Diplomat assures special priorities for Vietnamese investments in Cuba

President Tran Dai Quang (L) receives outgoing Ambassador Herminio Lopez Diaz on August 28 (Photo: VNA) Hanoi (VNA) – President Tran Dai Quang congratulated outgoing Ambassador Herminio Lopez Diaz on the latter’s successful term in Vietnam while receiving the Cuban diplomat in Hanoi on August 28. He said in the four-year tenure in Vietnam, Ambassador Diaz became a trustworthy bridge linking the two countries’ Party and State leaders and is also a close friend and effective partner of ministries, sectors, socio-political organisations and localities in Vietnam. Vietnam-Cuba relations are special and exemplary ties set up by late Presidents Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro and nurtured by generations of leaders and people of the two countries. The Vietnamese Party, State and people always keep in mind Fidel Castro’s contributions to bilateral relations, President Quang said. “Cuba is always deep in the heart of each Vietnamese people,” he stressed. He expressed his delight at the thriving solidarity, comprehensive cooperation and mutual trust between the Vietnamese and Cuba Parties, States and people, congratulating the Latin American country on its socio-economic and diplomatic achievements over the past years, particularly in the update of its economic model. The President affirmed the Vietnamese Party, State and people’s consistent support to Cuba in all spheres, adding that they are ready to share all experience in the three decades of reforms with Cuba. [NA leader lauds ambassador’s efforts to tighten Vietnam-Cuba links] On this occasion, he also asked…... [read more]

Mr Manh’s tour aims to implement the Communist Party of Vietnam’s external policy of further tightening its time-honoured relations with Cuba and to enhance multifaceted cooperation with Chile, Brazil and Venezuela in order to broaden friendly relations with equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with these Latin American countries. Since their diplomatic ties began on December 2, 1960, Vietnam-Cuba relations have been fostered and developed well, demonstrating the sentiments as well as the steadfast and faithful revolutionary stance of the two Parties, States and people. Generations of the Vietnamese people have never forgotten the Cuban people’s heart-felt sentiments and valuable assistance to Vietnam during the latter’s struggle for national independence, freedom and reunification in the past as well as national construction at present. The Vietnamese people have supported, followed with keen interest and been proud of the achievements made by the Cuban people in overcoming natural disasters and the US embargoes against the country. During reciprocal visits by the two countries’ senior leaders, Vietnam and Cuba have agreed to raise the efficiency of their relations of solidarity, friendship and brotherhood in line with the strength and potential of each country. In 2006, two-way trade exchanges fetched approximately US$300 million. The two countries have frequently exchanged delegations of specialists in the fields of agriculture, husbandry, construction, health care and pharmacy. With its strength, Cuba is currently helping Vietnam build a national Bio-technology Centre. This is the second time Mr Manh has paid the official visit to Cuba in his capacity as General…... [read more]

At an exchange between the staff of the Vietnamese and Cuban Embassies in Mexico on June 28, Vietnamese Ambassador to Mexico Le Thanh Tung stated that the fraternity between Vietnam and Cuba, which was set up in 1960 and fostered by President Ho Chi Minh and leader Fidel Castro, has become an example of international relations. The Vietnamese diplomat emphasised the importance of bringing the Vietnam-Cuba relations of friendship, solidarity and cooperation to a new level in the coming time to meet the aspirations of the two countries’ people. In reply, Cuban Ambassador Manuel Francisco Aguilera de la Paz affirmed that Cuba’s fine sentiments towards the Vietnamese people, initiated by national hero Jose Marti in the 19th century, have borne fruit under leader Fidel Castro’s motto that “For Vietnam, Cuba is ready to shed its blood.” He applauded Vietnam’s historical victories against foreign invaders. The Cuban ambassador pledged to make active contributions to strengthening the relationship between the two embassies in particular and the two fraternal countries in general.... [read more]

The contest running from August 24 to November 15, has taken place just after the US and Cuba have normalized relations and set up embassies in their respective country. Therefore, the contest targets Vietnamese citizens studying and working both at home and abroad in order to provide current information in Cuba, as well as help Cuban people learn more about the deep affection Vietnamese people have for Cuba. Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association Vice President Pham Tien Tu said the award includes one first prize worth VND30 million, two second prizes (VND15 million), and two third prizes (VND10 million). Ms. Ariadne Feo, third Secretary and Head of the Consular Department of the Cuba Embassy in Vietnam said she was very keen on the contest and expressed hope that the event will receive many high quality entries. Outstanding entries will be publicized on mass media within Cuba, she noted.... [read more]

”The revolution is an undeniable demonstration of the strength and advantage of socialism, and an embodiment of the proletarian internationalism in today’s age,” they said. Speeches at the workshop also touched upon 50 years of the Vietnam-Cuba relations, which, they said, have stood the test of time. Vietnam officially established diplomatic relations with Cuba on December 1, 1960, opening a new chapter for the friendship between the two nations situated on different hemispheres. Since then, Cuba and Vietnam have always stood side by side with each other on every front and in every international forum, in their struggle for national construction and defense. The renovation in Vietnam and reform in Cuba complement each other and are helpful to the construction of socialism in the two countries, the workshop concluded.... [read more]

