Noi Bai international airport adopts new navigation method DTiNews

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAA) on March 30 co-ordinated with relevant agencies to officially put a new method of navigation called RNAV1 into operation at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi.

This new way of navigation has been successfuly applied in many developed countries around the world. It allows aircrafts to fly on any desired flight course within the coverage of station-referenced navigation signals.

The navigation method was designed and implemented by a team called SID/STAR RNAV1 along with the support of the CAA, the Operational Department under the Ministry of Defence, Air Defence and Air Force Service, Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation and relevant aviation enterprises.

RNAV1 can arrange air traffic flow under the pre-programmed arrival and departure paths for taking-off and landing.

The method helps aircrafts to have optimal operating trajectory, minimising the communication and workload of air traffic controllers. It does not require a track directly to or from any specific radio navigation aid.

In addition, RNAV1 helps air traffic controllers and pilots be aware of each other’s intentions and movements, creating conditions for ensuring traffic flows under pre-determined order helping to limit air congestion and avoid complicated trajectory.

The new method of navigation is expected to increase the total capacity of Noi Bai airport to 10%-15% compared to the conventional methods.

Earlier in November 2016, the method RNAV1 was adopted at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City and it will be further implemented at Da Nang International Airport and several other airports around the country this year.

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