Bản in : Vietnam attends ASEAN Sci-Tech Ministerial Meeting in Laos

  • Vietnam plays active role in ASEAN

On the theme of ASEAN Charter for ASEAN People, ASEAN leaders will discuss measures to increase regional cooperation, speed up the establishment of an ASEAN Community, weather the global financial storm, ensure food and energy security, mitigate the consequences of natural disasters, and expand the external relations of the bloc. The summit takes place at a time when ASEAN is preparing to build a united community by 2015 based on the ASEAN Charter which was enforced on December 15, 2008. In addition, the bloc is coping with countless challenges arising from the fallout of the current global financial crisis. Besides…... [read more]

  • Vietnam attends ASEAN Minister Meeting on transitional crime

In his opening ceremony, Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Amad Zahid Hamidi said that transnational crime involves movement of people across borders and trans-border financial transactions including the involvement of transnational organised crime syndicates. It can adversely affect the stability, security, sovereignty and public order of individual nations and the very fabric of society at all levels, he noted. The Malaysian Deputy PM also called ASEAN member countries to make critical decisions on transnational crime, especially new forms defined by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, including the illicit trades of nature and cultural heritage, wildlife, electrical…... [read more]

  • ASEAN contest winners announced in Hanoi

The ceremony was part of the 43rd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) and related meetings which are being held in Hanoi from July 15-23. The contest was launched by the VOV and the National Committee for ASEAN from February 8 to June 15 with the aim of helping Vietnamese people get a thorough grasp of ASEAN, and its programmes and plans. Five months after its initial announcement, the organising board received strong responses from listeners at home and abroad with thousands of entries. Hoang Minh Nguyet, VOV’s deputy general director, said the contest met the increasing demand for understanding of ASEAN…... [read more]

  • US announces US$14mln aid for pandemic control programme

Clinton told the Foreign Ministers of Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam at a meeting in Hanoi on July 22 that the programme will improve the identification of and response to new public health threats that originate in animals and strengthen animal and human health systems to combat outbreaks of infectious diseases. She also announced a US-launched programme to assist the four countries in developing cooperative strategies to address the impact of climate change on water resources, food security and livelihood. The US has identified US$3 million for the first year and intends to continue similar levels of funding in the…... [read more]

  • Vietnam fights transnational crime

VOV: In the context of global integration, international cooperation in preventing crime, especially transnational crime, needs more attention from police bureaus. Could you please tell us about the Vietnam Interpol Office’s recent operations? Mr. Khang: November 4, 1991, was a milestone in the history of Vietnam’s police force. On that day, it joined the world’s largest international police organization, creating great opportunity for Vietnam’s police forces to cooperate with foreign partners, especially with Interpol members, to exchange information on the prevention of transnational crime. In recent years, transnational crime is getting more complicated all over the world, but particularly in…... [read more]

  • ASEAN meeting focuses on tobacco control

According to Vietnam’s Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Thi Xuyen, after ten years of implementing the government’s policy on tobacco harm prevention, Vietnam reduced the rate of male smokers from 56.1 percent in 2001 to 47.7 percent in 2010. Smoking in public places is no longer accepted, Xuyen said, adding that the government has recently increased tobacco tax. Every year, the Health Ministry launches national no-tobacco week, she added. Tobacco control, however, is a long-lasting task that requires the determination of not only Vietnam but also other countries in the region and worldwide, said the Deputy Minister, asking for close cooperation…... [read more]

  • National Youth Committee reviews its work

In 2011, the committee closely coordinated with ministries and sectors in reviewing the strategy on youth development until 2010, building a strategy on youth development for 2011-2020, and youth projects and policies implementing the 10th Party Central Committee resolution on enhancing Party leadership in youth work in the process of national industrialization and modernization. The committee also launched external activities on youth such as the 7th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth (AMMY) and the second ASEAN+3 Youth Forum. Delegates contributed their opinions on the committee’s work plan in 2012 and on supervising the implementation of legal policies on youth, youth…... [read more]

  • Social security tops ASEAN meeting’s agenda

ASEAN conference discusses measures to support disadvantaged groups GOs, NGOs discuss social welfare and development Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Trong Dam affirmed that in recent years, ASEAN countries have increased social welfare for their citizens through many projects and initiatives. However, the number of poor families and unemployment rate in the region remain high, and continuous natural disasters have caused great human and property losses. ASEAN countries should exchange information and experience to effectively address social issues, especially those related to rights and interests of women, children, the disabled,…... [read more]

  • Vietnam pledges to manage Mekong River water resources sustainably

The deputy PM made the statement at the seventh Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) Ministerial Meeting and the fourth Friends of the Lower Mekong (FLM) Ministerial Meeting on the sidelines of the 47th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) in Myanmar on August 9. He expressed Vietnam’s desire to further co-ordinate with other regional countries and development partners to protect water resources in the Mekong River. Minh also proposed boosting cooperation and conducting further dialogues within the LMI and FLM frameworks, especially supporting socio-economic development, strengthening connectivity, narrowing the development gap between ASEAN members and helping the Mekong River Commission to enhance research…... [read more]

  • Malaysia, Vietnam sign agreement on transnational crimes

This is the first agreement of its kind Malaysia has signed with an ASEAN country, creating a legal framework to bring cooperation between the police forces of the two countries to a new level. The two sides agreed on measures to effectively implement the agreement; establish alternate deputy minister-level dialogue mechanisms and exchange delegations; and hold negotiations to sign agreements on extraditions, the transfer of prisoners and human trafficking. They will also coordinate in investigations, hunting criminals and preventing and fighting transnational crimes such as terrorism, drug crime, cybercrime and laundering. They will pay attention to cooperation in improving law…... [read more]