Success Comes from Passion, Effort and Responsible Living

Although very busy with her business at the start of the year, Ms Le Nu Thuy Duong, CEO of Long Thanh Golf Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company, still gives time for Vietnam Business Forum to arrange a quick interview. In addition to running her company, she was also appointed the Honorary Consul of Iceland in Ho Chi Minh City by the Government of the Republic of Iceland, and approved by the Government of Vietnam. Van Luong reports.

Leading a busy life with a lot of important missions, do you find it difficult to arrange time to do all the jobs well?
In every position and every role I undertake, I always want to play a part in the country’s economic development and I always dedicate myself to the common cause of the company and family without fear of facing difficulties and challenges. The most important thing is to have a plan, arrange everything in order and arrange the reasonable time for business job and diplomatic job to be done well.

As a business executive, I always attach much importance to developing long-term business development directions and strategies and carrying out them in a scientific fashion to achieve the best results. In addition, I always take care of employees and give them the best conditions to promote their strengths and work more effectively.

As the Honorary Consul of Iceland in Ho Chi Minh City, I constantly try to introduce Vietnam’s good images to international friends and build strong relationships between the two countries. I think that success will come from passion, endeavour, ongoing learning and responsible living.

You are brightened with a feminine beauty, soft voice and sociable way of speaking, in addition to your youthfulness, vigour expressed through your face, smile and elegance. Do you think these characters help you succeed in business and diplomacy?
I think that everyone has different personalities and chooses their own lifestyle. The personal nature is also a factor to success in their career. However, I think that our own effort and the support of leaders, partners and colleagues as well as surrounding people are all very important to success. I also think that, to do anything well, we must try with our all heart, with our heart and mind to refresh our motivations, set our goals to achieve and share our successes to surrounding people.

In diplomatic service, as the Honorary Consul of Iceland in Ho Chi Minh City, I always connect businesses of the two countries to help them cooperate in business and exchange diplomatic, economic and cultural relations between Vietnam and Iceland.

As a successful businesswoman, what do you think about business and family affairs, and what is your concept of equality in modern-day family?
For me, the family is very important because this is the foundation and the spiritual support for me to overcome all difficulties and challenges. So, I always spend time on sowing and growing the seed of family happiness to balance family and business affairs.

In my opinion, an equitable family is where every member respects each other’s opinions, interests and abilities as well as shares with each other from company to family affairs. Respect and sharing are two factors that make a family harmonious and equitable.

In developed countries, women are respected because they do the housework well but also work in the society. At present, Vietnam like other countries has a choice of successful women, not only in business and society but also in politics. Therefore, gender equality will make the society more and more developed as more people contribute to social progress.

Do you have any message to foreign investors seeking to explore investment and business opportunities in Vietnam?
In recent years, Vietnam has made very positive progress in economic and social development. Vietnam has affirmed its position in the international market as a country with high economic growth, stable politics, a young population with an abundant labour force, and a country with an attractive investment environment, friendly, diligent and studious people. Therefore, this is an opportune time and a good opportunity for foreign investors to promote cooperation and investment in Vietnam. In particular, the authorities have introduced more open policies to create an enabling and healthy investment and business environment and provide favourable conditions for foreign investors as well as domestic enterprises to do business effectively.

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