Southeast Asia should be vigilant over terrorism

Arisman, Executive Director of Centre for Southeast Asian Studies​(Photo: VNA)

Jakarta (VNA) – Terrorism has become a
regional issue, which requires members of the Association of Southeast Asian
Nations (ASEAN) to tighten coordination to prevent terrorist attacks.

Arisman, Executive Director of Centre for
Southeast Asian Studies, made the remark in a recent interview granted to
Vietnam News Agency correspondents in Indonesia.

The cooperation is not only the collaboration
among anti-terrorism agencies such as sharing information and experience and coordination
of actions, but it should be comprehensive in order to ensure people in the
region live in a peaceful and stable environment. 

The developments in the southern Philippine city
of Marawi could be consider a warning for the regional stability, he said,
adding that it could be followed by similar incidents in Indonesia, Malaysia
and other regional countries.

Arisman was of the view that terrorism dangers are
the same in regional countries, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the
Philippines, since terrorist elements have built a widespread network in the
region with relations with the Al-Qaeda terrorist group and the self-claimed
Islamic State (IS).

The “tentacle” of the IS has reached Southeast
Asia and is taking root in the region, he commented.

He particularly expressed his concern over the dangerous
rise of extremism in Indonesia, which has the world’s largest Islamic

Indonesia has established an anti-terrorism
agency and counter-terror Densus 88 to quest for terrorist elements, he said.

Fighting terrorism is the responsibility of not
only the government and specialised forces but also the community, society and
every citizen, he added.-VNA

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