Mr Trong and his entourage were welcomed at Jose Martin International Airport by Cuba’s NA Chairman Ricardo Alarcon and Chair of the Cuban National Assembly's External Relations Committee Ramon Pez Ferro, Vietnamese Ambassador to Cuba Vu Chi Cong and staff from the Vietnam Embassy in Cuba. At a meeting with the Vietnam Embassy’s staff, Mr Trong praised their efforts to foster Vietnam-Cuba relations and asked them to make a greater contribution to enhancing relations between the two countries. The Party, State and people of Vietnam always attach great importance to developing the time-honoured friendship and comprehensive cooperation with Cuba, said Mr Trong. Ambassador Vu Chi Cong briefed Mr Trong and his delegation on his embassy’s activities in recent times which have helped to step up bilateral cooperation in economics, trade, investment and education and training and implement practical cooperation models of growing rice and developing industrial crops.... [read more]

The two diplomats expressed their delight at the fine development of bilateral relations as well as the need to promote exchange visits between the two countries’ leaders. They praised the success of the 28th meeting of the Vietnam-Cuba Joint inter-Governmental Committee in September in Cuba which helped enhance cooperation in various fields. The Cuban Deputy FM praised Vietnam’s valuable assistance and support for Cuban people during their war time, describing it as a firm foundation for the two countries to further develop their ties in the future. Mr Marcos reiterated that his visit to Vietnam aimed to further promote Vietnam-Cuba relations and hoped that economic and trade ties will be expanded, especially in construction and oil and gas exploitation.... [read more]

The event was co-organised by the Institute for International Relations and the Cuban embassy in Vietnam. Addressing the talk, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pham Binh Minh, stressed the importance of the Vietnam-Cuba relationship. “It is a dispensable friendship in accordance with reality of both countries and meets the aspirations and interests of peoples in both nations”, he said. The fine relationship has been consolidated and fostered by the leaders of both countries over the past 50 years. Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Fredesman Turro Gonzalet affirmed that the development in the Vietnam-Cuba relationship has been based on the common ideologies, and comradeship as well as the common fight for a better society. He emphasized that strengthening friendly cooperation with Vietnam is one of the leading tasks in Cuba’s foreign policies, he said. He said participants will assess the Vietnam-Cuba relationship over the past 50 years and the need to foster the comprehensive relations between the two sides in future. The same day, an exhibition displaying “Vietnam’s space” was held in the Asian House in the Historical Centre in La Habana, Cuba. Exhibits at the event featured characteristics of Vietnam’s culture and introduced the country’s history throughout different historical and cultural stages such as Dong Son, Sa Huynh, Oc Eo, and the dynasties of Ly, Tran, Le Nguyen. Apart from objects such as the bronze drum, blue glaze ceramics, and candle stands, the exhibition will also display some photos of landscapes and Vietnam’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage.... [read more]

The visit is made at the invitation of Raul Castro Ruz, President of the Council of State and Ministers. Vietnam-Cuba relations have developed in a deep, practical and efficient manner since the two countries established diplomatic ties in December 1960. Their senior leaders have maintained regular exchange visits, laying a firm foundation for increasing bilateral cooperation in various areas. Both countries organised many activities marking 50 years of diplomatic ties in 2010, 40 years of Cuban President Fidel Castro’s landmark visit to Vietnam’s liberated zone in the south in 2013, and 50 years of the Cuban Committee of Solidarity with South Vietnam in the same year. The Vietnam-Cuba inter-governmental committee for cooperation has convened its annual meeting to outline plans of action for comprehensive cooperation. At their 31st meeting in Hanoi in September 2013, the committee worked out a medium-term economic cooperation programme between the two countries. Vietnam and Cuba have strengthened cooperation in rice production, science-technology, bio-technology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, security and national defence. They have agreed to expand cooperation in other areas such as trade, investment, tourism, construction, and telecommunications.... [read more]

At his talks with the Cuban NA leader on March 27, PM Nguyen Tan Dung said he was impressed by the achievements in national development made by the Cuban Party, State and people in particular health care, culture, education, science and technology. The Vietnamese leader thanked Cuba for its valuable assistance for Vietnam during the past struggle for national liberation and the current national development cause. The two leaders said that the bilateral ties are developing vigorously and agreements reached by senior leaders have contributed to strengthening political ties and all-round cooperation between the two Parties, States and legislative bodies. The establishment of the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Parliamentarian Group last July indicated the sound relations between the two countries. The two sides affirmed that they will continue close coordination in sharing legislative experience. Lazo Hermandez said he hoped that the two countries will further bolster cooperation in economics, trade, investment and exchange development experiences. The outcome of PM Dung and his delegation’s visit will be a new landmark in elevating the Vietnam-Cuba relations to new heights, he noted. PM Dung conveyed Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Sinh Hung’s invitation to the Cuban legislator to attend the 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union General Assembly scheduled for March 2015. The same day, PM Dung went on to visit staff from the CubanInstitute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), the Cuba-Vietnam Friendship Association and the Vietnamese Embassy in Cuba. At these meetings, PM Dung affirmed that Vietnam will always stand in solidarity with Cuba and…... [read more]

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