US Senate ratifies Montenegro joining NATO

The US Senate has approved Montenegro joining the NATO alliance, which would make it the 29th member.

Photo for illustraion (Source: Getty)

Photo for illustraion (Source: Getty)

The ratification was approved by a vote of 97-2, well above the two-thirds majority needed in the 100-member chamber.

Those senators who voted in favour of NATO expansion said that Montenegro has already contributed much to the alliance.

“Montenegro actively supported the NATO-led operation in Afghanistan,” said the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Republican Bob Corker of Tennessee. “Montenegro has taken these steps despite Russia’s best efforts to undermine their progress every step of the way.”

Last week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wrote to the leaders of the Senate to say Montenegro’s membership in NATO was “strongly in the interests of the United States.”

To date, 25 of NATO’s 28 members have ratified Montenegro’s accession./.

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