France’s investment to improve, says CCIFV President – News – Investment

The Hanoitimes – French investors trusts Viet Nam and sees important opportunities in this country in various sectors, confirmed President of French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFV) Pierre-Jean Malgouyres in an interview with our reporter on September 24.

When asked a bout the expectations of PM Nguyen Tan Dung’s official visit to France, the President hopes that that the visit will enable the two countries’ cooperation and will be an opportunity to sign contracts between French and Vietnamese companies.

France is the 2nd largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) providers in Viet Nam among European countries, he said, adding that the quality and stability of French investments in terms of services, industry, water, electricity, infrastructures and agriculture makes France one of the closest partners of Viet Nam.

Regarding to contribution of CCIFV in accelerating the two nations’ trade and investment, CCIFV has boosted business between our two countries in two ways.

First of all, CCIFV helps bringing new French businesses to Viet Nam through its business support department focused on market-study, matchmaking and identification of appropriate suppliers, retailers, potential partners, customers, etc. In addition, CCIFV organizes on a regular basis prospecting missions, a fundamental step for companies to decide to enter the Vietnamese market.

Furthermore, CCIFV meets success in Viet Nam and to eases their development by providing business development support, domiciliation services, recruitment and training activities or various communication tools to increase their visibility.

But the association’s activity to strengthen our business relations is not a one-way strategy. CCIFV is also able to take Vietnamese companies to France so they can find new business opportunities and develop their activities and presence on the European Union market, one of Viet Nam’s primary trade partners, for example, organizing regular delegation to France during major trade shows like Pollutec / SIAL…

Last but not least, CCIFV is strongly involved in its mission to federate French or France-oriented local companies and to animate the business community here in Viet Nam through a rich program of events happening all year long: sector-committee meetings, breakfast talk or luncheon with speakers from various backgrounds and sometime high-profile, networking, business forum, gala dinner and large-audience events such Balade en France. As the commitment of CCIFV in the preparation and events organized for the 40th anniversary of the two sides’ diplomatic relations shows, the business association is among the main players in Viet Nam working on bilateral economic and business ties, in close cooperation with French institutional partners, including the Economic Department of the French Embassy, Ubifrance and the French Consulate in HCMC.

In terms of the investment trend of French businesses in Viet Nam in the upcoming time, Mr. Pierre-Jean Malgouyres stressed that the flow of French investment grew significantly at the end of 2012 through new licenses or extension of projects. This shows that despite the global economic context, particularly difficult in Europe, French investors still trust Viet Nam and see important opportunities in this country in various sectors: information technologies, services, tourism, infrastructure, electricity and water, agriculture, etc.

He initiated that France has a lot to bring to Viet Nam in the area of high-technology, plane industry, and clean infrastructures in various sectors such as transportation, urbanism and construction or water treatment.

Speculating about the future behavior of investors the President is quite confident in the fact that the trend of French investment will improve or at least stabilize. The French Chamber of Commerce welcomes new entrepreneurs who wish to develop their business in Viet Nam and invest their savings.

However, he mentioned this fact that it highly dependents on the business environment and regulations in Viet Nam.

The CCIFV gathers the majority of French companies based in Viet Nam. In 2013 CCIFV is the home to more than 280 members and offers several services to them (mostly French companies locally implanted or willing to discover the Vietnamese market). Thanks to its services and activities, the CCIFV contributes to promoting Vietnamese companies in France and supporting those who desire to invest in Viet Nam.

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