bilateral ties.

On the occasion, Deputy FM Son signed an agreement on visa exemptions for Maltese diplomatic passport holders.

In an interview granted to a Vietnam News Agency reporter, Maltese Foreign Minister George Vella said his country wishes to extend all-around links with Vietnam, focusing on politics, economics, culture and education.

He called for the prompt signing of a double taxation avoidance agreement to facilitate business activities in each country.-VNA

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Australia collaborates with Vietnam on training for future leaders

The University of New South Wales, one of the leading education institution of Australia. Photo: Huu Duong

The program will include a presentation by Austrade’s Chief Economist on “Building human capital to meet the challenges of a world economy in transition”, two panel discussions on “Training for a more competitive Vietnam, increasing productivity and innovation” and “Developing managers and future leaders in the digital age”. The showcase will be followed by one-on-one meetings between the Australian representatives and Vietnamese representatives from ministries, provincial departments, universities, training organizations and business organizations to discuss potential collaboration.

The Showcase is designed to support Vietnam in meeting some of the challenges in aligning with the recent World Bank’s Vietnam 2035 report “Toward Prosperity, Creativity, Equity and Democracy”, and VCCI’s report “Vietnam in transition: Skills and Productivity in the Labor Market”.

The showcase will be opened by The Hon. Keith Pitt MP, Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment during his visit to Vietnam.

“Australian universities and training providers have a strong reputation around the world and this showcase will bring them face-to-face with the Vietnamese Government, businesses and multinational corporations to discuss new opportunities,” he said.

“These Australian training providers can potentially offer tailored training courses to these organizations in order to build their executive workforce to address specific gaps in management, leadership and planning.”

Australia has a dynamic executive education sector, underpinned by more than twenty-five years of consecutive economic growth and strong international trade and investment. Australia provides innovative and customer-oriented management and leadership development programs to meet the global demand for knowledge and behavior change needed to develop businesses in an increasingly mobile and cross-cultural commercial environment.

This Vietnam – Australia Executive Education and Training Showcase is being organized by the Australian Government, in collaboration with and supported by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the Vietnam Human Resources Club, CPA Australia and Human Resources Association.

Reported by Phuong Linh

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Bản in : Vietnam attends ASEAN Sci-Tech Ministerial Meeting in Laos

  • Vietnam plays active role in ASEAN

On the theme of ASEAN Charter for ASEAN People, ASEAN leaders will discuss measures to increase regional cooperation, speed up the establishment of an ASEAN Community, weather the global financial storm, ensure food and energy security, mitigate the consequences of natural disasters, and expand the external relations of the bloc. The summit takes place at a time when ASEAN is preparing to build a united community by 2015 based on the ASEAN Charter which was enforced on December 15, 2008. In addition, the bloc is coping with countless challenges arising from the fallout of the current global financial crisis. Besides…... [read more]

  • Vietnam attends ASEAN Minister Meeting on transitional crime

In his opening ceremony, Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Amad Zahid Hamidi said that transnational crime involves movement of people across borders and trans-border financial transactions including the involvement of transnational organised crime syndicates. It can adversely affect the stability, security, sovereignty and public order of individual nations and the very fabric of society at all levels, he noted. The Malaysian Deputy PM also called ASEAN member countries to make critical decisions on transnational crime, especially new forms defined by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, including the illicit trades of nature and cultural heritage, wildlife, electrical…... [read more]

  • ASEAN contest winners announced in Hanoi

The ceremony was part of the 43rd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) and related meetings which are being held in Hanoi from July 15-23. The contest was launched by the VOV and the National Committee for ASEAN from February 8 to June 15 with the aim of helping Vietnamese people get a thorough grasp of ASEAN, and its programmes and plans. Five months after its initial announcement, the organising board received strong responses from listeners at home and abroad with thousands of entries. Hoang Minh Nguyet, VOV’s deputy general director, said the contest met the increasing demand for understanding of ASEAN…... [read more]

