MND meets with Nghe An provinces wounded and sick soldiers

Senior Colonel Nguyen Xuan Yem, Deputy Director of the Department of Policy under the General Department of Politics (GDP) was authorized by the MND’s leadership to chair the meeting.

 At the meeting

Together with Ha Tinh, Nghe An province was the starting place of the proletarian revolution of Vietnam with the Nghe Tinh Soviet Movement in 1930-1931 as a pinnacle. Attentively, in the resistance war against the American invaders for national salvation, Nghe An was the birthplace of various movements such as “Singing drowns bomb explosions,” “Missing not a single kilogram of paddy and a single enlisted man,” “Willing to dismantle houses for vehicles to advance to the front”, and “All for our beloved South Vietnam”, contributing to the national reunification in Spring 1975.

Bringing into play their tradition, the local Party committees, authorities, troops and people have exerted all efforts and united with each other to develop local socio-economy and improve locals’ living standards.

At the meeting, Senior Colonel Nguyen Xuan Yem briefed the national contributors on outstanding achievements of military officers and soldiers in training, combat readiness, and mass mobilization.

The participants showed their pleasure and thanked the Central Military Commission, the MND, GDP for their due attention to gratitude work.

They highlighted the army’s accomplishments since 2011, including the repatriation of remains of nearly 10,000 Vietnamese volunteer troops and specialists who laid dơn their lives during wartime in Laos and Cambodia; the building of over 7,000 gratitude and comradeship houses at a total cost of VND 450 billion; the donation of over VND 200 billion to the Central Gratitude Fund; the care for 1,776 Vietnamese Heroic Mothers and the job generation for seriously wounded and sick soldiers’ children.

Especially, since 2013, the MND has provided convalescent centers for national contributors with automobiles, other medical equipment, and military uniforms. Last year, the MND gave a financial assistance package of over VND 19 billion to 13 such centers to better the care for national contributors.

Those good deeds of the military have in part improved the material and spiritual life of policy beneficiaries and national contributors, further educating young generations of the national tradition of “When drinking water, remember its source”.

Translated by Mai Huong

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