The UK and the Netherlands to strengthen investment in Ha Noi – Ambassadors’ comments

The Hanoitimes – In the morning of September 22, the Hanoi People`s Committee Chairman Nguyen The Thao had a meeting with the UK’s and the Netherlands’ Ambassadors, on the occasion of receiving the new working terms in Vietnam.

At the reception, Ambassador Giles Lever said the UK Government was concerned about the investment projects of technical and infrastructural development, water treatment, environment of Hanoi. In particular, for $350 million loan, Hanoi to implement clean water projects (water plant Duong River) and appointed one of the UK company to cooperate with Hanoi Water Company for the deployment plan; The UK government is also ready to assist Hanoi $500 million loan to the project of urban railways No.3 in the stage 2.
Chairman Nguyen The Thao receiving the UK's Ambassador

Chairman Nguyen The Thao receiving the UK’s Ambassador

City Chairman Nguyen The Thao said that the water supply project, Hanoi and the partner – a British company has agreed in principle to invest, is currently discussing, choosing the optimal plan that is effective to deploy Urban Railway Project No.3 in Phase 2, and has been approved by the Prime Minister, is mobilizing funds. In addition, another project is Hanoi urban railway from Noi Bai International Airport to the administrative center of Ba Dinh; construction project of financial center. Hanoi welcome and create conditions for the UK government and the investors participating in this project, Chairman Nguyen The Thao confirmed Giles Lever Ambassador expressed his impression as seeing strong growth of Hanoi, and is committed to move the content over to the British government and investors to participate in the research project. He also said, in October, Mayor of London financial center will visit and work in Vietnam and believed the content mentioned above will be addressed.

Chairman Nguyen The Thao receiving the Netherlands' Ambassador

Chairman Nguyen The Thao receiving the Neatherlands’ Ambassador

On the same day, received by City Chairman Nguyen The Thao, Mrs. Catharina Trooster – Ambassador of the Netherlands, said in December, Mayor of Amsterdam (the capital of Netherlands) will visit and work with Hanoi government, union representatives participating corporations, big business, come together to explore investment opportunities in Hanoi in the environmental remediation field, clean water, education – training trade, tourism and so on.

According to Ambassador Catharina Trooster, in the Netherlands, taking place “Vietnam Days in Amsterdam”, the vivid expression of friendship relations between the two countries. Ambassador pledged her tenure will do my best to promote bilateral relations, the two Hanoi – Amsterdam.

Chairman Nguyen The Thao affirmed Hanoi is ready to create the conditions for the Netherlands’ businesses, wishing Netherlands becomes the largest investor in Hanoi. City chairman suggested the two sides expanding cooperation in culture, people exchange to enhance understanding between the two peoples and two capitals: Hanoi – Amsterdam.

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