Conference on role of the press in anti-corruption held

With the aim of raising the awareness of the press role in prevention and fight against corruption and wastefulness, participants at the conference discussed and exchanged experience in carrying out journalist work; proposed solutions to strengthening coordination among press agencies in disseminating information in the service of fighting and preventing corruption and wastefulness, gradually raising the quality of journalist work in this field.

At the conference

The conference was also an opportunity to provide information and professional orientations for journalists to join the National Press Awards on the Fight and Prevention of Corruption and Wastefulness 2017 jointly organized by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and the Vietnam Journalists’ Association.

The delegates then clarified the role of the press in prevention and fight against corruption as well as factors and their relationship that affect this role. They also raised issues arising during the practice of fighting and preventing corruption and wastefulness of the press such as objectivity, truthfulness, professionalism in exploiting and processing information, difficulties and challenges, common wrong-doings and harmful effects of false information, etc.

The coordination mechanisms among the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the Vietnam Journalists Association, inspection agencies, press agencies, relevant ministries, sectors, localities during the dissemination of information related to corruption and wastefulness were also placed on the table.

A number of journalists proposed that the work of journalists involved in prevention and fight against corruption and wastefulness should be regarded as a kind of public assignment and there must be a sound legal corridor to deal with those refusing to reply press agencies when required to supply information and ensure security for journalists and press agencies engaged in prevention and fight against corruption and wastefulness.

Some suggested that the VJA should organize more training courses for journalists working in the field of corruption and wastefulness fight and prevention.

Translated by Huu Duong

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