  • US announces US$14mln aid for pandemic control programme

Clinton told the Foreign Ministers of Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam at a meeting in Hanoi on July 22 that the programme will improve the identification of and response to new public health threats that originate in animals and strengthen animal and human health systems to combat outbreaks of infectious diseases. She also announced a US-launched programme to assist the four countries in developing cooperative strategies to address the impact of climate change on water resources, food security and livelihood. The US has identified US$3 million for the first year and intends to continue similar levels of funding in the…... [read more]

  • Vietnam fights transnational crime

VOV: In the context of global integration, international cooperation in preventing crime, especially transnational crime, needs more attention from police bureaus. Could you please tell us about the Vietnam Interpol Office’s recent operations? Mr. Khang: November 4, 1991, was a milestone in the history of Vietnam’s police force. On that day, it joined the world’s largest international police organization, creating great opportunity for Vietnam’s police forces to cooperate with foreign partners, especially with Interpol members, to exchange information on the prevention of transnational crime. In recent years, transnational crime is getting more complicated all over the world, but particularly in…... [read more]

  • ASEAN meeting focuses on tobacco control

According to Vietnam’s Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Thi Xuyen, after ten years of implementing the government’s policy on tobacco harm prevention, Vietnam reduced the rate of male smokers from 56.1 percent in 2001 to 47.7 percent in 2010. Smoking in public places is no longer accepted, Xuyen said, adding that the government has recently increased tobacco tax. Every year, the Health Ministry launches national no-tobacco week, she added. Tobacco control, however, is a long-lasting task that requires the determination of not only Vietnam but also other countries in the region and worldwide, said the Deputy Minister, asking for close cooperation…... [read more]

  • National Youth Committee reviews its work

In 2011, the committee closely coordinated with ministries and sectors in reviewing the strategy on youth development until 2010, building a strategy on youth development for 2011-2020, and youth projects and policies implementing the 10th Party Central Committee resolution on enhancing Party leadership in youth work in the process of national industrialization and modernization. The committee also launched external activities on youth such as the 7th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth (AMMY) and the second ASEAN+3 Youth Forum. Delegates contributed their opinions on the committee’s work plan in 2012 and on supervising the implementation of legal policies on youth, youth…... [read more]

  • Social security tops ASEAN meeting’s agenda

ASEAN conference discusses measures to support disadvantaged groups GOs, NGOs discuss social welfare and development Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Trong Dam affirmed that in recent years, ASEAN countries have increased social welfare for their citizens through many projects and initiatives. However, the number of poor families and unemployment rate in the region remain high, and continuous natural disasters have caused great human and property losses. ASEAN countries should exchange information and experience to effectively address social issues, especially those related to rights and interests of women, children, the disabled,…... [read more]

  • Vietnam pledges to manage Mekong River water resources sustainably

The deputy PM made the statement at the seventh Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) Ministerial Meeting and the fourth Friends of the Lower Mekong (FLM) Ministerial Meeting on the sidelines of the 47th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) in Myanmar on August 9. He expressed Vietnam’s desire to further co-ordinate with other regional countries and development partners to protect water resources in the Mekong River. Minh also proposed boosting cooperation and conducting further dialogues within the LMI and FLM frameworks, especially supporting socio-economic development, strengthening connectivity, narrowing the development gap between ASEAN members and helping the Mekong River Commission to enhance research…... [read more]

  • Malaysia, Vietnam sign agreement on transnational crimes

This is the first agreement of its kind Malaysia has signed with an ASEAN country, creating a legal framework to bring cooperation between the police forces of the two countries to a new level. The two sides agreed on measures to effectively implement the agreement; establish alternate deputy minister-level dialogue mechanisms and exchange delegations; and hold negotiations to sign agreements on extraditions, the transfer of prisoners and human trafficking. They will also coordinate in investigations, hunting criminals and preventing and fighting transnational crimes such as terrorism, drug crime, cybercrime and laundering. They will pay attention to cooperation in improving law…... [read more]

Bản in : ASEAN, China, Japan vow to boost regional transport links

Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang and his counterparts from ASEAN nations (Source: VNA)

Transport ministers from ASEAN, China and Japan pledged to further cooperation in enhancing transport links in the region, as heard conferences held in Malaysia on November 5 in the framework of the 21 st ASEAN Transport Ministers Meeting (ATM-21).

