Xoan singing exhibition in Phu Tho province

On March 28th, an exhibition of documents and items related to Xoan singing opened in the northern province of Phu Tho, as an activity to celebrate the Hung Kings’ Temple Festival 2017.

On this occasion, Phu Tho also announced the launch of the “City tour Viet Tri”, a special tourism product offered during the 2017 festival, which will take place from April 1st to 6th.

Xoan singing performance at Lai Len Temple (Source: baocongthuong.com.vn)

Xoan singing performance at Lai Len Temple (Source: baocongthuong.com.vn)

The exhibition covers 300 square metres at Lai Len Temple in Kim Duc commune, Viet Tri city, whose second phase of restoration was inaugurated the same day after 15 months of construction.

The temple also includes a stage for Xoan singing performance, contributing to the restoration and promotion of the folk musical art.

In the near future, Kim Duc commune will manage the temple and encourage local Xoan singing groups to enhance operational quality, thus making the temple an attractive tourist destination of Viet Tri city./

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