More incentives for workers

(VOVworld)-Vietnam is celebrating Workers’ Month and Labor Day (May 1). Last Saturday, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc had a dialogue with workers in the central economic region.

The Government is taking drastic actions to better meet the needs of workers, a major contributor to Vietnam’s socio-economic development. It has asked local authorities to build social houses for workers, imposed stricter penalties on employers that refuse paying social insurance for employees, and will continue to raise the minimum wage this year.

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Outstanding workers are honored on the occasion of Workers’ Month

The Prime Minister has approved a project to build Trade Union institutions for workers in industrial and export processing zones.

“Nearly half of 2.7 million workers in Vietnam are in bad need of housing. The new institutions, proposed by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, should cover the building of cultural centers, libraries, and kindergartens and partly subsidy for housing for workers. There will also be legal counseling centers to protect workers’ legitimate rights and interests,” Prime Minister Phuc said.

“Workers should upgrade their knowledge and skills to survive in a competitive environment”, he added.

Trade unions are implementing a program to improve workers’ skills and a project to promote lifelong learning in businesses. The Government will allocate part of the Unemployment Insurance Fund for training to improve the quality of human resources.

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Hanoi Confederation of Labor Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Tuyen presents gifts to disadvantaged workers

“Industrial and agricultural modernization can generate a great number of jobs for Vietnamese workers who are creative and industrious. It’s necessary to use idle money in the employment insurance fund for skill training,” Prime Minister Phuc explained.

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