The 14 th ASEAN and China Transport Ministers Meeting (ATM+China), co-chaired by Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai and his Chinese counterpart Yang Chuantang, reiterated the commitment of ASEAN and China to strengthening regional transport connection and urged their senior officials to prioritise large projects on railway, road, civil aviation and waterways to facilitate regional trade and investment attraction.

The ministers discussed initiatives to promote ASEAN-China collaboration in transport technology and marine training, and improve workforce’s capacity to meet demand of the regional and global marine development.

They applauded the completion of Singapore-Kunming Rail Link (SKRL) and rail bridges connecting Cambodia and Thailand.

Meanwhile, at the 13rd ASEAN and Japan Transport Ministers Meeting (ATM+ Japan), the ministers welcomed the implementation of key transport projects under the ASEAN-Japan Transport Partnership (AJTP) established in 2003, aiming at promoting regional traffic connection.
They hoped to receive further support from Japan to carry out the Kuala Lumpur Transport Strategic Action Plan for 2016-2025.

The ministers also expressed their delight at the progress of 25 projects during 2014-2015 as well as the operation of the ASEAN- Japan Working Group on Regional Air Service Arrangement (AJWG-RASA).

The conference adopted the ASEAN-Japan working programme for the 2015-2016 period to boost transport quality under the Pakse Action plan.

The 15 th ATM+ China and 14 th ATM+ Japan are scheduled to be held in the Philippines next year.-VNA

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Bản in : ASEAN-China transport ministers hold special meeting on connectivity

The ASEAN-China Transport Ministers’ Special Meeting on Connectivity was held on September 2 in Nanning, China, on the sidelines of the 10th China-ASEAN Expo, according to a joint statement.

The ministers conducted in-depth discussions on transport connectivity and had constructive exchanges of views and ideas with representatives from the industry, said statement which was released by the ASEAN Secretariat on September 3.

The statement said the ministers noted that since the official launch of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA), a large ASEAN–China trade and economic region is taking shape, with a population of more than 1.9 billion, land area of over 14 million square kilometres and a gross value of production of nearly 10 trillion USD. The ACFTA is now becoming the fastest-growing and most promising region in the world.

The ministers considered it opportune to continue to build upon the existing collaborative mechanisms under the annual ASEAN-China Transport Ministers’ Meeting (ATM+China) to deepen transport connectivity cooperation as both China and ASEAN countries are working to upgrade the ACFTA and advance negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

On this basis, the ministers reached a consensus on maximising the working mechanism, of which the ATM+China is the highest-level dialogue mechanism between the two sides in the transport sector, playing a vital role in the implementation of transport cooperation initiatives agreed by Chinese and ASEAN Transport Ministers.

The strengthening of connectivity not only provides strong support for ASEAN member states to materialise the ASEAN Economic Community by the end of 2015, but also lays a solid foundation for future economic integration in this area, the ministers affirmed.

They agreed to encourage competent enterprises to directly engage in the investment, construction and operation of projects so as to steadily advance the implementation of major projects.

The ministers agreed to strengthen maritime transport and air connectivity, and maintain a balanced development of ASEAN-China connectivity cooperation and the different stage of infrastructure development in the region.

They said they would further enhance existing transport cooperation and improve connectivity both within ASEAN and between ASEAN and China, for the mutual benefit of ASEAN nations and China, with special emphasis on the least developed member states.

The ministers tasked senior officials to identify the key projects connecting China with ASEAN members or those linking the bloc’s states at an early date.-VNA

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