Chinese man sentenced to death for stabbing Vietnamese wife to death

  • Australia toughens up citizenship test

SYDNEY — Canberra on Thursday unveiled plans to put "Australian values" at the heart of tougher requirements to gain citizenship, including competent English, belief in gender equality and a four-year qualification period. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Australia was "an "extraordinary nation... We’re not defined by race or religion or culture, as many other nations are. "We’re defined by commitment to common values, political values, the rule of law, democracy, freedom, mutual respect, equality for men and women," he told reporters. "These fundamental values are what make us Australian. Our citizenship process should reflect that. "So today we are announcing…... [read more]

  • Expatriates In Love With Vietnam

Expatriates In Love With Vietnam By Trung Chau When you talk to expats who have lived in Vietnam for a long time, they often say it started with a short visit. What is it that makes people fall in love with this country and set up their lives and businesses here? Paul Stoll started his story about his love for Vietnam by saying that being here seems to be his destiny. In 1988, he was involved in the New World Hotel Saigon development albeit in a corporate position from Hong Kong. “Vietnam then came to me again in 1992 with…... [read more]

  • Gender equality improves, but obstacles remain: summit

HCM CITY -Having control over their lives, making independent decisions, and keeping up to date on social and political issues can help ensure women's rights at work and at home, participants said at the "Women Bettering the World" summit held on Wednesday in HCM City. With the participation of more than 1,000 guests, including female leaders of many countries, the summit, held for the first time in Việt Nam by Forbes Việt Nam, discussed the status of women empowerment in today's world. Participants agreed that more women worldwide hold important roles in Government and big companies and are succeeding in…... [read more]

  • California gunman kills wife, self as she teaches class; student also dead

A special education teacher and one of her students were fatally shot by her estranged husband when he opened fire with a high-caliber revolver before killing himself in her classroom at a San Bernardino, California, elementary school, police said. A special education teacher and one of her students were fatally shot by her estranged husband when he opened fire with a high-caliber revolver before killing himself in her classroom at a San Bernardino, California, elementary school, police said. A second student was badly wounded by the gunman, who authorities said had a criminal history that included weapons charges and domestic…... [read more]

  • Man kills three by ploughing SUV into Austrian shoppers

The driver of the sport-utility vehicle (SUV), a 26-year-old Austrian of Bosnian origin known to police for domestic violence, was detained. Police said there was no reason to suspect any terrorist motive and they believed the man was suffering family problems. Eyewitnesses cited by the public broadcaster ORF said the vehicle had been traveling at about 100 kph (62 mph). ORF said no explosives had been found in the car. "We can now absolutely rule out an extremist, religious or political background," Josef Klamminger, head of the police force of the province of Styria, told reporters. "He has (previously) appeared…... [read more]

  • Climate change increases gender inequality

The report said that climate change could create gender inequality by generating extra work for women and exacerbating their vulnerability, as they will have to take on more agricultural tasks as a result of male migration and the increase in local non-agricultural jobs. According to the report, Vietnam has a strong track record on promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment and the country has legislation and policy frameworks in place to address gender inequality and promote women’s rights, including the Law on Gender Equality and the Law on Domestic Violence. However, “gender has been relatively neglected in research and policy…... [read more]

  • Nearly US$2 million for gender equality

At the seminar, UNFPA Chief Representative Bruce Campbell highlighted Vietnam’s gender equality achievements, including an increase in the rate of female children having access to primary and junior secondary education and the highest number of women parliamentarians in the ASEAN region. The rate of women enjoying compulsory medical insurance is the same as men, he added. However, he pointed out that women remain victims of domestic violence. A survey conducted by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) revealed that up to 21.2 percent of couples suffer from domestic violence. On the occasion, the UNFPA chief representative called on people to…... [read more]

  • VWU chairwoman meets Spanish Secretary of State

The Chairwoman expressed her delight at the positive results of cooperation between the two countries, especially in the area of gender equality, citing milk cow breeding projects to support women in rural areas and projects to provide shelters for women who are victims of domestic violence and to increase the number of female officials in administrative offices. Mrs Hoa stressed that these results were due in large measure to the great contribution of the Spanish people. She also lauded Spain’s achievements in the cause of gender equality and hoped that the two nations will continue their cooperation and sharing of…... [read more]

  • Public awareness of domestic violence rising

The project was announced in Hanoi on March 15, with the aim of increasing financial capacity to reduce domestic violence. It will also help increase public awareness. The project gives a new approach to prevent domestic violence in Vietnam, said Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, head of the Vietnam Women’s Union. “Most victims of domestic violence are women, so the Vietnam Women’s Union considers protecting women as its major task,” she said. “The Union has organised many activities to fight domestic violence and cooperate with local police to deal with violations.” The two-year project is divided into two phases, with the…... [read more]

  • Labour exports ‘threaten’ family happiness

In fact, the sending of workers abroad has been an important channel to handle unemployment and help workers escape poverty. The amount of remittances sent home by such guest workers has reached billions of US dollars. But coming along with this positive trend are a series of social impacts, especially those on marriage and families. Vietnam now has nearly half a million people working in more than 40 nations and territories. Each year, the country sends some 80,000 workers overseas to work. Women make up about 30 percent of these figures. And the immigration of these women is seen as…... [read more]