Industrial Parks and Economic Zones: Increasing Attractiveness to Investors

Dong Thap province has 3 industrial parks (IPs) including Sa Dec, Song Hau and Tran Quoc Toan, with a total area of over 256 hectares, and Dong Thap Economic Zone (EZ) of 31,936 hectares (including two international border gates Thuong Phuoc and Dinh Ba). In recent years, the situation of attracting investment in IPs and EZs in the province has seen many positive developments, creating driving force for socio-economic development and economic restructuring of the province towards industrialization and modernization.

Positive signal

Beside the advantages of geographical position, traffic, human resources and natural resources, Dong Thap IPs have invested in complete infrastructure systems to meet the demand of investors. However, according to the deputy head of the provincial IP Authority Tran Van Tan, at present, the traffic infrastructure of National Road 30 linking with Tran Quoc Toan IP is being degraded, causing certain difficulties for businesses in terms of traffic and shipment. In the coming time, the province will continue to petition the Central level to upgrade this highway to ensure better transportation and circulation.

Particularly in Dong Thap Border Economic Zone, there are many items which have been completed to attract investors, such as the construction of roads No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, D43, D13, A20 at Dinh Ba International Border Gate , Dinh Ba residential cluster; Infrastructure of the bonded zone of Thuong Phuoc International Border Gate, Ca Sach Market, Dinh Ba International Border Gate Control Station and non-tariff areas. Therefore, the face of Dong Thap Border Gate has been shaped, to invite investors with many attractive incentive policies. Accordingly, the investment projects in the EZ, besides enjoying the policies on exemption and reduction of business income tax, export tax and import tax, are also considered to be eligible for exemption and reduction of land rent fee in accordance with the law on land.

Breakthrough in PAR

In 2017, the Provincial EZ Authority will continue implementing Resolution 19-2016 / NQ-CP dated April 28th 2016 by the Government on the main tasks and solutions, improving the business environment, enhancing national competitiveness in the two years 2016-2017, orientation to 2020 and the Government’s Resolution 35 / NQ-CP dated May 16th 2016 on support and development for businesses by 2020. The Board will also implement the administrative procedures based on Internet (level 4). In addition, the unit will build and advise the provincial People’s Committee to promulgate procedures for investment in IPs and EZs in the province. This is considered an effective way to help investors understand the steps in implementing administrative procedures, the composition of the file and the jurisdiction to deal with the administrative procedures of each relevant unit, when the investor makes a new investment project in IPs and EZs in the province.

Taking the opportunity

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