Viettel honors outstanding groups and individuals

Five groups included Viettel Institute of Research and Development, Viettel Network Security Center, Viettel’s branch in Da Nang, Tete branch of Movitel Company (the brand name of Viettel in Mozambique), and Viettel Post Corporation.

Viettel’s Board of Directors presenting gifts to six outstanding individuals

Six honored individuals were Nguyen Van Tuong, Deputy Head of the Global Technology Center under the Viettel Network Corporation; Tran Trung Hung, General Director of Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation; Nguyen Phi Minh, Director of the Jet Engine Center under the Viettel Aerospace Institute; Pham Van Khanh, a staff of the Viettel Network Security Center; Tran Van Huy, a collaborator of Viettel’s branch in Nam Dinh City; Mariano Moniz Goncalves, Head of the Sales Department of Telemor (the brand name of Viettel in Timor Leste).

Among the honored figures, Pham Van Khanh impressed the participants as he has so far been the only Vietnamese who has been honored by Facebook and rewarded with US$ 6,000. His achievement in detecting Facebook’s security holes has also helped Viettel firmly protect its IT system.

With the strategy that clients are close relatives, Tran Van Huy helped promote customers’ love and trust in Viettel and increase the number of customers in Nam Dinh.

This is the third time that the military business has honored its outstanding organizations and individuals worldwide, who voluntarily embarked on challenges. Their deeds have been inspiring Viettel’s staff to overcome difficulties and effectively fulfill assigned tasks.

At the event, Viettel launched its emulation movement in 2017, themed “New Aspiration – New Belief – New Journey to New Pinnacle”, with a  target to obtain new break-through achievements.

Translated by Tran Hoai



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